Bumpdate Week 11: Feeling Good!

Mini Skinny Bumpdate Week 11

Ahhh, sweet relief. I'm finally feeling less sick, more energized, and overall more MEGAN. I was allowed to stop taking my progesterone pills and maybe that's what's been making me so icky? Either way, I'm glad to have turned a corner, I was getting a little depressed just feeling so unlike myself for so long. 

Her awesome new big sister shirt from Personally Stitched!
I have a fetal sonogram thingy with an different doctor on Wednesday, just for checking markers for different things that could be wrong. They can also give you a good guess at the gender, I actually found out Madison was girl at 12 weeks, but we are having a gender reveal party {guys, girls, and kids!} on Oct 5th so I'll wait to get the envelope closer to the date so I'm not tempted to look :) Oliver and Madison are coming, I know she'll be excited to see the baby again, she 

Oliver came home from his 2 week trip on Friday, so Thursday night I made the most of my free time :)
I enjoyed a nice scrub down in my bubble bath.

I forgot how much I enjoy a little 'spa' time in my own bathroom. I used to do it a lot more before I had a child who stripped down and jumped in with you. In fact, I'm pretty sure I did it every other day when I was pregnant with Madison because my back hurt so bad.

Followed by a little mini facial {I love the microscrub from Rodan and Fields!!}, and I tried out some new night cream from them which had my face super soft the next morning.

Saturday Oliver was glued to my side, guess he did miss me :) We just ran errands, it was so freaking hot outside it was miserable, so we dropped the never ending chatter box Madison off at Mimi's and went to see We are the Millers. It. was. hilarious. I can't remember the last time we laughed that hard at a movie!!

We finished off date night by hitting the grocery store, haha. On the was home he was telling me my hair looked crazy in the back so he was taking pictures so I could see it.

I'm trying to explain to him that's my Saturday hair, I try to do as little as possible on the weekends. I spend so much time and effort doing it during the week, the LAST thing I want to do on a weekend is my hair and makeup. Ain't nothin' wrong with that! He was also telling me he wants to run a half in December, so like a good wife I woke him up at 5:30 on Sunday to get in a run.

He runs 2 to 4 miles here and there, but didn't run the whole two weeks he was gone. Of course I made him do 7 :)

Her survived. Barely. I might be knocked up, but I can still kick his ass! We had breakfast and then picked up Madison after church, she was nice enough to 'hold' my chalkboard Mimi made me in the back seat.

I didn't take belly pics with Madison and seeing how this is my last pregnancy I wanted to do weekly pictures starting Wednesday when I hit 12 weeks! 

Happy Monday!!


  1. Yay for the first trimester almost being over. I instantly started feeling better after that first trimester! Good luck girl!

  2. I'm still trying to not fall out of my chair every time I read that we share the same due date/change weeks on the same day. Obviously I've known this for a while but every time I get so excited! Sit down, Megan. Sit down.

  3. A couple I know took the baby's gender reveal envelope, didn't look inside and brought it to Carter's and asked the sales person to choose an outfit that was boy or girl and gift wrap it. Then when they did the reveal it was a surprise to them, too!

  4. You rock and I love your blog--you inspire me. I ran my first half marathon on Saturday and I listened to the podcast interview you did with Half Size Me (Heather) for motivation and to just hear your voice and your story. Thank you for sharing your journey with us and being real. It is weird to say this but you are the reason I got up all summer to train for my half--I knew you were up working out!

  5. That is the best pic of Oliver. hilarious.
    Can't wait to see the chalkboard!

  6. I am a huge bath freak, it's a cheap and quick way to pamper yourself! We have a claw-foot tub, which is the sole reason that we rented our current apartment. :)

  7. I love the chalkboard idea! I saw something similar on Pinterest and plan on doing that for my next (and last) pregnancy:) I have to tell you too, you have inspired me to be more active in my running now and when I get pregnant! Thanks!

  8. OMG if I could have found out hte gender at 12 weeks you better believe I would have!!! I have to wait til 19 weeks and I am going crazy over it. And it's Wednesday so I am patiently waiting for your belly pic today :) I was going to do a chalkboard pic every month too but I failed and just am taking regular pics now. Cant wait to see yours!

  9. Ok, I know I have prego brain when I get here to leave a comment and can't remember what I was going to say.

    Let me think about this for a second.


    Oh yeah! I like your idea for the gender reveal party thing. So awesome. I don't think I could wait, but still, I think it is cool you are doing that. ANd you look great by the way. Congrats on not feeling icky anymore. I have felt great the last 2 days and thought "whew I'm cured!" but must have jinxed myself because today I feel like crap LOL


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