BumpDate Week 10

Week 10 had it's ups and downs, somedays I felt amazing and somedays I had to pull will power from SOMEWHERE to get through the day. My eating is still all over the place, those baby fish pretzels are a constant to keep the hunger away. On one particularly hard day I even had to mix them with M&M's for a sugar rush to keep me awake. It actually did help!

The weather cooled off for the weekend and it felt AMAZING out! I can't remember the last time we had such cool weather for August in Texas, so we took advantage of it and got up early for a 12 mile run Saturday.

I am telling you this Nathan Minimist Vest, 1.5-Liter, Orange/White is so worth the money! I actually filled my with magic this time around, I ran those 12 and felt so good I wanted to go for 14, but not everyone wanted was on board for more ;) OK, it wasn't REALLY magic it was the Rehydrate from Advocare and I can't believe I haven't been using this! This is the first time I've hydrated with something other than water and I could tell in my endurance, my pace was faster, and I had zero stomach cramping after my run!

I've been asked a lot about my heart rate, am I watching it? am I keeping it under a certain number? I do watch it at the gym and I try not to get it above 160 for very long {more than 10 minutes at a time} so I break up my cardio and do them in 10 minute increments between my weights. When I'm running outside my heart rate tends to be lower so I don't really watch it, I just go by how I feel. Your heart rate range really just depends on your body before, I'm used to working out with a higher heart rate so it's not stressful on my body, I would say I'm working out at about 75% of my normal 'prepregnancy' effort.

After that I went and picked up Twilight Sparkle from Pawpalooza, she was sad she couldn't swim with all the doggies in the pool. Naturally I cheered her up by taking her to Target and spending way to much on new clothes for her. I couldn't help it, they have some adorable Fall items out! Like both of these tops and a black and white blazer I couldn't find online. OMG>> I love her in a blazer!

After that we spent a few hours at a princess party.

Then we had lunch with my parents and she fell asleep at 6 pm and slept until the next morning. All through dinner, the drive home, and me almost dropping her in the bed {uh, she's HEAVY!}.

Almost out of the first trimester, I really hope the second one is just a little easier ;)

Dress from Pink Slate Boutique, Belt is old, Shoes DSW.


  1. Ok I am not pregnant and the starfish and M&M's made me hungry

  2. Is that water backpack pretty light? I Have a camelback but when its empty it even seems a little heavy and bugs me!


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