BumpDate Week 9: Weight

I saw my weight and had a mini meltdown. The doctor does all your forms online now and they called to tell my I had to take a round of antibiotics for something, so I logged in to see what it was called and there it was: 160. UGH. I know, I know I'm growing a life and its a blessing and obviously I KNOW that, but I just wasn't prepared for so much so fast.  My eating is not great, all I want in life is to shove potatoes smothered in butter, sour cream, and cheese in my face. I even gagged on almonds today. I have two weeks until my second trimester, I'm praying for some relief. Some normalcy.

I did feel better after I slipped on a pair of jeans and they buttoned! The number doesn't define me, but it's hard not to be scared I'm going to balloon up again. I remember what it was like and I don't want to get there again.
Her adorable outfit is from Red 32 Designs on Etsy.

I really wished I could be a super healthy pregnant girl, but damn if those craving don't take over your entire body. Praying for some will power to come my way!!

I'm trying to keep up with my running, I'm officially registered to run the Fort 4 Fitness in Fort Wayne September 27th!! Sunday I did 7 miles, but that humidity gave me a super headache for the rest of the day. Tylenol is a rip off, what I wouldn't give for some Advil!

Twilight Sparkle is getting pretty fast on her bike, or I'm getting slow, either way it's fun to take her riding while we run. Oliver's trying to get her up to biking four miles a day by December :)

Saturday we spent the day at her first circus, Dragons was awesome, and even the 13 dollar bag of cotton candy was delish. I've never had lemon cotton candy, but I highly recommend it!

I seriously just want to cover that sweet girl with kisses all day. She was a difficult baby, but I'm happy to say she has grown into a very polite and energetic little lady.

All from Target

Here's to week 10 being a little easier ~


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