Long Weekend

My weekend didn't quite go as planned and I didn't even finish the one project I wanted to. I will say it was a big project and I may have underestimated it!

Friday Oliver and I attended a wedding.
I looked pretty hot if I do say so myself :)

Dress from Express necklace from Kiki La Rue
Oliver looked pretty good too so naturally I told him to pose for a picture, this is his 'skinnymeg' pose.
Sorry hun, you need to practice in the mirror, selfies are an art form :)

Saturday involved a long trip to Ikea where Twilight Sparkle was pissed that the kid's play area had a 45 minute wait and she couldn't go in. Prettyyyy much made the entire thing a nightmare of 'why why why'. Glad we brought Papa to give her a ride, I just can't carry her anymore. Now you know why my guns are so big!

I wanted to spend part of my 3 day weekend repainting her playroom a more 'neutral' color, FYI I don't think I even comprehend the meaning of that word. Naturally I went with teal/grey for the walls and I ordered some FABULOUS yellow chevron curtains. I bought her lots and lots of storage for all her toys, but Oliver slacked on getting them put together so now my house is a disaster and will probably stay that way for the entire week. I HATE unfinished projects.

My hair looked like that pretty much the entire weekend. I'll share all the deets once the room is halfway decent, if you want to come over and help organize {coughhollycough} bring it!

Monday I was feeling overwhelmed by it all so we had to get out for a while, I took Twilight Sparkle to the splash park and she had a blast running her little heart out.

I wish I could sleep like this! I mean honestly, how can you not kiss those sweet chubby cheeks!

I have a lot on the agenda for this week:

1. Pretty Muddy is Saturday so if you are coming with us please be on the look out during my Workout Wednesday post. I'll be sharing details of how the day is going down, it's going to be a blast!!
2. I am cleansing again, June 3rd. If you want one you can order it here, I will be hosting another clean eating link up party on Thursday so be sure to stop by and share you post and visit some others for some other great ideas!
3. Last day to enter an embarrassing story, I'll be picking the winner tomorrow!

Just for a smile, THIS is the reason it took us quite a while to clean out her room.

It's all fun and games until someone slips on a hat.


  1. haha I love dance party Madison! It's stuff like that she'll remember as she gets older. "mom and I would dance in the living room". You are a great mommy! I need to institute dance parties here at my house!

  2. This video made my day!!! My little one is 3 1/2 and we have our own dance party almost every day! Thanks for the giggle :)

  3. This just made my day! My little one is 3 1/2 and we have our own little dance party almost daily! Thanks for the giggle this morning!!! Have a great day!

  4. Toddler dance parties are THE BEST! :)

  5. What else is needed for the cleanse? I'd love to give it a try.

  6. Love that dress! Your hair looks super cute in that picture.

  7. Awww, she was probably more embarrassed than anything! Cute video :)


  8. Go Madison, go Madison, go-go-go Madison!

    She seems like a blast with a side of handfull.


  9. I'm interested in the cleanse, but are the pills giant? Some diet pills I've tried before are like the size of my thumb and I can take them.,

  10. HAHA that dance party made my day. "THATS WHAT I'M TALKIN' BOUT!"

  11. You looked great for the wedding!! And loved the video, you are a super fun mom.

  12. Girl...you looked AMAZEBALLS for that wedding!! I saw the pic on Instagram and showed my husband how hot you were. One day I'll get back into clothes like that!! You go mama!!


    P.S. Having a giveaway today!! Stop by!!

  13. I only see a 24 day challenge.... Isn't there a 10 or 14 day one too?
    Thank you!!!!!

  14. Is there only a 24 day challenge? I thought there was a10 or 14 too??
    Thank you!!!!

  15. are you doing the same cleanse as last time? I think I'd like to do it this time. Please let me know if you can, so I have time to order it. I've tried a few single packets of spark from friends and i liked it so I'm very curious about the cleanse.

  16. Where did you order the yellow chevron curtains from? I tried making some and ugh! i'm not crafty. I would love to just order some yellow ones (I can find other colors but not yellow). Thanks!

  17. I would organize the shit out of that room for Twilight Sparkle!!

  18. I saw your video on Keek the other day, that is quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen!! Twilight Sparkle is adorable!!
    Love Gi

  19. I'll help you after Pretty Muddy! But only if I don't have to tape off anything to be painted :)

  20. Haha. We never comment on each others blogs anymore.
    But I do love the dance party. OMG we had one in the living room the other night and I was breaking it DOWN! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! I'll video it next time.

  21. Joining your cleanse on June 3. It'll be my first but I need a jumpstart.
    BTW . . . totally hot in that dress. Just sayin'


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