Cheers to the Weekend.

I had an awesome weekend, the weather was gorgeous, and I got to spend it hanging out with my family. Saturday Twilight Sparkle {we call her this because she's obsessed with My Little Pony} and I started our day off at the gym in our matching Brady Bands.

I may have worked every muscle in my back in an air jacking contest, nothing like a tiny plastic trophy to get you motivated :) I will still be feeling those on Wednesday, I'm so sore!

shirt from Abundant Heart Apparel
Then Sparkle and I went for a little hair trimming where she was VERY adamant about not using a flat iron on her. She kept telling me over and over and over and over again, we get it Boo, no flat iron :) We then walked down and treated ourselves to a little Fro-Yo.

We went over to Mimi's house and decided to do a little shopping before dinner. HomeGood's never disappoints and it never fails that she falls asleep 5 minutes before we get there, or anywhere really.

Dinner was at The Harbors in Rockwall, we sat on the patio and watched the sunset over the water.

My Mom made me a gorgeous canvas, I love when she makes me stuff, she's so creative!

Dress from Kiki La Rue.

She also stuck with the tradition from last year and gifted me a new purse, a gorgeous coral one! I LOVEEEEEEEE it so hard. I am a self proclaimed shopper, but I don't usually buy expensive purses for myself even though I sure adore carrying one :) Thanks Mom! It's nice to be spoiled even in your thirties.

Sunday I had my last soccer game of the season, Twilight Sparkle and Oliver both came to cheer me on, of course I would get hurt the LAST minute in the LAST game! The linebacker goalie tackled me below the knees and twisted my right foot. I'm limping pretty bad today, but I'm hoping it's just a bruise and nothing is sprained.

We went to lunch at Fish City, they have the most AMAZING shrimp tacos!! I don't even like shrimp tacos, but they are freaking DELISH.

The rest of the day was spent changing out my closet from winter to summer. Ugh, it turned into a HUGE project that took me 4 hours!

I went through and got rid of anything that didn't fit or hadn't worn in more than 3 months. I was tough on myself, I'm tired of a cluttered closet! I also switched out most of my plastic hangers for velvet ones, I bought mine at Home Goods for half the price of what I've seen online. They are well worth the money and the effort!!!

Hi. my name is Megan and I love shoes.

 That's not even all of them and no joke I have exactly ONE white shirt. My closet is pretty much an explosion of print and color :)

Can you tell she was 'helping'? haha. This was before she stripped off all her clothes, put on my nightgown, and fell asleep sitting up at 6pm.

Hope y'all had a fabulous weekend too!


  1. any clothes you would like to donate. hahaha. I wish my 3 year old fell asleep as easy as your 4 year old:)

  2. I pulled out my summer clothes last night too! Going through and getting rid of a lot is both exciting and depressing...

  3. she is adorable!!!!!! looks like yall had a fun weekend!

    sorry about your ankle, I hope its ok and/or heals quickly!!! :)

  4. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Love seeing your posts on Monday mornings! Hope your foot feels better today.

  5. I love all your shoes!!! So pretty!

    If you get a moment, will you link up with me at Motivation Monday?


  6. Those hangers are such a life saver! You will have more room now for new stuff! :)

  7. It looks like you had a great weekend!!!!! :)
    Loved all the pictures!!
    Your daughter is so cute!!

  8. I just bought the pink set of velvet hangers at my first Home Goods trip! We don't have one close by...this makes me sad! But my hubby like that we don't have one because it's easy on the wallet!

  9. My sista lives on the lake in RW..isn't RW gorgeous!?
    I'm so in love with the sign your mom made! It would be PERFECT for a little girl's room too!

  10. Love your new bag! Glad you had a fabulous Mother's Day! You deserve it! :)


  11. Your daughter is so funny. She reminds me of my little girl acting so grown up! :)

    BTW, you should get your mom to start a blog with her projects. I love that canvas, and pretty much anything she has done that you have mentioned on your blog.

  12. I am drooling over that purse and canvas!!!! I need to change out my closet but I dread spending hours but it needs to be done.

  13. Those hangers are a life saver. The best deal is Costco. $19.99 if I remember correctly for a box of 50

  14. I love those hangers. I feel like they take up less space (more clothes!) and slide better.

  15. Oh, I LOVE the pic of sleeping girlie in the cart! My boys will never continue sleeping...once the car stops "Boop!" they are magically awake and ready to terrorize! Sounds like an excellent weekend :)

  16. Holy crap! I want your arms in that picture with the pretty canvas your mom made you!

    I've been reading awhile but never commented. Thank you for being one of the inspirations for me to start my own blog! I always look forward to reading what's going on with you!


  17. Wow great job on your closet! I hate doing that job. Sounds like a great Mothers Day!!!

  18. Looks like a great and productive weekend. Happy Mother's Day! On a side note, your shoulders are looking awesome, great work! Also I can't believe how Twilight Sparkle falls asleep out and about like that...hilarious!

  19. I love Fish City but I get the blackened chicken sandwhich - didn't know it was a chain! (I'm in Florida)

  20. I love to organize... What a great project your mom created for you!! I love it!

  21. I wish I had a huge closet - I always have to do the seasonal switch too - YOU did a great job woman!!


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