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Sometimes no matter how good your intentions or how well you plan, things happen and you have to eat out. Don’t panic and don’t throw away all your hard work on a plate full of pasta or a juicy cheesy burger! Here are some of my go-to restaurants and what I normally choose along with the calorie count.

Panda Express: 460 Calories
I love that they started serving brown rice, steamed and fried! I get the plate with steamed brown rice, mixed veggies, and a low fat chicken option {like the peppered, they are labeled}

220 for salad and 320 for JUST THE dressing {if you get it their way}
I like their double chopped chicken salad with the chicken heated up. I either bring my own dressing or I get it on the side and use it sparingly. 

Olive Garden: 
Pasta Fagioli: 130 calories
Salad with no dressing: 60 I get the dressing on the side
Parmesan Crusted Tilapia: 470 and sooooooo good.

TGI Fridays: 650
Balsamic Glazed Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad with low fat balsamic dressing. Skip the bacon bits, saves calories and you don’t even miss them.

Genghis Grill: 460
Depends what you get, but I like the bowl with steamed brown rice, chicken, veggies, and a low fat sauce.  
Chili: 310 sometimes I add some sour cream on top for another 60 calories
Potato: 320 calories with sour cream and chives

I like going here every once in a while, they have a good sized healthy menu that’s tasty. 

Any Mexican Restaurant:
I LOVE Mexican food and I always order the same thing. Grilled Chicken Fajitas with black beans and corn tortillas.  Averages around 450 calories. 

Chipotle:  400-500 calories
Depending on the day {if I’ve worked out and need the extra calories} I will either get a salad {Chicken, black beans, corn, pico, guac, salsa on lettuce} or the bowl {brown rice, black beans, chicken, corn, guac, salsa}

What are some of your favorite healthy dishes when you eat out?

Meet Kimmmmmmyyyyyyy from That's the Thing About Destiny. She’s freaking HISTARICAL, like all the time.

If you don’t follow her on Instagram you are missing out {@kimmyyy1}.  She is about to be old, like Dirty Thrity years old, which I guess isn’t REALLY old considering I’m 32 {and I STILL look younger than friends of mine, you know who you are}  Oh wait, Kimmy, right. She is doing her 30 before 30 this week so stop by and check it out, I’m SURE you will bust out a laugh….or two.

This is Jennifer from Fat Chick to Fit Chick, she is one awesome lady. Look at this transformation!!

What I love about her story is that she not only changed her life, but that of her family. They are in this together and it’s pretty freaking amazing. Make sure to stop by and check out her  Choose Your Hard post, it really hits home!


  1. Thanks for the tips. Awesome as always

  2. Great tips! I love Chipotle, in fact any Mexican food os my fav!

    =) Brooke

  3. When your trying to eat healthy its so hard to eat out. Thank you for the recommendations.I usually try to opt for a salad with a fat free dressing. If I can plan ahead I try to pick out my meal a head of time so I know exactly what the calories are.

  4. Your post rocked my face off, thank you! We never go to Applebees or Chilis or Olive Garden because my husband is all "I like family owned and run places" but having calorie counts means a lot and those family run places are so delish that I have an extra muffin top I can name after them!!!! They can be cheat meals.

  5. Love this post! Eating out can be so hard sometimes!

  6. I love that picture of Madison! Too cute! Thanks for the tips on eating out. This is a really hard one for me and its great to know there are some good options. Another tip I've heard on eating out is to not even look at the menu. Plan what you will eat from the nutrition info on the website and don't open the menu or you'll be tempted. Thanks again lady~!!

  7. This is an awesome post! I love them all but this one really helps in the dining out area!

  8. Eating out is always hard on me.. I've switched to veggies as a side instead of the coveted loaded baked potato and stopped eating three loaves of bread before my meal comes lol baby steps! There are good choices at most places you go to eat, you just have to be able (and willing) to find them.. don't let the big girl inside take the wheel haha


  9. They are building a Panda Express near our new house. So glad to see they carry brown rice and have at least a healthier option. :)

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Thank you so much for this post. I always worry when i go out to eat what i should get and its nice to see you listed alot of what i get.

    amanda from http://abaaweightloss2013.blogspot.com/

  11. I'm writing this down and sticking it in my wallet.

  12. Thanks for this! We usually end up eating out 2 times a week... and I'm always nervous about what I'm going to eat.

  13. Wow I didn't know that about the Subway dressing! The other thing I always worry about when eating out is the sodium. Sometimes there are great low-cal things but they have an INSANE amount of sodium! So I just make sure I drink a ton of water while I eat :)

  14. A go to of mine is Chipotle also. I don't even get the rice anymore. I just load up on the lettuce with peppers/onions, chicken, corn & med salsa...I will add beans if I have a good workout but it is delicious! I also do Subway and I get the ham on wheat with tons of lettuce, banana peppers & the sweet onion sauce. Only 290 cals and under 5 grams of fat.

    Love from,

  15. I usually check dishes on my fitness pal when I'm out and about. If all else fails I go for a nice salad with dressing on the side just in case. Thanks for the tip though. There's a new Panda Express near work so now I know what to try in a pinch.

  16. I'm obsessed with Wendy's Baja salad. It's chili on salad. I sort of ordered it by mistake, thinking it was just a southwest style salad, and when they gave me the chili, I was like "what? Chili ON salad?????" but it is soooooo good.

  17. Chick-Fil-A offers grilled nuggets with a fruit cup on the side, good stuff!

  18. I swear I need to print out a picture of you and tape it inside my car! Out this morning running around doing errands for hours when I'm getting light headed and realize I have not eaten anything......So I stop and pick up food....I'm NOT even going to say what I got cuz it was B-A-D! I NEED to think 'what would Skinny Meg do?'
    That is one think I lack....will power! I really need to try harder!!!! Thanks for the eat out ideas, I've heard good things about Panda.

  19. Great post! It's always helpful to know good things to eat out. I'm the freak at the table with my phone checking calorie counts if I don't plan ahead. Another good one at Friday's is the Dragonfire salmon! So yummy if you like fish.

  20. I love chipotle!! Thanks for the tips! I have been traveling a lot too and it's so hard to eat right!


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