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Just for fun I’m linking up today for Five on Friday with Darci and her compadres over at The Good Life Blog

I NEED a striped black and white skirt in my life. I mean seriously how adorable would one of these be with a cute pink top and heels?
I’m close to finished with the playroom. All those shelves {Ikea} and those curtain {Etsy – Yellow Canary Curtains} make me happy. I’m undecided on a new rug, the only one I saw that I liked was sold out.

My new eye shadow palette rocks, theBalm Nude’Tude  

I may be the only girl not rocking Urban Decay Naked, but I feel like they are all REALLY similar colors and a lot of them are just too shimmery for me now. I really hope that doesn’t make me old, haha.
I’m totes getting knocked up soon. I start fertility injectables this weekend and I’m going in with a positive attitude, this will work. This is the first time in over a year that I actually feel like I’m DOING something to fix whatever is wrong.  High hopes.

Two words::Dry Brushing.

I saw some talk of it online, thought I would give it a whirl. LOVE. Even after one time my skin felt so soft. I bought my brush on Amazon {it’s sold out now}, but they have them at pretty much any store, Target//Ulta//Bed Bath and Beyond.

Happy Friday! It's going to be a gorgeous weekend and I plan to spend mine with friends and kids by the pool :)


  1. The balm cosmetics are the bomb. Have you tried the Mary loumanizer or the time balm face primer?? If not you definitely should, every lady in the world should be using a primer if they aren't all ready! The balms is a good one one of the salons I worked in sold that line and we couldn't keep either of them on the shelf! The play room is adorable the colors make me want to play in there! Your eye for design is totes rad!


    Ig - ms_st4tus

  2. The room looks way cute! You should do a zebra print rug in there- that would tie together nicely. Happy Friday!!! Love the new shadow- looks great :)

  3. Love body brushing! I need to do it more. It's so great for your lymphatic system, too.
    Happy Friday!

  4. Please come make our playroom look like that! I tried and failed miserably! Love the eye shadow too. I've wondered about the brushes. I started using a rougher "soap sack" and like it, but it softens up pretty quickly.

    All the luck in the work getting knocked up!

  5. I have Naked 2 and I NEVER use it because there are too many colors with glitter. I just don't like having a glitter face! TheBalm makes awesome stuff (check out their blushes). The playroom looks awesome, and you are brave as hell giving yourself shots. Fingers crossed for a little one for you soon!

  6. I'm a fairly new reader of your blog. I am fascinated by the dry brushing...and immediately added a dry brush to my list of things to purchase this weekend!!!

    Best of luck to you in getting pregnant!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Can I just say that belly shirts are not appropriate at any age? Anyway, I agree the stripe skirt would be adorable with a hot pink top! A must have! And good luck with the injectable! Fingers crossed for you!

  8. The playroom looks amazing! It totally makes me want to come over and play. :)

    Love the eyeshadow, I think I need to step away from Cover Girl and go with something fancier.

    Also, I'm sending all my fertility vibes your way. I'm totally done with them so they are all yours!

  9. I want one of those skirts too--a girl I work with has one that looks a LOT like the first one you listed and it looks soooo cute on her! I can definitely see you rocking it lol. And you're not alone on the urban decay. 1) it's too expensive and 2)you're right, those colors are similar. I have a pallette similar to it from too faced that does the job just fine!

    Happy Friday!

  10. The makeup is gorgeous and good luck to baby making!!

  11. That playroom is amazing, love love love it!

  12. I totes need to try the dry brushing! Thanks for the recommendation!:)

  13. 1. love that striped skirt, 2. use a dry brush every other day, 3. can't wait for the preg announcement!

  14. 1. That skirt is cute!!!
    2. I am jealous of that play room! It is so cute and fun!
    3. I just ordered some fun Mary Kay eyeshadow to try out.
    4. Good luck!!!!! I hope you get knocked up soon. I pray I do too. :)
    5. I need to google this.
    Thank you for sharing all these things!!

  15. Love your story!!! Mine is actually similar. Love connecting with other fitness freaks. I hope you get knocked up soon girl! I saw you on the Friday link up ;)


  16. Love the playroom!! Love love love!

    Also, would you be okay with telling us what the fertility injectables are meant to do? Here's hoping it works for you!

  17. I just started reading your blog and I love it!! You really motivate me! I pray the medications will work for you. My miracle IVF baby is 7 months old!

  18. I just started following your blog and I love it! You really motivate me! I pray the medications work for you! My miracle IVF baby is now 7 months old!

  19. Her playroom is amazing!!! love it!!

  20. Heck yes about dry brushing. I got into because I heard about it being good for loose skin/elasticity/blood flow to the skin, etc. I'm no scientist, heh. But I'm in love due to the exfoliation! I like to wax my legs but had major ingrowns and dry brushing helps prevent them, holla!

    For anyone else considering, try a natural bristle brush which won't harm your skin like I've heard artificial bristle can.

  21. Hi there and thanks for linking up!!

    Where to start? First of all, can I move into your playroom?! It looks GREAT? And does Ikea rock your world or what? I'm an addict!

    Secondly, I'm with you -- that skirt is adorable. Now, I just need to tone up my damn legs! :/

    Lastly, I'm really and truly lifting you up in prayer. My very best friend is struggling with infertility too (just hit the two year mark) and I absolutely hate it for her, but 100% believe that she will become a mom soon!! I think the Lord loves to give you the desires of your heart. Sending prayers your way, girl!!!

    Again, thanks so much for joining the link-up! And am I crazy or did I read that you're in Dallas?? We're in HOU!

    Hope you had a fabulous weekend!!

  22. Playroom looks adorable. Good luck with the injections!!

  23. Where did you get that adorable kitchen in Madison's play room? It's to die for!!!

  24. Where did you get that amazingly adorable kitchen in the play room?


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