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Weekend recap, quick like.

Twilight Sparkle started her first dance class after years of her telling people she was actually IN a dance class I figured I should put her in one so she's not a liar :) 
I was impressed how much she learned in just one class, I foresee this being a long journey of hers.

Saturday we hung out all day with Amber and Kaylee on Lake Ray Roberts. Twilight Sparkle rode her first jet ski, no fear. 

This was delicious.

Sat around a chilled while the kids played. I didn't even miss drinking....that much.

No camp is complete without s'mores.

So far I've been feeling pretty good, my most common symptom is being tired. Like super exhausted 'I might cry if I can't close my eyes for 10 minutes' tired. Power naps in my car during lunch help.

I haven't had too much nausea, which I had right away with Madison, but I do try to eat something every two hours so that may be why. I'm craving veggies/carbs, hopefully that sticks :) 

I am still working out 6 days a week, but with a tiny bit less intensity. I tire faster and I get out of breath more quickly. My running has slowed, but that's OK, I'm focusing on getting my distance not my speed. I do still hope to do the Fort to Fitness Half in September, it would put me at 16 weeks, my main concern is that it's not too hot outside.

Oh yeah if you hadn't heard, it's just one baby!

I have another sonogram next Thursday with my RE, if everything looks good he will release me to an OB. I need to find a new one this week that is closer to my work, I loved the one I used for Madison but I also don't want to drive 35 minutes every time I have an appointment I've had a few people recommend the same one, but I plan to switch from Oliver's insurance to my own during open enrollment in January, my plan has a $300 deductible and covers 90% HOLLA! I didn't switch when I started because they don't cover fertility treatments. So I want to be sure that I get someone who is in both networks.

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  1. I was super exhausted this time around too! made me feel like such a slacker.

  2. Are you sure you'd only be 16 weeks at the half in Indy? It's 11 weeks away and I thought you were more than 5 weeks?

  3. I am still so stinking excited for you!! Yay for one (super awesome) baby :)

  4. You look stunning. We are following your journey in awe! Congrats on the (one) baby ;)


  5. lol @ "so she's not a liar." yay for dance; it's such a wonderful activity to be active, socialize, and be creative while also learning to develop a healthy love for your body. *former dancer and enthusiast* :P

    your weekend plans sounded like so much fun!

    congratulations again, and i am so excited to see you progress through your pregnancy. i'm on my weight loss journey now, and one of the main reasons is because i eventually want to expand my family, but want to do it in a healthier, active way. i think there's such a negative connotation that goes with women who work out during their pregnancy, like it's dangerous and crazy. *eye roll* so i'm excited to see someone challenge that viewpoint and learn for myself, for the future, how i can maintain caring for my body during my next pregnancy. :) xo, sofia

  6. You might call to see if you can switch now. Pregnancy is usually a qualified change in status :)

  7. You might call and see if you can switch now... Pregnancy is usually a qualified change in status.

  8. Great post! You worked out Saturday at the gym like a champ, I can't even tell you're preggos!! Good Luck finding a doc, that's always hard! When we decide one day to have another, and you find one you like, please share who it is because, I'll need a good one then too!

  9. Food looks sooo yummy!!
    I'm sure being tired all the time sucks!
    Yay for just one baby lol.
    Hopefully you will still be able to do that half and it will be a bit cooler!

  10. OMG! That last outfit is adorable! You are going to be one cute preggo! :)

  11. Love your blog, puts a smile on my face every time you read your enthusiasm for life! Just a heads up, make sure your insurance will cover you since you are already pregnant. I went from my own to my husbands, but his wouldn't cover any of my pregnancy because it was a "pre existing" condition. 👎

  12. Not sure where work/ home are, but I love Dr. Hartley with Associated Womens Healthcare. 15th & Coit in Plano. Baby delivery at Medical Center of Plano. She delivered both my babies. Best of Luck and Congratulations Momma!

  13. I am pregnant with my second, due feb 18th, I was nauseous immediately!! Thats how i knew i was pregnant. My first pregnancy, with my son, I wasnt nauseous at all. I feel like i am pregnant for the first time! Hopefully you wont get nauseous!

  14. Can't wait to see your prego outfits, you're going to be do cute sporting that bump.

    From what I remember it seemed like my energy came back around 10ish weeks and I was able to workout like normal again....until my ass got too fat. Don't gain 60 pounds, it sucks.


  15. Love, love, love the pic of Madison holding the sonogram picture. Congrats!


  16. So exciting! Madison looks so thrilled about being a big sister already!

  17. You are still a beast! LOVE the pic of Twilight Sparkle in her little dance uniform, so cute & brings back LOTS of memories! Enjoy!

  18. You look so cute in the last pic! Love the dress. Congrats again on the pregnancy. & yay for dance class!!!

  19. OMG!!! Congrats love, lots of baby love going around!

  20. You look so happy!! Congrats! I am really happy for you and your family - this baby is lucky to be brought into a family that is so full of love!

  21. You look so happy!! Congrats! I am really happy for you and your family - this baby is lucky to be brought into a family that is so full of love!

  22. I have 2 kids (5&7) and I can remember getting SO many opinions about my pregnancy (mainly from women who've never been pregnant!)
    They ALWAYS questioned my decisions, especially exercising.
    I would politely tell them that pregnancy is NOT a disease, I am not an idiot, and that is one of many reasons to go for prenatal care. The docotr's opinion is the only one that matters! Good luck and I hope people don't give you TOO hard of a time!

  23. The freckles on that little nose with the little smile is almost too much cute! :) Just thought you should know!

  24. The freckles on that little nose with the killer smile is almost too much cute! Just thought you should know!

  25. Yay for one baby!! Being a twin, all I heard my whole life was the horror stories of mothering multiples. Lol.

  26. Make sure pregnancy isn't considered a non covered per existing condition.

    Looks like a great weekend :)

  27. congrats on the new life growing inside of AWESOME you! I love your blog, your heart to help others and the generosity I feel when I read your posts. May God continue to bless you and your growing family!


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