Why Everyone Should Do a Mud Run

Let's just jump right to the end. Pretty Muddy was pretty awesome. Everyone should get your girlfriends together and do a mud run!

We started out our day at 9 am with a little Zumba courtesy of my gym! They teamed up with Pretty Muddy and had us all shaking our booties!

As you can see, they Dirty Divas {our team} know how to work it.
Y'all know I'm always full of enthusiasm and I don't even particularly like Zumba. I usually only shake it when I'm drinking.

They had music, booths, DRINKS, and lots and lots of happy women.

Shirts from Ruffles with Love and bandanas made by my Mom.
The girl on the end is Rachel, she's a 5 am clubber at the gym :) They had their own team through Missy Dallas, but ran the same heat with us.  I'll be honest, we had the best wave, lots of energy and fun!

Brandi and I participated in a 'fashion show' for Old Navy, of course I had to flex break. Honestly, they have some fantastic workout gear AND it's on sale. STOCK UP. The tanks are so lightweight and breathable and I think they are only $10 bucks right now!

We ducked taped our shoes on so they wouldn't come off in the mud. This takes some finesse to do it right, I had to get a little help :) Our wave time was noon, the last one, I highly recommend the last one becuase you have time to hang out and enjoy all the fun stuff while being clean and when you get back there are no lines for the changing room!

It was all through the woods, which was nice because of the shade.

The obstacles were fairly easy and fun, we had all levels of fitness in our group and {as far as I know} no one had any issues doing them! Kelly {on the right} drove from Austin to do it and you HAVE to go check out her before and afters here. Awesome.

This was the most challenging obstacle and everyone is still smiling :) Oh look, Karyn made it into a picture! hahaha.

We had to walk about half a mile down a creek, obviously we had to stop and wash off. The sun came out just when we started to run, so the water felt really good and cooled us off.
When we got out of the creek we waited for the rest of our team to catch up so we could finish together. Now y'all know I can't just sit around, so we did some squats, burpees, and pushups.

I wish I could round 'em all up every weekend and kick some ass.

This for me is the reason I love to blog.  I got to meet some amazing women, have a good time, do a little exercise, and just relax. Thank you to EVERYONE who came out, you were all so much fun and really made it that much better for me. I hope you all had fun too :)

We 'showered' and changed.

Old Navy gave everyone some kick ass swag!

Of course we were starving and thought mexican {ritas} sounded good. We hightailed it over to Uncle Julios {no thanks to Siri} for some food {drinks}.

I was upset that the restaurant wouldn't seat us all together, something about it being against fire code, yeah whatever.  It wasn't even busy, they could have worked SOMETHING out. Not cool Uncle Julios, not cool. This is strike two for them, once they refused to sing happy birthday because 'they don't do that'. Lame.

Anyways, we finished off our afternoon with a nice cool glass of vino on a patio.
Pretty. Amazing. Day.


  1. That looks so much fun! I wish they would come near me.

  2. I did Gladiator Assault last year and had a blast. It was more than five miles up and down ski slopes with 30-some obstacles scattered in there. I shimmied under barbed wire, hauled ass over barricades, and tight-rope walked over freezing cold water. I was beaten, bruised, and bloodied by the end, but I felt like one BA lady! Glad you enjoyed your mud run, too!

  3. Looks like a great time! I'm doing a color run with some girlsfriends, we may just need to add a mud run to our list....

  4. This was by far one of the best days I have had in a really long time. It was such a pleasure meeting everyone.....you are blessed to have such awesome readers who support one another and are genuinely great women.

  5. This literally looks like the most fun ever!!! Thanks for sharing the photos!!! Your mom did a great job on all of the gear for your team, adorable and awesome!!!

  6. Thanks for posting this! I am doing my first mud run this weekend and I have been nervous about not being able to do the obstacles (or even run a 5k for that matter).. but these pictures give me hope and motivation :) Glad you had such a good time, I now can't wait for my mud run on Saturday!!

  7. How fun! I did a mud run about a year ago, and it didn't fair well for me. I went through a creek and down a fire pole and shattered my ankle in 3 spots. 2 surgeries, 2 plates and 13 screws later, I'm just getting back into the swing of running. Looks like a blast! Glad you had a good time.


  8. Looks like you had a great time! I'm doing it in September in Chicago with a small group, can't wait!

  9. I can't wait to do a mud, you girls make it look like so much fun!

    Although, I'm still no so sure about having wet/muddy socks and undies!

  10. Awesome recap!!! I'm registered for a mud run in August and I'm so telling my peeps about the duct taping of the shoes!!

  11. Yay! I had so much fun! Def down to do it again next year. Thanks for getting everyone together! And thanks again to your mom for making us our team bandanas!

  12. Yay!! I had so much fun! Definitely want to do it again next year. Thanks for getting everyone together and thanks again to your mom for making us our team bandanas!

  13. It looks like everyone had so much fun and who else would Zumba before a race besides you guys!

  14. You are stunningly beautiful EVEN with mud all over you! Looks like a blast I can not wait to do one!! Look at how you stand out in the exercise photo! lol Love it!

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