Motivating Others

Along my journey I like to think I’ve helped quite a few people, some I personally know and some I don’t. I have no problems giving advice on my blog, through Facebook, or email, but when it comes to real life friends and family things are different.

The family that runs together....I promise the short one is having fun :)
Let’s start with my husband, who has already said he’s not inspired by me. That’s cool. I know he thinks I’m hot so I can forgive him for not falling all over himself when I walk in a room J He gained weight right along with me, every time. I’m sure this has to do with the fact that I feed the guy daily, so if I ate bad so did he. When I started to change my lifestyle he did to, just not as dramatically. He started running a little here and there, he did Insanity, and he’s done a 5k and a 10k with me. The thing with Oliver is he doesn’t stick with it; he can fall off the wagon after just a few days ‘vacation’. Honestly I do have moments where I have to say ‘really? Are you really going to eat that?’ usually he eats it anyways and I don't continue to hound him.  Does he get mad when I say that? No, probably because he knows I'm just looking out for him. It’s kind of like code for ‘you’re seriously being dragged by the damn wagon right now’. He does eat my healthy dishes and for the most part likes them, weekends are his downfall. I do my part by cooking most nights and not keeping junk in the house, that's how I help him without being a pain in his ass about it.

after a round of Insanity while on vacation.
My immediate family. My Mom, a former aerobics instructor, has no desire to lose any weight. She joined Weight Watchers with me after I had Miss M and lost some weight and later tried Medifast {which I do not approve of, way too restrictive and no way can you live like that!}, but in the end she says she’s happy the way she is. Do I wish she would lose weight, yes, but only because she’s the most awesome Mom ever and I want her to be around forever. Do I ever harp her about it? No. It’s her choice. My Dad has lost a significant amount of weight in the last several years, he goes to the gym religiously now, which I’m thankful for because he doesn’t have the best family history. My sister is a size 2, enough said. Skinny Bitch.  I’m pretty sure my brothers don’t read my blog, nor do they care about my weight loss. My youngest brother is a runner, but he can totes beat me so I don’t run with him often J

My Mom and Dad last summer.
My brother Ben before a 5k and a 10k. He whooped me both times.

Friends. OK, this is the tough one. I’ve said before I’m lucky enough to have not lost friends though this journey, in fact I’ve gained quite a few. I had to set boundaries for myself and what I was willing to do to help the ones who asked. I’ve had to learn that you can’t give someone motivation, you can try and try to push them, but the work can only be done by them. I’m more than happy to go for a run with you, but I’m not going to force you to go. You want to come and work out with me?  Sure this is what time I’ll be there, if you show great, if not that’s fine too. You cannot work around someone else, set your limits and let them come to you. I don’t get upset when people back out on me; I’m still doing what I need to do regardless. I try to make myself available for them, but I also try not to get disappointed if they don't want my help.

I'm still working on getting this one to run a half with me....hint hint HINT.

Bringing up someone’s weight is not a great idea. I had a family member call me fat when I was, in fact, fat. My feelings were hurt, but did it motivate me? No. I probably would’ve kicked Oliver in the nuts if he’d said something about my weight. If someone you know could use a nudge in the right direction, be tactful. Invite them to do something active with you, ask them to train for a 5k, or join a gym together, but don’t be offended if they say no. Maybe try again in a few months, but try to show them it can be done. Think about what worked for you and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t someone who gave you a talking to about your food habits. 

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It's no secret that I love pink, glitter, chevron, and bling. Like for real y'all. If I see bling in a store I HAVE to go over and check it out, so it's no wonder I'm LOVING Class N Sassy Creations.

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  1. Keep it up Meg. You are such an inspiration to me and to numerous other women! Thank you!

    Samiciaccio - instagram

  2. Friendship is a great thing, we never break any friendship. I like your friendship.
    DLF Woodland Heights

    DLF Vibhuti Khand

  3. Great advise! Everything is so true!

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  5. Funny thing. This morning, I was readying my daily Joel Osteen and he discussed negative people. People who do not want to change their situation, only complain and cry about it. You can't fix someone else and you have to learn to "gradually" push them out the door. On the husband, I recently read where they don't like to be "mothered" so I have made some minor adjustments about what I say and how I say it. I cook too, so he's pretty much stuck with what I have prepared. Take it or lose it.

  6. You really are motivating to your readers! I stepped on my wii fit this morning to weigh myself and found out my weight is obese :( I am going to try to not let that bring me down but rather push me to work out and eat better. The pics you post here and on IG really are motivating and I thank you!! BTW, your short hair in the pic with your bro looks amazing!

  7. You really are motivating to your readers! I stepped on my wii fit this morning to weigh myself and found out my weight is obese :( I am going to try to not let that bring me down but rather push me to work out and eat better. The pics you post here and on IG really are motivating and I thank you!! BTW, your short hair in the pic with your bro looks amazing!

  8. Great post! My biggest problem is I have some friends that complain to me that they want to lose weight & get in better shape but then they don't do anything about it. Then they talk about how they don't have time.

  9. South Haven!!! That's my hometown. Glad you got to enjoy our little slice of heaven. You are such an inspiration, thank you!

  10. Great post! My mom needs to lose weight and I needed to hear someone say to let it be. She has to be the one to decide to lose her weight. All I can do is be an example!!

    Love your hair in the picture with your brother! Short and sassy!

  11. Since you love you some bling, and are from Dallas, I have to ask, are you a fan of Donna Decorates Dallas on HGTV? That woman loves her some bling ;)

  12. I will run a half with you someday. I really wanted to last weekend, but prior plans just didn't let it happen. Love ya girl and you definitely motivate hundreds of people everyday!

  13. I've decided that we need to run a race together. And then possibly drink beer together afterward. Please advise.

  14. Your blog is great! I read it daily. Ok so I'm a hair stylist and naturally I notice the hair and I just want to say I love love your hair in that pic with your bro when you guys are in black.. The shorter cut is too cute!!!! Either way your a doll but just wanted to put that out there

  15. ahhh i think that is my favorite picture of you and Oliver! haha

  16. My husband also has said "I'm not losing weight so don't try to push me". He gained wait slowly while he was in the Air Force and then he got out and stopped going to the gym and the weight started going up and up. I kept my mouth shut, and last night he approached me and asked me to start packing him healthier lunches and to cut his dinner servings down. WOOHOO!! I'm not going to push, but will do my part in making him healthier food. (He is also going to the gym with me tonight....but to do his own thing)

  17. It is very very true that you cannot tell someone that "you are fat- get to the gym"! It doesn't work but just makes you feel terrible. It has been done to me, too! Thanks for the inspiration girl- you are an amazing woman!! xoxox

  18. hey Meg! I was wondering if I could just purchase the SPARK from a rep? I dont want the whole cleanse just the sparks.

  19. I really know what you mean about motivating others, and the limitations to that motivation. I have a degree in Exercise Science, a certificate in Holistic Health Counseling, and I've lost over 40 pounds on my own in the past. People ask for my help all of the time, and I have to remind myself that just because they ask for advice, it doesn't mean they will follow it, or even have the desire to try to make their life better.

    Love this! If you lived closer, I would totally go to the gym with you, Holly and Mama Laughlin say you're a killer!

  20. F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S post! Couldn't have said it better myself, but also needed to hear it from someone else (about me supporting my friends in the right way). I read part of it out loud to my boyfriend because he's 'helping' me in good ways but some bad ways. He actually agreed (I think because he heard it from someone else - THANKS!) just reading your blog is a huge support and motivator - dont stop doin what you're doin - they're girls out there who need to be inspired by you!

  21. Really great post! I've been struggling with how to talk to my parents about getting more active. They always try, but then end up stopping a few weeks in. I've decided to just keep getting really excited whenever they go for walks or bike rides together...that way they know I'm proud!

  22. once again a great post and great point of view you have! And you know you DO inspire Oliver, boys just don't like to admit those things ;) My hubby and I dated 8 years b4 marriage too, and now going on 10 yrs of marriage......so the whole TP thing I can relate to, I KNOW he hears me!!.....grrrrr......Going to check out the Class N site now....love bling too....but hubby makes fun of my bling! he's just jealous. ;)

  23. I love this post! I also love your short hair in the pic with your brother!

  24. Girl you are such an inspiration!! You are so lucky to have such amazing people in your life that support you!! My biggest issue has been friends not taking this lifestyle seriously...it's sad and they don't have time for me anymore becasue my time has been dedicated to the gym...I say to hell with the negative people!! We are in this for us and our health! As long as I have my husband and family by my side that's all I need!! Thank you for being such a motivator!! You ROCK girl!!! Awesome post btw!!!

  25. You're a class-act, my dear. I think you do your best leading by example. I'm not quite sure why someone wouldn't be addicted to going to the gym with you. It's a way to learn, share your passion and meet up with a great group. I digress. Wish we lived closer because I'd be there bright and early with you. Although, I tend to end my workouts looking at how skinny my ankles are. No reason why...it just always comes up somehow. Totes redic.

  26. Such a inspiration to me. I started eating right, not gonna lie, on Monday. So far so good. The bf loves sweets so we keep them in the house :( can u say temptation. . Gonna do advocare and start going back to the guy. Thanks for the inspiration.

  27. Your workouts are AMAZING and such an inspiration for someone like me who is working so hard to lose weight. Your workouts and gym pictures inspire me!!! THANK YOU :-)

  28. I found your blog today from Dont Quote the Raven and I'm so glad I did! Im being a creeper and reading alot of your posts haha :) I love reading about your journey. I did Insanity and half way through became a Beachbody Coach. I'm doing Turbo Fire now, it's so much fun! You were so right- you can try all you want to motivate someone but they truly have to want it for themselves! I love how honest you are and I am so inspired by you. Keep up the awesome work, cant wait to see where the future takes you!

    PS I couldnt get mine to bring my TP either LOL toothpaste on the toothbrush- she has a total keeper!

    XO- Sarah


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