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Over the course of losing the weight I’ve developed some pretty healthy habits {although I do have a few bad ones lingering, but that’s another post}. These habits didn’t become part of my life over night, they took time to develop. In fact I would say most were a huge pain in my ass for a very long time.

This requires planning so you have the food on hand, I pack all my food the day before in my lunch box and store it in the fridge. I learned that not eating enough or having healthy options on hand is what led me to over eat and make bad choices throughout the day.

Honestly this was one of the hardest things for me to break, I found it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to go to a restaurant and pay good money for something I didn’t want.
Finally I realized I would feel like crap after eating it so I started picking restaurants that offered healthy options I actually liked, my favorites being TGI Fridays and Olive Garden.

For some odd reason I really took to sweating right off the bat, even though it was hard as shit. Like I felt like dying. I’m pretty sure it had to do with the euphoria I felt after a good workout, that is addicting. I also think it had to do with the fact that I never skipped a workout, once you skip a few days in a row you can fall off that wagon and hit every chocolate branch on the way down. Just ask my husband.

My eating clean journey started with this book after a summer spent struggling with my food choices. I’m still not as dedicated to it as I would like to be, but I’m sure working on it. . I strive to maintain a 90% clean rate in my daily life, for me that’s manageable. You may start off at a 50% rate and THAT’S OK.

The little things add up, for me one habit turned into another and another and before you knew it {or 2 years later, whichever} I was living a mostly healthy lifestyle.
The most important thing I’ve learned is that it’s about progress not perfection.

Start off small with something you can do everyday. Maybe you want to get a 5am workout in, aim for once a week and move up from there. You can't just wake up one day and all your bad habits will disappear, it take time and DEDICATION.

Here are some other great blogs for you guys to check out.

This is Katie from KTJ Weighing In she is on a journey to lose 100 pounds and she travels all over the world, totes jealous. Every Thursday she hosts a link up called “Non-Scale Victories” which is a great way to keep the focus off just the scale and put it where it belongs, the big picture ☺ Be sure to take a minute to read her post Oh the Places You’ll Go, she talks about climbing that mountain {literally!}, but how it impacted her life emotionally. We all struggle with our own mountains.

Meet Jess who blogs over at Operation Skinny Jeans I’m pretty sure I love her and her skinnies. I WISH I had the guts to bust some of those before I lost the weight, they look AMAZING on her. She just recently hit a milestone, 30 pounds, be sure to stop by and check out her before and after pics! After scrolling through her fashion posts Oliver started yelling 'no no no' you can't buy those shoes :)



  1. Megan I have always loved you and is it possible I love you more lol?!?!

    OMG you switched from the love for zebra to the love of Chevron ha! Oh no I know you painted your dining area Chevron did you redo your bedroom too lol?!?!

    You look so incredible and I am so so very proud of you and your awesomesauce journey!

    You rock sista! I am so going to take your tips along to the grocery store with me since the Dr.s gave me the ok to diet within reason and I need to cut out somethings for health reasons as well to help with get in remission quicker!

    They lowered my steroids and I have dropped thirty five lbs and I am over the moon excited! I have a long ways to go but its a start!

    Thanks for the motivation sweets! Holy Hottie picture on your sidebar!!

    love ya

  2. I've been trying so hard to eat healthier. I think making lunches the night before has been a HUGE help because it keeps me from grabbing whatever is in the fridge as I'm running out the door. Love this blog!!


  3. What are your restaurant choices? Those are the hardest for me as well.

  4. Just wanted you to know that you not only inspire me (a 45yr old going on 25yr old mom) but also my 16yr old daughter. Thank you for your fun positive outlook on health, fitness, weightloss, mothering, heck life in general! We think you are AMAZING! ;)

  5. I purchased Jackie Warner's book after hearing about it from you. I really like it alot and am incorporating a lot of her stuff in my routine. Did you ever follow her work out plan? I currently do her cardo, since I have very little time to work out and was struggling with my cardio, I find that this helps me keep in managable. But wonder if I'm really doing enough? I do like her weight training circuits and do those 3 days a week, mixed with some arm routines I got from you and Momma and some Jillian 30 day shred. Just wondering if you still do any of her routines or if you followed them when you first started.

  6. I definitely need to be more organized and plan more, definitely still a weak area of mine. Thank you so much for the blog love!

  7. That is the perfect description for what i go through " falling off the wagon and hitting every chocolate branch on the way down..." lol

  8. Tell Oliver you will buy those shoes with your money ;) So proud of the lifestyle you have developed-you look amazing!

  9. I am new reader and so happy that I found you! A question about workouts: Do you work out every day? I am consistant at 6 days but feel like my mind and body need to rest on te 7th! I am training for my 2nd 1/2 marathon at the end of the month so I run 3 days and do a type of cross fit the other 3 days.Sometimes it feels like too much other times it feels like its not enough. Also I may be about 15+/- years older than you lol

  10. I bought that book and have yet to read it! Guess I will get cracking! ;)


  11. 1. You look amazing!

    2. "once you skip a few days in a row you can fall off that wagon and hit every chocolate branch on the way down"
    Uh...yeah. I totally relate to that!

  12. Love this post. It is important to start off with baby steps. You can't change everything at one time and expect to stick with it. It is very encouraging to learn the steps that you took in the beginning and seeing where you are now. It is a hard road, and you rocked it!

  13. Hey! I saw your dinner pic above and just thought I'd pass along an awesome "secret" ingredient that I have been using for a while now... Spaghetti squash! Since discovering this amazing veggie last summer, I have pretty much completely taken pasta out of my diet! Another life changing veggie for me is cauliflower! I make "rice" and "mashed potatoes" with it on a regular basis and don't miss the real thing at all (except occasionally fried rice). You can check out my blog if you want - I am trying to upload all my favorite recipes:

    We all struggle with trying to eat healthier - and sometimes it gets overwhelming and hard, so it def helps know that others share in your struggles and desires for a healthier lifestyle :)

  14. I needed to hear this today! Thank you! :)

  15. Love this post!!!
    I need to develop some health habits. I was going to talk to you about the cleanse as well.
    Happy Friday Eve!!

  16. The apricot chicken at Olive Garden is amazeballs. Like, mouthgasm amazeballs. Totes healthy, too.

  17. Found your blog via Instagram!

    So happy for the inspiration!

    Your newest follower,


  18. I really would like to start eating better, I count my calories but what good is it doing my body if the calories I eat are not necessarily good for me? I like your point about starting off small with eating clean.

    Becky @ skinnyonsprout.blogspot.com

  19. I have not fallen off the exercise wagon completely yet, but I'm holding on for dear life! I just have to remind myself that I always feel so much better after I do it.


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