Last Day!

Well I'm on my last day of vacation, Gulf Shores has been a blast! Great weather, great food, lots of fun, and amazing memories made with the family.

Lulu's is a must while here, it's owned by Jimmy Buffet's sister and is fun for everyone! The wait is typically 45 minutes to 2.5 hours so be sure to send someone ahead of time if you have a big party. They have a rope course, shopping, beach pit with hula hoops, and live music.

The fishing here is awesome, the boys fished day and night and caught lots of different kinds. They also took a charter out of Ft. Morgan one day and caught 20 fish while they were out! 

Morning walks on the beach are a must, you will need the breeze to combat the humidity! Doesn't she look so old in her Brady Band :( She's getting too big too fast!

My usual apple and PB mid afternoon snack has been replaced with more beach friendly items. While the drink is yummy I made a mistake and read the nutrition label and I couldn't drink it. 280 calories, 48g of sugar, and 50g of carbs. No, I just can't. Some habits just can't die :) They do make light versions, or so I've heard.

I love this studded distressed T from Sugar Love Boutique!
We went on a Dolphin Tour which was fun for the kids. I enjoyed the fact that they served alcohol on the boat, two Pink Dolphin Drinks later and I was ready for dinner!

We headed to the Crap Trap in Perdido Key, they have a fun playground followed with great seafood! The hot crab dip was AMAZINGGGGGGGGG. The most expensive part of vacationing is eating, we spent $65 to $85 on almost every meal we ate out.  Ah well, we typically don't eat out very often at home so sometimes you just have to get over it :) I blame Oliver and his 6 beers, haha!

That night we went ghost crab hunting which was a blast! Flash lights and dollar nets have never provided so much entertainment!

This morning I sweated it out for a run and I saw the craziest thing just chillin' on the side of the road. A freaking FOX and apparently they ain't scared of people! ahhhhhh, I ran just a little faster! Wish I had my camera on me!

Twilight Sparkle and I finished off with a dip in the pool to cool off. She's been such a great kid this entire trip, I couldn't ask for a sweeter more polite kiddo!

See ya on the flip side! 

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Operation Skinny Jeans

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  1. As I sit here in my office in Arizona, where it's expected to reach 117 degrees today, I am SO jealous of your vacay! Looks so fun!

    Too funny about the frozen daiquiri drink. When I saw the photo on IG I was going to comment and say "NOOOOOO! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH SUGAR IS IN THOSE THINGS??" Then I thought, oh well, she's on vacation. She can take a break and enjoy herself. Haha. They are delish but they are lethal with the sugar.

  2. Her yellow polka dot bathing suit is ADORABLE!!! Where did you get that!?!?!

  3. Eating out will get you. Its the reason why we have started renting vacation condos or small houses then going grocery shopping and cooking at "home" when we are on vacation.

  4. Did the guys get to keep all the fish they caught? It looked yummy! Red snapper? All of the food you've posted looks yummy!

  5. Glad you had a great time at our beautiful beaches!

  6. Absolutely love that picture of Twilight Sparkle on the beach! Glad you guys are having a fun trip :)

  7. OMG Twilight Sparkle looks so cute in her adorable swimsuit!!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. wow! it looks like you had an awesome vacation! good for you! please pleases tell me your secret to working out on vacation!! I always eat so badly and drink more than I should that getting up for a morning run just does not happen! do you just say screw it and sweat out all that badness you did the day before?

  10. I am with you on the drinks thing... I did the same thing, eating fried food was ok, but not sugary high calorie drinks! Vodka tonic and light beer all the way! Great minds! :)




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