Workout Wednesday #2

Happy Workout Wednesday!
If you are here to link up please grab a button that my awesome web husband worked so hard on :)

Thank you all for linking up last week, I decided to feature one of the posts {and I'll do the same from now on} that I thought was awesome.

Laura from Simply Healthy Mama shared one of her favorite exercise apps, Sworkit! I think this is a great idea espcially if you are new to weight training because it shows you new moves AND how to do them! Thank you for sharing Laura!

Today's workout is designed for you to do at home {or at the gym} I worked out at home for a long time, but I don't prefer it. Something about sweating all over my pretty area rug is not that appealing, but if that's your only choice then you gotta do what you gotta do!

First off I am going to recommend a few fitness items you should invest in, no worries, it's not a treadmill :) You can run on the street for free!

A Step:
    I found mine at a thrift store, but with one search of CraigsList I found plenty for a good deal!
   You can also find them on Amazon or at a sporting goods store. They are good for tricep dips, lunges, squats, laying on to do chest, etc.

    This is a great way to get in your cardio between sets of weight training moves!

    I have a range of 5-12 pounds again Wal-Mart has them or even Craigslist and Amazon has some cheap options!
I also saw these at Wal Mart and thought they were a great deal!! They are perfect for your arms and for weighted leg workouts {which you know I LOVEEEEEEE}. Can't go wrong for 20 bucks!

Today's workout is more cardio focused with a little arm and leg. I recommend doing the rountine 3 times back to back. Plus {if it was me} I would count how many you do the first time though and try to beat yourself the next time, but that's just me :) haha. That may or may not be the reason I did 107 pushups yesterday. Just sayin'

This workout would be great combined with one of my arm videos!

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  1. i love this! I just posted before and after pictures on my blog and I'm wishing I would've had done a couple sets of these before I took the pictures haha.


  2. So all we have to do is post that button in our blog post for Workout Wednesday and we are good to go?

  3. So all we have to do is post that button to our Workout Wednesday blog post and we are good to go?

  4. I didn't read your post til I posted mine... LOVE jump ropes!!! Great minds!!!

  5. Thanks for the Sworkit app suggestion!! It is so cool! I've also been using your last Wednesday workout and LOVE IT!! Please keep this segment going!

  6. I need 1/10th of your energy & dedication! lol

  7. I have been debating buying a jump rope for at home. Do you enjoy working out outside or do you have a workout room at your house?

  8. I workout at home, so I am definitely going to try this workout soon! I have to comment on how empty your gym is though...lol...seems like you're the only one there in every video!

  9. LOVING workout Wednesdays!!! Keep em coming!

  10. Thanks for featuring my post! A friend texted me this morning to tell me I was on your blog and it was a nice surprise! :) Funny you blogged about home workouts--that was my topic today too. I can't stand the excuse "I can't go to the gym"!

  11. 107 pushups?! Holy cow woman, that is awesome! I am so grateful for your new link up, I love keeping my workouts funky fresh :)!


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