Clean Eating Link Up and Random Awesomeness

This week has just flown by, which is why we should make 3 day weekends mandatory. That one little extra day makes a world of difference. Or it’s just an extra day for me to sit around and watch Arrested Development {totally obsessed with this show}.

Yesterday I posted a picture of Twilight Sparkle and I on Instagram {@skinnymeg31} and Brandi is such a great friend she made a side by side and texted it to me. Love her!

June 2011 to May 2013

Sometimes you forget how far you've come, seeing these two pics next to each other really made me feel good. My dedication has paid off, my hard work shows, and I'm proud of my accomplishments even if I don't have a rock hard body. Progress not perfection.
So thank you crazy B!

Second, in case by some crazy feat you don’t follow me on any of my social media, yesterday Brandi and I were asked to show up at Skyline Ranch at the crack of dawn {not that I wouldn’t already be up} to demonstrate some of the obstacles for Pretty Muddy. It was fun and we met some pretty awesome women, including DeLese who is one enthusiastic woman. She rolled around in the mud FOR FUN and is also a breast cancer survivor; she is one tough {and fit} cookie.

I'm sure she will appreciate this pic :)
The segment went well, I may have tripped Fiona and she may have landed in the mud. Maybeeee I bust ass on camera, but it’s all good, I look tan so there’s that. Watch it for yourself here.

Alright, I know y’all are here for some clean eating recipes! Let’s do this, I’m starting my cleanse Monday and I have five days’ worth of lunch/dinner’s planned out.

L: Couscous with chicken and broccoli {my favorite brand is Near East}
D: Chicken Fajitas
*chicken strips, bell peppers, onion, fajita seasoning in a baking dish covered with foil 425 for 25 minutes. Paired with a brown rice/cilantro/lime juice side.

L: Flavored Quinoa with chicken sausage and bell peppers
D: Spaghetti
*turkey meat, stone ground wheat noodles, no sugar added sauce, mushrooms, garlic, onion

L: Zesty Tuna
* low sodium white mean tuna {in water}, ½ avocado, lemon juice, pepper, torn basil leaves. Serve on lettuce, spinach, whole wheat bread {stone ground}
D: Breakfast for Dinner
*eggs, mushrooms, onion, tomato, spinach, whole wheat toast

L: Couscous with chicken and broccoli
D: Chicken and Spinach Skillet Dish
*recipe below

L: Sweet Potato with turkey, black beans, corn, cilantro
D: Stuff Bell Peppers
*I just dice mine up and make it a mix. 3 Bell peppers, turkey meat or ground chicken, flavored red bell pepper quinoa. Cook, mix, and serve.

Breakfast will include: oatmeal, banana, hard boiled eggs, avocado on whole wheat toast
Snacks: I’m in luck, it’s SUMMER!! That means melon and fruit, holla! Nuts and baby carrots with hummus.

Saturday and Sunday I’m going to get crazy and try 4 new recipes. I get so stuck in a rut with my easy meals because I don’t have the time/motivation to try new things, so I’m challenging myself. Oliver’s out of town all week, which will make it easier on me {hopefully}.

My workouts will continue as normal, I’ve done this cleanse several times and have never crapped my pants, so no reason to not workout the first 2 days. I know some people are concerned about it, but honestly it’s fine.
I will be drinking spark, yep. Mango Strawberry.
Now it’s your turn, link ‘em up!

Please be sure to check out these lovely ladies:
Charly and Company has super cute affordable clothing. Hot colors and prints with great cuts for all body types. This is one of my favorite new items

Natalia writes over at the Modern Housewife which is a lifestyle blog about mothering, cleaning, cooking, and all the other stuff we have to do in-between. She blogs alongside her best friend Maddie and wrote a very touching post on how proud she is of her, please be sure to stop by and take a peek.

Ashlee from Iseminger Chronicles is training for her first 5k! Ahhhhh I remember how much it sucked running at first, you kinda feel like you want to die. Then that amazeballs feeling you get when you are done keeps you coming back for more.  She’s struggling with her eating and I think she’s come up with a great plan of attack, be sure to stop by to find out what it is!

Sugar Love Boutique

Do you know why I love wearing from boutiques?  It’s nice knowing that I can go to work and I won’t be wearing the same thing as anyone else. Target is dicey that way, yes they have cute stuff, but everyone and their cute baby shops there!

Today’s fun top and jewelry is from Sugar Love Boutique, the color combo is fantastic!

They have lots of unique tops that I’m loving….
I would totes rock the socks off this crochet London Top.

the lovely models are the daughters of Jill, the owner of Sugar Love. They are all so cute :)

Or this lacy Penny Lane Dress

I love me some lace, ALMOST as much as I love chevron. Almost.  It’s just so feminine and dainty.

You can also use the promo code SKINNYMEG for 30% off!

You have a chance to win a $50 dollar gift card, you must be a follower of this blog to enter, and the giveaway will end on Thursday June 6th.

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W.O.W #5 and Pretty Muddy Schedule

Welcome back to Workout Wednesday!
You know the drill, grab a button and link up for the parrrrrrty!

First lets start with some details on the Pretty Muddy. Here is the tentitve schedule for Brandi and I:

9am: Arrive at Skyline Ranch
9:15: Zumba with Leann
9:45: Check bags and hang out
10:15: We are walking a 'fashion' show for Old Navy....should be interesting to say the least!
10:45-12:00 Find everyone, hang out, have fun, tape our shoes, take way too many pictures, etc.
12:00-1:00 Get muddy, get clean, have fun
1:00-TBD: drink and eat and just be merry. We will find somewhere close by to eat, no clue where yet.

Here are some of my fav's from last weeks linkup.

Elle Noel is a rockstar, that girl would totally be able to keep up with me at the gym! She shared her back and shoulder sets, please be sure to stop by and check it out.  Ps.  Prettyyyyy sure she actually is always a sweaty mess J

Skinny Kimmie shared a treadmill routine which I’m totes going to try. I HATE the dreadmill and literally have to talk myself on it daily, that thing just sucks. Anyways, be sure to stop by and give it a go.

Summer is all fun and games until that first day you have to put on a swimsuit.  I will say my assets are looking much improved over last years, half of my suits from last year are too big and I’m the same {ish} weight.  A sexy toned back is a must, so I put together a lil somethin’ somethin’ for ya.

I just ordered these Old Navy workout capri's and LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I never wear colored bottoms, but these actually look good on. I sized down to a small for a perfect fit. My top is from Abundant Heart.

Be sure to take a minute and check out these lovely ladies.

This is Emily from The Swallow Flies  She is a teacher who has a passion for running, this is her third year teaming up with See-Us Run Des Moines which is a non-profit organization that targets at-risk youth. This program teaches them to set goals and to stay focused; they train with high school kids for 6 months and then run a marathon together in October. Amazing!

Have a Happy Hump Day!


Long Weekend

My weekend didn't quite go as planned and I didn't even finish the one project I wanted to. I will say it was a big project and I may have underestimated it!

Friday Oliver and I attended a wedding.
I looked pretty hot if I do say so myself :)

Dress from Express necklace from Kiki La Rue
Oliver looked pretty good too so naturally I told him to pose for a picture, this is his 'skinnymeg' pose.
Sorry hun, you need to practice in the mirror, selfies are an art form :)

Saturday involved a long trip to Ikea where Twilight Sparkle was pissed that the kid's play area had a 45 minute wait and she couldn't go in. Prettyyyy much made the entire thing a nightmare of 'why why why'. Glad we brought Papa to give her a ride, I just can't carry her anymore. Now you know why my guns are so big!

I wanted to spend part of my 3 day weekend repainting her playroom a more 'neutral' color, FYI I don't think I even comprehend the meaning of that word. Naturally I went with teal/grey for the walls and I ordered some FABULOUS yellow chevron curtains. I bought her lots and lots of storage for all her toys, but Oliver slacked on getting them put together so now my house is a disaster and will probably stay that way for the entire week. I HATE unfinished projects.

My hair looked like that pretty much the entire weekend. I'll share all the deets once the room is halfway decent, if you want to come over and help organize {coughhollycough} bring it!

Monday I was feeling overwhelmed by it all so we had to get out for a while, I took Twilight Sparkle to the splash park and she had a blast running her little heart out.

I wish I could sleep like this! I mean honestly, how can you not kiss those sweet chubby cheeks!

I have a lot on the agenda for this week:

1. Pretty Muddy is Saturday so if you are coming with us please be on the look out during my Workout Wednesday post. I'll be sharing details of how the day is going down, it's going to be a blast!!
2. I am cleansing again, June 3rd. If you want one you can order it here, I will be hosting another clean eating link up party on Thursday so be sure to stop by and share you post and visit some others for some other great ideas!
3. Last day to enter an embarrassing story, I'll be picking the winner tomorrow!

Just for a smile, THIS is the reason it took us quite a while to clean out her room.

It's all fun and games until someone slips on a hat.


Sprinklings Giveaway!!

I have the best giveaway for y’all today!! I know you’ve seen pictures of Twilight Sparkle in her super cute necklace….

They are made by Sprinklings , Jill has the CUTEST 4 girls {and maybe another on the way!} who inspire her adorable jewelry. It’s prefect for any princess, including big ones like me :)

I mean, seriously.

They even are custom made to match Matilda Jane collections! I'm OBSESSED with these clothes, don't tell my husband :)

I got jipped growing up in the 80's, clothes are so much cuter now!!

You must be a follower of this blog to enter and the contest will end on 5/30.
Good luck!

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Embarrassing Moments and a Random Photo Dump

My first girl/boy party, I think I was 8, and we were all hanging out in the living room and some stupid ‘baby’ show was on TV and I got wrapped up watching it. Next thing I know I’m clapping along with the TV and everyone is staring at me. Yeah.

That time in high school when my Mom made me a dress and I got in trouble for it being too short, it was REAL short.

I got a brand new car when I was 17. It was a Hyundai and it was a stick shift, which I totally knew how to use. So you can understand my confusion when I was leaving work and it just wouldn’t go into reverse and the hot manager had to come over and help me PUT DOWN THE PARKING BRAKE.

That time I wore white leggings and thought they looked good.

Once when I met a really popular blogger and I introduced myself as SkinnyMeg and not Megan. Honestly I thought she would recall my name from her Instagram so that’s why I said it, I felt really stupid afterwards.

That time when I was fat and I thought parasailing in a bikini was a good idea. My ass was hanging out for the world {or OBX} to see.

What are some of your most embarrassing moments? Tell them to me in the comments and I’ll chose the best one to win a $20 dollar gift card to the best store on Earth. Target.

Now let’s move on to some photo dumping just for kicks.

Taking random pictures of what I ate yesterday, maybe I should start just taking a picture diary of my food.
*side note, that much wasabi on sushi will make you cry and whimper in your office.
sushi// black bean couscous// Greek Yogurt with fruit// Apple and PB

Twilight Sparkle graduated from the 3 year old class at preschool and spent the day at the Arboretum.

We got our family photos back and I LOVE them, I can’t decide which one to get made into a canvas. My girl Amber rocks my face off. I'm so glad I did yellow and blue!

I’m desperate for one of these hats from Anthropologie. I just can’t fork over that kind of cash.

I need to do more vintage clothing shopping; I love these two dresses I got last summer.

My most used apps. The seconds one for my tabata workouts is AMAZING, how have I been living without it??

Please take a minute to check out these awesome ladies!

Taylor is one BUSY woman; she is a married Mom who is also a grad student and a full time employee! Freak that’s exhausting just THINKING about all that would entail! What I like about Taylor is that she is not making any excuses; she believes if you want it you will do it. Check her out over at Mama Tay LeMay

Amber from Crafty Healthy Mommy is trying to find her running groove. One minute she hates it, then she loves it. I felt that way in the beginning too. It sucks until it doesn’t anymore. Be sure to stop by and tell her that her thighs look awesome in these shorts :)

Happy Friday Eve!


W.O.W. #4

Welcome back to Workout Wednesday!
You know the drill, grab a button and link up for the parrrrrrty!

Tabata was obviously the theme for last weeks W.O.W. and I'M LOVING IT. This is a great way to push yourself, burn more fat, and build that muscle. Some of the links you should check out are;

Mine Are Spectacular - She shared a 4 minute Fat Burning Video

My Uncharted Territory - She shared this Tabata Timer that I've already downloaded for my next sweat sesh!

Merk and her Mastiff - She shared a great app for a HIIT tabata kettle bell workout and I think this shirt rocks.

Today's workout is for your abs, probably the most underworked muscle you have. The thing is abs are made in the kitchen, you can do all the sit-ups you want, but with out a proper diet you won't see them. So why do I work them out?

1. To run faster.
2. Makes other exercise easier.
3. A tight core will help your booty not hurt during spin.

You Tube and Blogger obviously hate me and wont upload my video so here is the link.....again.

Ab Workout Video

I finished off with some cardio and I bought some new {much needed} headphones, YurBuds. I got them at Target and I LOVE them, my favorite feature is the germ resistant cover for in your ear. I won't gross you out, but the germs those things have on them from sweat is DISGUSTING. Trust me.

Now check out these amazing ladies!

This is Beth from Hang on Honey, she’s learning how her health is more than a number on a scale and that she really isn’t cut out for yoga. I highly recommend taking a second to get to know and love her! 

I hope by now you know Jess from Operation Skinny Jeans. She is embarking on a 10 week challenge and has weekly challenges to help everyone reach their goal by Fourth of July! If you need some motivation I would be sure to stop by and check it out! She also shared a great Card Workout that I'm totally planning on trying!

Katie from KTJ Weighing In has lost 38 pounds and is working on running a virtual 5k. She is also a lawyer and is participating in a new series called Legally Blogging which I think is a great idea to connect with other bloggers!

Happy Hump Day!


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