Advocare 10 Day Results

I finished the Advocare 10 Day Cleanse.
I will just tell you want you are really here to know, I lost 3 pounds!

I’m happy with that; I won’t be weighing myself again until I get knocked up.  Three pounds in days 10 days is really good considering I eat this way most of the time.

The biggest thing I noticed after the 10 days was how I stopped craving sugar at night. I eat dinner and I’m fine not eating anything else. Before, even if I didn’t eat anything, I was THINKING about eating something which is really annoying. Gah, not every thought has to be about food.

Ashley at Life in Bloom just finished hers too and had AMAZING results!

Here are some of my eats:

eggs//turkey sasuage//Katz Bread//fruit

So happy all the fruit tastes amazing right now!

Homemade chili with turkey

The microwaveable sweet potato are NOT good.

Chicken, black beans, quiona, avocado, corn, cilantro.

Peaches and Cream is SO MUCH BETTER than the citrus.

I did have one NO-NO, bad planning on my part lead to a piece of pie, but other than that I did really well.

and, ummmm NO.

I wouldn't even if I could! Im sure Hubby Jack is drooling.

If you are thinking about trying the cleanse I highly recommend it. Honestly it's only 31.50, everything you need comes in the box, and you feel so good when you are done! If you notice I packed a lot of food, I was never hungry {except that one time I forgot my food after running 8 miles in the heat and went to a party where they were only serving desserts}. You probably save more than that by not eating out. 

If you want more deets email me at skinnymeg@ymail.com

Say a prayer for me, tomorrow is going to suck I have to have MORE dental surgery and immediately after go have another sonogram. Ugh.


  1. Prayers are being said. :) All of those meals look so yummy. I especially love the avacado! Great job on the cleanse!

  2. You might not want to try it but I'm salivating over the chocolate dipped bacon. I can't help it. I'm twisted! Congrats on the three pound loss! Hoping all goes well tomorrow!

  3. Nice job! Thanks for sharing some of your eats too! :)

    Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for your "not-so-fun" events tomorrow!

  4. I think I'm finally gonna try this! It would be perfect for the wedding I have at the end of the month! Congrats on your results!

  5. More dental surgery?!?! Ugh! Praying all goes well!

  6. I will say a prayer for you! Your blog is full of such inspiration! Thank you for sharing your story and giving me hope for my own weight loss journey! You rock! I just know you will be blessed with another sweet baby! Keep on Keeping on Skinny Meg!!!

  7. I will say a prayer for you! Thank you for sharing your story. Your blog is filled with so much inspiration! It gives me hope during my own weight loss journey! You rock! I just know you will be blessed with another sweet baby! Just keep on keeping on Skinny Meg!!

  8. Damn someone effed up that bacon

  9. I agree microwave sweet potatoes are yucky!! Great job on the cleanse though..and love the new hair! :)

  10. P.s. saying a prayer for tomorrow too! :)

  11. I actually like the microwavable sweet potatoes hahs! Am I just weird or what?!

    I agree, the cleanse is cheap and it does the body good. Love it!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Prayers for you! I don't like dental work. :(

  14. Hey girlie! That's awesome for the cleanse ;) your food looks really good too! I'm thinking about becoming an advocare dustributor so would also start with the 10 day cleanse myself. You're motivating me to just do it!
    xoxo, thoughts and prayers coming your way...

  15. praying HARD for the sonogram!
    and the dentist!

  16. You didn't like the microwavable sweet potato? Yay for 3 pounds! :)

  17. All that food looks so good!!!

  18. I just finished my cleanse too, I lost 3 pounds. I was hoping for the 10 like most people say but since I typically eat pretty healthy I didn't have a ton of water weight I suppose.

  19. I was so excited to try this cleanse. However, I can't get it shipped to Canada. Anything comparable that you are aware of? The isagenix cleanse costs over $200

  20. Good LUCK with your surgery and sonogram! We're all rooting for you!

  21. okay....you have convinced me, i'm trying this!

    Sorry about the dental stuff :)

  22. I posted my results toda! Thanks for the help!

  23. I love that your lunch box has SkinnyMeg on it! That's super cute :)Thanks for sharing the details and the info on the microwavable potato. I was wondering about those.

  24. I'm about to do this too! I'm a little weary since I don't advocate crazy cleanses, but this is a really mild one!

  25. I am interested in doing this but I really don't know what kinds of foods to make/cook/buy!!! Would I be able to buy this cleanse and like a meal plan from you??? Or is that weird.


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