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This week has just flown by, which is why we should make 3 day weekends mandatory. That one little extra day makes a world of difference. Or it’s just an extra day for me to sit around and watch Arrested Development {totally obsessed with this show}.

Yesterday I posted a picture of Twilight Sparkle and I on Instagram {@skinnymeg31} and Brandi is such a great friend she made a side by side and texted it to me. Love her!

June 2011 to May 2013

Sometimes you forget how far you've come, seeing these two pics next to each other really made me feel good. My dedication has paid off, my hard work shows, and I'm proud of my accomplishments even if I don't have a rock hard body. Progress not perfection.
So thank you crazy B!

Second, in case by some crazy feat you don’t follow me on any of my social media, yesterday Brandi and I were asked to show up at Skyline Ranch at the crack of dawn {not that I wouldn’t already be up} to demonstrate some of the obstacles for Pretty Muddy. It was fun and we met some pretty awesome women, including DeLese who is one enthusiastic woman. She rolled around in the mud FOR FUN and is also a breast cancer survivor; she is one tough {and fit} cookie.

I'm sure she will appreciate this pic :)
The segment went well, I may have tripped Fiona and she may have landed in the mud. Maybeeee I bust ass on camera, but it’s all good, I look tan so there’s that. Watch it for yourself here.

Alright, I know y’all are here for some clean eating recipes! Let’s do this, I’m starting my cleanse Monday and I have five days’ worth of lunch/dinner’s planned out.

L: Couscous with chicken and broccoli {my favorite brand is Near East}
D: Chicken Fajitas
*chicken strips, bell peppers, onion, fajita seasoning in a baking dish covered with foil 425 for 25 minutes. Paired with a brown rice/cilantro/lime juice side.

L: Flavored Quinoa with chicken sausage and bell peppers
D: Spaghetti
*turkey meat, stone ground wheat noodles, no sugar added sauce, mushrooms, garlic, onion

L: Zesty Tuna
* low sodium white mean tuna {in water}, ½ avocado, lemon juice, pepper, torn basil leaves. Serve on lettuce, spinach, whole wheat bread {stone ground}
D: Breakfast for Dinner
*eggs, mushrooms, onion, tomato, spinach, whole wheat toast

L: Couscous with chicken and broccoli
D: Chicken and Spinach Skillet Dish
*recipe below

L: Sweet Potato with turkey, black beans, corn, cilantro
D: Stuff Bell Peppers
*I just dice mine up and make it a mix. 3 Bell peppers, turkey meat or ground chicken, flavored red bell pepper quinoa. Cook, mix, and serve.

Breakfast will include: oatmeal, banana, hard boiled eggs, avocado on whole wheat toast
Snacks: I’m in luck, it’s SUMMER!! That means melon and fruit, holla! Nuts and baby carrots with hummus.

Saturday and Sunday I’m going to get crazy and try 4 new recipes. I get so stuck in a rut with my easy meals because I don’t have the time/motivation to try new things, so I’m challenging myself. Oliver’s out of town all week, which will make it easier on me {hopefully}.

My workouts will continue as normal, I’ve done this cleanse several times and have never crapped my pants, so no reason to not workout the first 2 days. I know some people are concerned about it, but honestly it’s fine.
I will be drinking spark, yep. Mango Strawberry.
Now it’s your turn, link ‘em up!

Please be sure to check out these lovely ladies:
Charly and Company has super cute affordable clothing. Hot colors and prints with great cuts for all body types. This is one of my favorite new items

Natalia writes over at the Modern Housewife which is a lifestyle blog about mothering, cleaning, cooking, and all the other stuff we have to do in-between. She blogs alongside her best friend Maddie and wrote a very touching post on how proud she is of her, please be sure to stop by and take a peek.

Ashlee from Iseminger Chronicles is training for her first 5k! Ahhhhh I remember how much it sucked running at first, you kinda feel like you want to die. Then that amazeballs feeling you get when you are done keeps you coming back for more.  She’s struggling with her eating and I think she’s come up with a great plan of attack, be sure to stop by to find out what it is!


  1. What a great before and after!!! That is really amazing. You inspire me daily. What program did she use to do that side by side do you know? I want to do one and I have my pics on my computer not on my phone.

  2. Hey... Thx so much for sharing your meal plan for the week.... All sounds good and easy! Have an awesome weekend!!!! And your side by side pics give so many hope!!!!

  3. you are such an inspiration!!! Thank you for the shout out, and have fun at your run this weekend!!!

  4. The change in your pictures is great! Sometimes its hard to see it when you look in the mirror you never see it in yourself until you put pictures side by side like that. You've done fab! great inspiration.

  5. Look at you hottie!! You really have come a long way!! June 17th begins my half marathon training! Can't wait! Check it out!

    samiciaccio IG

  6. Are you, Mama Laughlin and Holly still planning to race at the end of September? My future sister in law and I want to drive 9 hours to meet y'all!! If y'all are coming, can you talk Becka into coming too?? What a fun night it would be with all you lovely ladies!!

  7. Do the MNS pills make you nauseous? I'm on Day 11 and feeling pretty sick! Do you have any suggestions???!!!

  8. I so don't ever remember you looking like in 2011....You ARE AMAZING :)


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