W.O.W #14 and a Giveaway!

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Today I’m sharing with you a tool that I think is extremely useful in the gym, a timer. I’ve been using an app on my phone, which did the job, but was also a hassle because I was always dripping sweat all over it and I had to carry it with me all over the place. The cool peeps at Gymboss offered to send me a Gymboss Timer to test out and I’m here to tell you I wish I had bought one a year ago!

Top from Abundant Heart and headband is Brady Bands
I love that it clips to my top or shorts and with the press of a button I can pause it. They have super handy instructions {in a video, just the way I like it} on their website.
Most of the workouts I do {OK all of them} need a timer, who wants to count each rep? I’d rather be jamming to my music while sweating, so the little beep is perfect for starting and stopping.

Here is a fun explanation of interval training I found on their website;

You also have a chance to win one for yourself today! You must be a follower of this blog to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Let's see what y'all got for me today!


MiniSkinny Bumpdate Week 7

MiniSkinny is giving my lots of grief right now over food. Everything sounds disgusting and I dry heave when I know I have to eat. Last Sunday I made this chicken casserole to eat for lunch during the week, I opened it Monday and it was not good, barf, ugh. :(  I just can't bring myself to touch any raw meat and cooking is out of the question right now. Cereal and fruit are still OK, but I'll be honest I'm getting fruited out.
So with Oliver being out of town last week I had no one to cook for me which meant I ate out every single night, mostly baked potatoes, which I seem to be craving. I'm going to pray for this phase to go by quickly, I'm missing all my regular food. Oliver is back finally so he's on food duty for a while, but he's leaving again for two weeks in August! Ugh. Twilight Sparkle hasn't mastered cooking yet, unless I want a fruit snack and a box of juice.

I did a lot of running this weekend, 14 miles between Saturday and Sunday, the weather was glorious and it's a sin to waste nice weather in July in Dallas. I bought this Nathan Hydration Vest to help keep my hydrated on longer runs.

I absolutely love it and I wish I had bought one years ago! I haven't run with a CamelBak, but I went and tried them on at a sporting goods store and it felt more like a backpack because the material is a heavy canvas. The Nathan Hydration Vest has super soft material { no chaffing!} that was moisture wicking, and was very comfortable to run in, the water sloshing takes a little getting used to, but by mile 2 I totally forgot about it.  I love the design with the two clips up front, kinda felt like it was made perfectly for a women's body. The drinking spigot had a clip so it didn't bounce around and the extra pockets were perfect for my phone and Gu's.

Plus everyone knows you run faster, longer, better when you are hydrated!

Twilight Sparkle and I were finally reunited after a very long a depressing week where I learned my life sucks without my kid.

Rocking her 'Mommy Hair' in her Brady Band and ponytail which is what I look like all weekend.

She was glued to my side and talked talked talked my ear off :) I spent the weekend redoing my guest bath, I am over the purple.

I installed a new light fixture, painted the walls, and refinished the cabinets. Twilight Sparkle wasted half a roll of tape 'helping', but hey one day she really will be able to grab a roller and pitch in! 

She showed me her new 'trick' - trying to make the vein in her neck pop out. THIS is why she can't be alone with Daddy too long!

I'm thinking it may be the last time for these Express pants, but I love this cute crochet top from Sugar Love Boutique!



Meet Efitmama!

Y'all are gonna love me for introducing you to Erica! We read each others blogs way back when our babies were tiny. She is a fountain of inspiration and KNOWLEDGE and I am so excited she decided to start blogging again. Be sure to follow her on IG as well @efitmama

Hi! I’m Erica also known as efitmama on Instagram! I just started my Blog back up- Mom with Muscle and feel honored that Megan asked me to do a Guest Post. Megan is such an inspirational, optimistic, ball of energy and so motivated and dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle! My kind of girl ☺

A little bit about me…
I have been married to my husband David for 6.5 years and together we have two children, Hayden who is almost 7, and Adalyn who is almost 4 (September Birthdays).
 I entered into my Fitness journey when my son was 9 months old. I remember being out with my company at the time for Administrative Assistant’s Day and my boss treated all of us ladies to $300 and we had to spend it all in a matter of 2-3 hours. We had a limo drop us off at the mall and I began running into stores, trying on clothes and feeling gross – granted this was AFTER we all ate a huge Italian style lunch (think lots of pasta and bread). This was the first time in my life pretty much that I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin. I had baby weight that I hadn’t lost after gaining a whopping 60 pounds and I ate like crap and didn’t exercise so the last of the baby weight just kind of hung out for that first year.

After this little outing I immediately decided to get a gym membership. My very first one. I knew NOTHING. I didn’t know what exercises to do or how to do them. I didn’t know what to eat or even what was considered healthy – at this time eating a lean hot pocket was what I considered a healthy lunch or dinner (Yikes!).  So I started out doing what every woman does – Cardio- and a lot of it. On top of that I was restricting my calories to an unhealthy amount and this is the only way I thought I could lose the weight. I didn’t know better, I wasn’t educated, and I wasn’t able to maintain that lifestyle for very long before I began bingeing every chance I got.

I became pregnant with my daughter and felt such a relief because I could EAT! How sad is that? My pregnancy was actually a really healthy one; I was eating enough (more than enough most of the time!) and I managed to walk on the treadmill for 45 minutes a day, 6 days a week up until 2 days before I gave birth. ::Side note:: I get asked a lot what I would have done differently during that pregnancy and I would have cut the cardio back by at least half and lifted weights instead:: After giving birth to my daughter I was able to start my cardio back up (light walking) around the 4 week mark and I’m sure it had everything to do with my body already being used to it. I continued to be a cardio bunny, not lifting any weights for months and living on a low calorie diet again where I would binge on ice cream 3 to 4 times a week. Pints of ice cream.

I don’t know what clicked exactly, except I came across some articles and research on the benefits of weight lifting. I read that you can burn more calories lifting weights due to putting on lean muscle mass which burns fat opposed to cardio, where you are primarily just burning calories while you are doing it. So I talked my best friend into trying a Body Works class at our gym with me.  We were both extremely hesitant of doing this class in place of cardio but gave it a go. We liked it! We were sore and drenched in sweat and felt strong! It was the most satisfying feeling.  From that point forward we began incorporating more weight lifting into our routine and now, here I am a year and a half later and I only do cardio twice a week. I would much rather lift weights. I enjoy seeing my body change and morph into a strong and fit one. I feel pride in myself when I lift weights and the adrenaline can be pretty insane!

On top of lifting more weights I also picked up clean eating. I’m sure you are all familiar with the term, especially since you are Skinny Meg’s followers ☺ Within 3 weeks of clean eating I dropped 2% body fat and due to shedding the fat on my stomach, gained a 6 pack! I was hooked! I am now still eating mostly clean, but also going by the “If It Fits Your Macros” approach (IIFYM). You can read all about it here www.iifym.com . It’s a simple concept and it allows you to indulge in your favorite things but in moderation because Mama has a HUGE sweet tooth! I will be talking more about this and much more in upcoming posts on my blog.

Now I am currently studying to get my NASM CPT and making workout plans for people as well. I also have my undergrad degree in Psychology and absolutely LOVE research. I am constantly reading new articles and staying updated on new concepts and science in the fitness industry.
 My passion in life, aside from my family, is health and fitness. I want to help others achieve their fitness goals and not have to go through all the hardships that many people go through due to not being educated in this area.
The bottom line is you don’t have to suffer through eating only 1,000 calories a day and doing cardio for hours upon hours each week to have the body you desire. As women we have body issues and complexes and we over analyze every single detail on us (or is that just me?) – I want you to know that there is a maintainable and achievable lifestyle out there for you to get healthy and fit and be successful with keeping the weight off!
Thank you for allowing me to share my story with you all! If you would like to check my blog out I will be sharing my continual journey of fitness, workouts, fit tips, nutrition, meal prepping/planning, healthy recipes, and so much more! I also have a Family Page I will be updating that will offer a little more insight into my personal life!

Be sure to stop by Mom with Muscle and thank you Erica for sharing your story with us!



Workout Wednesday #13

Welcome back to Workout Wednesday!
You know the drill, grab a button and link up for the parrrrrrty!

I'm not even joking, while I was adding my video I hit the back button on accident and it erased my ENTIRE post. I hate blogger. I don't have time before work to add everything back in, so my favorites from last week will be up next week, sorry!

I hope you tried last weeks workout, I was sore for days! This week I have a 20 minute ass kicker for ya, you're welcome.

We even had a brave soul come try out the 5 am club for the first time and she didn't die :)
I always love fresh blood.

Also, Katie from KTJ Weighing In is giving away some yummy looking Natural Energy Bars so be sure to stop by and try to win so you can tell me if they are as good as they look!

Let's see what y'all have for me this week!


The word that made me a happier parent.

I would say most people would describe me as energetic, enthusiastic, and happy.

Heck y’all don’t even personally KNOW me and I get those adjectives in emails and comments daily, which I love! I do try to be positive and have a good time, whether I’m at the gym or at work.
When you have a child, suddenly it’s like all of your bad qualities can be magnified, the impatience or the bad language you don’t even know you used until your toddler repeats it. You are responsible for this tiny human and that can be a lot of weight on a new mother’s shoulders. {or Fathers, but we all know the Mom’s do most of the work, haha}. I lost a lot some of those qualities when I became a Mother, not so much to others, but to my own child.

When Madison started walking at 10 months I very quickly learned that it wasn’t all fun and games. That kid got into everything; it was exhausting to keep up with. Never ever wish for a child to walk early, it’s a mean trick. I was constantly telling her NO. NO you can’t jump off the couch, NO you can't pull that off the counter, NO you can’t climb on that chair, NO NO NO. I wasn’t doing it to be mean, it was for her safety.

Later it became, NO don’t put that in your mouth, NO don’t throw your toys, NO don’t get into the pantry. One day I realized I was automatically saying NO to her all the time and it sucked, for me and her. I felt like she had so many requests all. day. long. that I couldn't keep up.

I decided to relax a little and let her be, if that included her pulling out everything under the counter than oh well. You want to dump a bunch of toys in the middle of my bedroom I just cleaned, go for it. Do you want to eat a Popsicle while running around naked and watching My Little Pony, fineeee.

 It might mean that we roll the windows down when it’s 95 degrees outside on the way home, yeah I’m sweating, but she loves it and sometimes it’s not always about me. Once I started to relax, parenting got a whole lot easier and much less stressful, we were both happier.

I won't say she was an easy child, far from it, she cried more than most and was a terrible sleeper. My Mom PROMISED me my next child would be easier and I can say that will probably be true just for the simple fact that I chilled. Sometimes if I feel myself getting upset I ask myself 'is it worth it?' I don't always give into her, but it sure is nice to just say yes.

Give your child a day and try to say yes to everything and see how much fun you can BOTH have!


MiniSkinny Week 6: Not Weighing Myself

I feel sorry for you guys, I told you so early on that I was pregnant that it's going to seem like FOREVER before I give birth! Sorry 'bout that.

To sum up the last week: tired.
I've learned that it doesn't matter how much sleep I get at night, I'm still exhausted all day. The only thing getting me through my days are my 20 minute car naps. After I realized that I could sleep 10 hours a night and still be tired I figured I may as well just get up and go to the gym at 5am.

Some days are better than others, if I'm feel extra lethargic I focus more on my weights and if I can muster the energy I do some cardio. I'm really playing it day by day. I do feel that exercise is helping with my morning sickness, I feel the worst on my 'rest' days.

I had my last sono with the RE, we got to see the tiny little heartbeat, which is always like watching a miracle. I also found an OB near work and I have my first appt. next Wednesday.

I also have not weighed myself. I'm in that weird phase of pregnancy, you feel like crap, you're bloated, you're hungry, and you just don't feel like 'you'. I'm struggling with negative body feelings and I thought it would be best to wait until the end of my first trimester to step on my scale. I feel like my hips have spread, thighs have already softened, and my boobs are definitely fuller.

This time around I have an ENTIRELY different perspective on my body, with Madison I was just so happy to be pregnant and I couldn't WAIT to have a belly. I also never imagined I would gain 80 pounds, so this time around I'm much more conscious of what can happen to my body. It's hard mentally to be pregnant after all the hard work I put into getting into shape. From the very first week I was aware that things were going to change immediately, I couldn't keep up my pace when running or find that extra 'umph' I had for the gym. There was no 'easing' into it I guess you could say.

Well, at least my pants are still buttoning :)



Thirty- One Giveaway!

I love bags- just ask my husband, they are EVERYWHERE! haha. 
My only stipulation is that they are cute and Thirty-One bags are my favorite!

I have several, but my absolute favorite is the lunch tote!!
 It's the PERFECT size to haul all my food to work for the day and I love that it has my name monogrammed on the front.

You can browse the catalog here, they will have you dying to organize your house, car, and life!
Through the month of July for 31 dollars you spend, you get 31% of any item in the catalog.

Today Brittany is giving away a Fresh Market Thermal Tote in Navy Pop!

You must be a follower of this blog to enter.
Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Subscription Addiction

Good Friday Eve. I’m so ready for this weekend, Little Holly is coming to town and I just miiiiiiight have plans to get her drunk and tattoo #flexbreak on her bicep. She’s a fun drunk so either way it should be a good time. Oliver and Twilight Sparkle are leaving for 10 days to visit his family, I’ve never been away from her that long and I’m not looking forward to it, two days is fine, 10 is too much. I guess I’ll have to come up with a project….. {coughpurplebathroomcough}

There are a few things I wanted to share with y’all:

First is Pound the Pavement for Parenthood, they are a nonprofit organization that helps sponsored couples raise money for infertility treatments. Oliver and I were blessed with great insurance which covered all my meds and treatments, others are not  so lucky. Some of these treatments can cost thousands of dollars EACH MONTH, just for a CHANCE to have a baby. Right now they are holding races in Colorado and Arizona, but are hoping to expand to Texas very soon. If you are someone who is struggling with this and need support please contact them!

Some of you may know Samantha from Simply Sami, her sister Maggie died tragically in a car accident in March of 2012 and Sami has put together a virtual run to help raise money for a foundation started in honor of her art loving beautiful sister.

“I started Running for Maggie as a way to raise money for the Maggie Bertram Foundation for the Fine Arts. Running has helped me not only become more active, but has helped me cope. Maggie died in March of 2012 in a tragic car accident. Her smile, vibrant personality, ability to make you laugh at anything, how she loved, the bear hugs and how she cared are missed by more than just her family. She was a talented dancer, artist and musician. Running is more to me than just losing a few pounds, it is my way to remember Maggie and keep her memory alive.”

I can’t think of a more appropriate way to honor a loved one, so if you would like to donate or run please contact Sami at sciaccio3@gmail.com

My Ipsy bag for July came, my favorite part is all these tiny cute bags they send! I use them for all kinds of things, like carrying my jewelry in my gym bag, or my lipsticks in my car so if they melt it doesn’t get on anything.

BH California Collection Eye// They looked really bright in the palette, but went on subtle.
POP Beauty Pouty Crayon// Loved! The color was bright, but the texture was amazing I want to try some other colors!
COOLA Mineral Face// SPF 20 tinted moisturizer, eh it was very sticky not a fan. I would like something light for the weekends when I don’t put on makeup.
Sexy Hair Beach Spray// I used it wet to give me some texture and it was just ok. If you scrunch you would probably like it better than on my stick straight hairs.
Derma E// This scrub was amazing, love the texture and the smell! I feel like I’m pampering myself when I use a face product with a nice scent.

Do you know there are TONS of subscription boxes out there? I’ve only used this one and Birchbox {not my fav}, but I’m wondering if any of you have tried one that you enjoy?

I’m thinking about the Bauble Bar Box, The Wantable Box, and The Wonder Box for Twilight Sparkle. I could go broke on these; they are just like a fun surprise in the mail each month!

I'll leave you with my outfit of the day, legal pj's for work :) I have a slight obsession lately with Marshalls.....



W.O.W #12

Before we start the party please take a minute to stop by Run Like a G! Heather did a great link up with some new bloggers, be sure to stop by and make some new friends :)

Welcome back to Workout Wednesday!
You know the drill, grab a button and link up for the parrrrrrty!

Thank you to everyone for linking up, here are some of my favorites, please stop by and check them out!

The Healthy Maven shared a great tabata kettlebell workout, but she also has some amazing recipes on her blog so be sure to go drool over them :)

The Fit Train did this fun workout plus a great video on how to do scorpion push ups, those just sound fun don't they!

Jenni is a local yoga teacher, I really want to get more into yoga I know I'm missing out on all the benefits you can have from being limber :) If you are in the Fort Worth area you should check her out!

Today's workout is something different, it's full body and only 40 minutes!

Step One: Cardio warmup

Step Two: Upper Body

Push Up with a Row: 2 sets of 12
Upright Row: 2 sets of 12
Tricep Kickbacks: 3 sets of 12
Fly: 2 sets of 12

Squat with a Side Swing: 2 sets of 12 on each side

Step Three: Cardio Blast

10 minutes of sprints on the treadmill. {45 seconds on 15 seconds off}
Pretend you love it :)

Step 4: Lower Body

Frog Jump with a Curl: 2 sets of 12

Plie Squat with weights: 3 sets of 12
Reverse Lunge Jumps: 3 sets of 12 each side

Weighted Lunges: 2 sets of 20 on each side
Squats with Overhead Press: 2 sets of 12

Boom: You just kicked ass for the day!

For next week's WOW I want to do something special, FOOD! I would encourage all of you to share your go to pre and post gym eats, this is also a great time to be creative and try something new. Even if it sucks you can share that too :)
You can't build muscle without fuel!


MiniSkinny BumpDate Week 5

Weekend recap, quick like.

Twilight Sparkle started her first dance class after years of her telling people she was actually IN a dance class I figured I should put her in one so she's not a liar :) 
I was impressed how much she learned in just one class, I foresee this being a long journey of hers.

Saturday we hung out all day with Amber and Kaylee on Lake Ray Roberts. Twilight Sparkle rode her first jet ski, no fear. 

This was delicious.

Sat around a chilled while the kids played. I didn't even miss drinking....that much.

No camp is complete without s'mores.

So far I've been feeling pretty good, my most common symptom is being tired. Like super exhausted 'I might cry if I can't close my eyes for 10 minutes' tired. Power naps in my car during lunch help.

I haven't had too much nausea, which I had right away with Madison, but I do try to eat something every two hours so that may be why. I'm craving veggies/carbs, hopefully that sticks :) 

I am still working out 6 days a week, but with a tiny bit less intensity. I tire faster and I get out of breath more quickly. My running has slowed, but that's OK, I'm focusing on getting my distance not my speed. I do still hope to do the Fort to Fitness Half in September, it would put me at 16 weeks, my main concern is that it's not too hot outside.

Oh yeah if you hadn't heard, it's just one baby!

I have another sonogram next Thursday with my RE, if everything looks good he will release me to an OB. I need to find a new one this week that is closer to my work, I loved the one I used for Madison but I also don't want to drive 35 minutes every time I have an appointment I've had a few people recommend the same one, but I plan to switch from Oliver's insurance to my own during open enrollment in January, my plan has a $300 deductible and covers 90% HOLLA! I didn't switch when I started because they don't cover fertility treatments. So I want to be sure that I get someone who is in both networks.

Dress Old Navy // Top Marshall's



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