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Good morning! I have a special guest today to talk to you about her diet, I really admire Jen, she works hard at her diet {dude, please come teach me how you food prep every Sunday!} and I wanted her to come and share her insights on eating healthy with all of you. If you don't already you should check out her IG @fatchick2fitchick for daily inspiration!

Hello!  My name is Jennifer and I blog over at FatChick2FitChick.  I was elated when Megan asked me to guest post about my diet.  I don’t claim to have it all figured out, but I do think that I have found a healthy way to eat and not feel hungry/deprived/pissed off at the world.  Let’s be honest, most diets piss you off because of all the things you are not supposed to have.  I do have restrictions, but I make eating fun.  I am creative and find a way to get the flavors I am craving in really healthy ways.  I have a ton of recipes on my blog.

One size fits all does not apply to diets.  By diet, I do not mean it in the context of a four letter word most of us have come to loathe.  I simply mean diet as in what we eat daily.  There are a million different ways to categorize and group together the foods we eat to try to obtain that perfect happy mix.  The mix with what we are eating, what keeps us feeling sated, what nourishes our bodies, and keeps our weight under control can feel like a never ending (losing) battle at times.

Clean eating has been the best “diet” that my husband and I have found.  It is a way of eating that is sustainable, nourishing and can be quite tasty.  The key to making healthy eating a habit is simplicity.  I would say that our diet is about 75% -- 80% clean.

To clean up your diet:
1. Reduce Sugar-not just replacing with artificial sweeteners…reduce added sweeteners period.
2. Reduce Salt
3. Reduce Alcohol
4. Have more fruits and vegetables
5. Reduce Saturated Fats (eat unsaturated fats from nuts, avocados, and olive oil)
6. Reduce processed foods
7. Reduce Refined Grains
8. Drink more water (interestingly enough, if you are having bloating issues, drinking more water will help to flush out the excess water you are retaining)

I have found that the more nutrient rich the foods I am eating are, the less hunger  I feel.  I strive to make my calories count.  I use the app My Fitness Pal to track my calories, but I use it for much more than that.  I like to see what is making up the calories that I am eating.  There is a nifty little feature in the app that shows you the breakdown of your macronutrients (carbs, fats, protein).  Just like I mentioned before one size does not fit all and this is true with macronutrient percentages.  One of the factors I look at is the body type that I have.  Here is a great guide to start with if you were interested in looking at your macronutrients.

I am an endomorph so I strive to have my carbs be the lowest percentage.  It does not take a lot of effort to achieve this ratio.  To start, I just logged my food.  I took a look to see that I was naturally really close to the optimal ratio.  It is really easy to tweak.  If I need more fats, I can replace a protein snack with healthy fat snack.  I eat almond butter, avocado, and either nuts, or sunflower kernels for the majority of my healthy fats.  I eat these snacks and they really keep me sated until my next full meal.
I think this whole notion seems intimidating, but don’t let it seem impossible.  It really is the simplest way to eat and is really easy to play around with percentages, until you find the best mix for you.

Here is a sample day of food for me:

All of these changes have not only had a positive effect on mine and my husband’s weight, it has also positively impacted my hormones.  I have PCOS and at one point I went 18 months without a menstrual cycle.   It took medicine in order to make me have a period.  Even after that my shortest cycle length was 8 weeks.  Since making these changes to my diet, I am, without medication, having a normal 4 week cycle for the first time in my life.  The science behind clean eating and macro nutrients is sound.

Science aside, this is not hard.  Make eating fun again.  Get creative and find ways to clean up your favorite dishes.   Utilize the handy pie chart in MyFitnessPal and play around with your macro nutrient percentages.

Stay Strong and Keep Moving,


  1. Jen is awesome! Love her blog! Great post!

  2. Love this! Great tips Jen!

  3. Thanks for the post Jen! Congratulations on how far you've gotten in your weightloss journey. Very inspirational!

    I think you may have forgotten a link to the guide to get you started on macronutrients?

  4. You are doing great Jenn! SO proud of you and all that you have accomplished! Thank you Skinny Meg for having her on today! Learned some great stuff!

  5. This is awesome :) I'm a firm believer in clean eating! My best friend has PCOS and we are both hoping once she is situated in her new house (yay) that clean eating can help regulate her hormones and cycle!! :)

    Erica Dee

  6. Thank you for sharing! She is beautiful and also such an inspiration. :) ~Nichole

  7. Your Fit Fam is rockin' it! Amazing progress & you're doing it in a way you'll stick with for life! Keep up the awesome work!

  8. I track my macro nutrients, too, and make sure I intake a certain amount of each at each of my six "meals." It's a bit of work to get started, but then it's a piece of cake. I'm NEVER bored with my meals, and they all taste AMAZING!

  9. Love Jen's blog!

    I am a huge My Fitness Pal fan! It is better than the Weight watchers app I was paying for monthly.

  10. thanks so much for this post! I have a new blog/IG to follow :)


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  12. The post was really helpful.
    The fact that Jen had the confidence to show the world her weight loss, with pictures of herself, was just admirable.
    Personally i think it really motivates people with weight less issues that with the right eating habits, people can achieve their weight target.
    The fact that the author elaborated on what should be avoided and what helps with weight loss is really helpful as well.


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