Hair Tutorial and Questions Part 2

1.  Do you have an uncontrollable urge to eat everything in sight the week leading up to your period?? And if so how do you deal with it??
Ugh, yes. I chew a lot of gum and give myself a lot of pep talks, but sometimes it doesn’t work. See question 3 about the 3 pieces of cake.

Maybe that's what happened to Meredith.....I should have given her a pep talk instead of taking a pic.
2. Which is more important to get less  Calories or Sugar? If it has less calories/fat it has more sugar. I am not sure which one I should be more worried about.
I go for less sugar because I work out a lot and calories are not a huge issue for me, but a little sugar can send me craving Reese’s every night in complete misery.

3. How do you stay organized? Chevron planner or your phone?
Usually my phone only because I have it with me at all times. I do have some chevron planners though ☺I LOVE the one from Jenny Collier!

4. After the cleanse what Advocare products do you recommend taking daily. I do a boot camp three times a week and I'm trying to become a runner. I've lost 13 pounds in the past 6 weeks and would like to lose 38 more.
I would continue on with the MNS products I like the Max 3 because it’s a 6 for energy and a 6 on appetite control, I also use the Fiber drink and spark. I can’t live without Spark.

5.  Does your stomach bother you even after losing all your weight? I lost weight and now have a lot of extra skin on my tummy which depresses me any tips?
Cover it up with cute clothes ☺ Not much you can do besides surgery, I focus on things I do like about myself. Like my arms. #flexbreak anyone?

6.  How does it feel to be a star??? 
Not sure, I tried to tell my husband I was too famous to cook dinner. That didn’t go over so well ☺

7.  How long did it take you to train for your first marathon or half?
About 5 months, but I had never worked out when I started running so I was starting from zero, well if count the 100+ extra pounds then maybe a -10

8.  Have you ever taken diet pills? BEST tummy exercise for getting rid of that tummy pooch?
Duh, I’ve tried almost every trick in the book. Nothing worked, but I’m pretty sure Alli was the worst. If you’ve taken it you know what I’m talking about.  It took hard work, imagine that!  Bicycle crunches, planks, and just plain old weight loss helped with the belly.

9. What did you do when you can't go to the gym? I am a mother of two and my husband works shift work and I literally have no time by myself and my boys are too young to take to the gym with me.
I ran. Everyday. I also did a lot of workouts in my driveway. Squats, lunges, jump rope, push ups, etc. If you want it you will make it work, there are a ton of workouts that can be done at home. Even though I do go to a gym I rarely use machines, most exercises are done with free weights or a bar, both of which you can buy at Wal Mart pretty cheap.

10.  Do you have a sweet tooth? What do you eat to help it? I am usually starving at 8 in the evening. Any idea why? What are your daily meals like?
I do love my sweets, I tend to eat dinner pretty late so I usually can control the urge until I go to bed. I’ve done several posts of what I eat, you can check them out here. The best thing to do is NOT KEEP THEM IN THE HOUSE.

11. My roommate can eat whatever she wants, and I get so angry that I have to measure out everything I eat. It just seems so unfair. 
Did you ever deal with anger like that? And how did you move past it/accept it?
Sure sometimes it seems unfair that I know people who are super thin and eat crap daily, but I just remember that weight loss has brought me a lot more than just a pair of size 4 shorts. I’ve gained friends, confidence, and basically I’ve discovered myself during this process. We all are going through things for a reason; I think the hard lessons in life are what shape a person. Your roommate may be able to eat a burger with no consequences, but maybe she has other issues? Don’t compare yourself to others, it’s never pretty ☺

12. How do I curl my hair? 

14. Did I ever own a pager?
No, my parents said those were for drug dealers.

15. What song would you sing for karaoke?
My Girls by Christina Aguilera

16. What was my first car?
A POS Chrysler New Yorker.  The fabric on the roof was falling down, but I thought it was awesome because it talked. Your door is ajar.

17. Why are margaritas so good?
I think it’s the tequila, but it needs to be skinny with agave nectar.

18. How much wood should a wood chuck chuck?
I wasn't sure so I asked my dumb blonde sidekick.

19. My favorite ice cream?
Cookies and Cream, but the good brand with big chucks of cookies.

20. If calories didn’t exist what would I put on my pizza? 
Ehhhh not a big pizza girl, except the gourmet kind with chicken, spinach, feta, roma tomatoes, olive oil, onions now that sounds yummy.

21. Am I going to be a star one day?
Maybe an infamous one, you {@taraisd} ARE my biggest stalker. No it’s not normal to put my face as your background on the computer. I mean, she kinda looks cray, right?

22. What does a cheat meal look like and how often?
I would say a cheat meal is if I order a grilled chicken sandwich and fries. Haha, is that lame? I like chicken. Or if I go eat Mexican and devour the chips AND use sour cream ☺  I would say I have 2 cheat meals each weekend, but also Saturday and Sunday’s are two of my hardcore workout days.

23. How do I refuel on long runs?
I usually run a loop so I stop and drink my water/spark and half way through a long run I will eat my Gu or Shot Bloks. If you know you are going to do a long run drink a shit ton of water the day before. I have carried water with me, I bought a belt holder thing at the sporting goods store and while I do like it I prefer to just run a loop.

24.  Where do I get my wide headbands? 
Bondiband I only use these for sweat they don’t hold my hair back, I use brandy bands for that.

25. Has birth control affected your weight loss?
No because I’ve never ever been on birth control. Apparently I don’t need it ☺ haha. Bad infertility joke there. I’ve heard it can affect it, I would totes ask your Dr and take it out if it was! Just sayin’ But don't get knocked up, that might make you gain weight too.....


  1. Thanks for the hair tut... And also, thanks for all that you do.. You give a lot of yourself and always come across so kind and down to earth.... I absolutely adore your blog...

  2. Thank you so much for being an awesome inspiration. It's so hard to balance work, eating right, family, etc. I love reading your blog (found it through mama laughlin) and it has insipired me to finally start my own. Keep rockin!

  3. In regards to number ten, I have some advice. :) I always drink a protein shake shortly before bed (Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze + chocolate protein powder). The body continues to burn calories while we sleep, and if you're eating small meals throughout the day (I eat a total of six small meals with balanced carbs and protein), your body burns those calories within three hours or so. If you don't eat before you go to bed, your body has nothing to burn for those five or six or eight or however many hours and starts eating away at muscle.

    So, it's important to down some protein before hitting the sack -- just avoid carbs. :)

  4. My mom had your same car, only maroon, when I was growing up. I distinctly remember it saying "your door is ajar" in that man robot voice! hahahahahahahaha!! I love it!


  5. Love you Skinny Meg! Thanks for takig the time to answer these questions for us! ♥

    samiciaccio - Instagram and Keep and Twitter


  6. It is always nice getting to know all the bloggers I follow! I need to do what you do and just get rid of all the junk food from my house. That would help me tremendously!

  7. Hey I'm sure you have tried everything under the sun for infertility, but have you gotten your thyriod levels checked?? If its low your body produces like a natural form of birth control. That's what happened to me anyways!

  8. I just have to say, my dad taught me the answer to #18 when I was little. it goes like this... A woodchuck would chuck as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.
    LOL Loving the Q&A

  9. I have to say my dad taught me the answer to #18 when I was little. It goes like this... A woodchuck would chuck as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.
    LOL Loving the Q&A!

  10. #14 Hilarious! #11-"Comparison kills contentment." One of my favorite quotes. Cute Q&A sesh.

  11. What recipe do you use for skinny margs? what do you tell the waitress/bartender at restaurants?

  12. I had a friend in 4th grade who my parents referred to as beeper chick. So funny!

  13. Megan you are so inspiring:) I need you to come to Houston and kick my ass so I can be a hot MILF too. And Tara, wow really just wow lol. Love ya!

  14. HA...I am pretty sure that last comment made me LOL...at work...oops...I would have to agree..getting knocked up may make you gain weight ;)...still prayin for you girl!! and I don't use BC either..it makes me cray cray! I need to get a bar for workouts at home! (end of randomness comment! :)

    xoxo, Lindsay


  15. Damn Siri - she is such a know it all sometimes!
    And that first picture cracks me UP!! love it!

  16. Hi Meg and enjoyed all the answers and tips! I would like to purchase Spark, read Mama Laughlin likes the Mango-S.berry and Mandarin Orange. Which do you like? I was wanting a flavor that is not too overly sweet. Thanks for any info!

  17. I love that you're singing along in your tutorial, haha. :-)

  18. Could you be anymore awesome??!!! :D

  19. Love that outfit and your hair is too cute!!!

  20. Do you like the pink lemonade spark flavor? Trying to decide which flavor to get!

  21. LMBO because my mom told me pagers were for drug dealer too!!! Hahahaha I wanted one sooooo bad!

  22. My boyfriend had a talking new yorker in high school...I think that was why I feel for him ;)

  23. My husband drove a talking new yorker in high school....I think that is why I fell for him ;)

  24. 14. My parents said the SAME thing!! I dreamt about the day I had a purple one...I would have been so cool. I even went into Radio Shack to try to get one myself, apparently you needed a credit card.

  25. I LOLed at many of your replies. Love reading Q&A posts :)

  26. Lol, I laughed at the pager question. My parents said the same thing...even though my dad had one for work back before cell phones, haha! Love the Q&A sesh!

  27. I've just started taking control of my health. I am a mom to five and was finally disgusted with how much weight I gained. I started advocare almost 5 weeks ago and with hard exercise, weight and inches have come off. I think you look AMAZING! Question though...what exercises do you do to tone and sculpt your arms?

  28. What exercises do you do to tone and sculpt your arms? You look AMAZING!!


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