Recap and What's to Come

Happy Monday Morning! 
I've been without internet all freaking weekend, I had to hightail it out of the house this morning to Starbucks to get a post up.
My week just would not start off right without y'all :)

Saturday started off with the usual.

I busted out 3 miles on the dreadmill before step/turbo class. I'm telling y'all I HATE the treadmill, 3 miles is pretty much my limit. I ended up burning 1030 calories in 90 minutes, not to shabby!

After I had a birthday party to go to at a bounce place.

We are a tad obsessed with Hello Kitty, I blame Target.
Oliver and I of course had to battle it out.

Those things are heavier than they look!

He kicked me ass, in fact he NEVER lets me win. Geez.

I was so good and turned down pizza AND cake, I will say it was ROUGH. I was hungry and I had just kicked ass at the gym so it's hard to not 'reward' yourself.
I chewed on my gum and held some random baby to distract myself :)
Good thing Brandi and I were meeting up after and she cooked me a nice clean lunch.

She gifted me this super cute shirt for helping with her bathroom, how sweet is that??
You can buy them from Sun Dog Shirts and use coupon code MAMAFIT621 through June 21st for 25% off your purchase price and 25% off shipping!

Soccer Sunday was rained out, but I was secretly happy about it. See Holly is coming for Blissdom in 2 weeks and she's running her first half marathon soon after, well I told her we were going to do a nice looooong run while she was here. I've been slacking on the running, I just don't prefer to run in the dark when I can go to the gym. I've been worried that if I don't use it I would lose it.
Obviously I had to bust out some miles to make sure I still had it :)

I did 12, wishing when they actually SAID it was going to be sunny and 70 it would be. 
No, it was in the 40's and freaking WINDY. I hate running in wind, but I did it.

Then Miss M wanted to run, how can I say no to that cute face??

We are both sporting our Three Birds Nest headbands, we did about a half mile before I made her go in because it was too cold.

Poor thing has been on some super strong antibiotics for about 6 weeks now trying to fight off her ear infections. 
4 days after stopping she's already complaining her ears hurt so next stop is to get some tubes. Thanks to those of you who recommended a chiropractor, but Oliver doesn't want to do that so I lost that battle.
I'll just be glad to not hear her chocking on snot all night.

I've had a lot of requests for my workout schedule so I'll be updating pretty much daily on what I'm doing to get my sweat in that day. Thankfully today is my rest day, my legs are a little stiff from my run yesterday.

Cleanse day 8, which means we are almost done! I'm feeling really good and I'll be letting you know which products I plan on continuing with, I also went ahead and signed up to be a distributor so if you want to continue with me just send me an email at skinnymeg@ymail.com and I'll get the information to you.



  1. Awww I hope Miss M gets to feeling better snap snap! I don't know how you could a long run like that then not want to eat everything in sight. Anything above 8 miles and I want to eat my arm off. I agree with the gum- awesome distraction! Hope you have a great week!

  2. Way to kill it this weekend!!! Yeah I'm not a big fan of running in the dark...you know that whole feeling like someone is going to attack you...so I've willed myself to be a treadmill runner at least during the week! Your daughter is adorable!! I hope she is feeling better soon!!

  3. Sounds like you had an awsome weekend!!! I think I'm going to try the cleanse in April after Easter and I want to try that spark stuff everyone's talking about. Have a great day girl!

  4. After my daughter battling ear infections for the first 2.5 years of her life, she got tubes and has had ZERO problems since then. The last six months has been great and the surgery wasn't hard on her at all either. Good luck to Miss M if that is the route you go!!!

  5. Your daughter is so darn cute!! My son loves watching her on Keek!

    Rock on with your 12 miles!!

  6. Can you ask Brandi where she got her Jeans? Love! :)
    Erincyoung (at)yahoo.com

  7. Hope your little sickie feels better soon! Those cute pics make me smile, even if she's feeling under the weather poor thing!

  8. I bet you will notice a HUGE difference after the tubes. My little guy had awful chronic ear infections, tubes in before age 1, then when those fell out we were back to square 1 with near constant infections during cold season, more than once he actually ruptured his ear drum and it felt like he was sick ALL THE TIME. Finally got his second set of tubes in, also took his adenoids and his tonsils and he was like a totally different child after that. Good luck!!!

  9. She's just too cute, I can't handle it.

  10. Hi there!!! I WISH I were the gal who loved working out! It's so UGH to me but I 'try'....& I loosely use the word 'try'!

    Have an awesome day!


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  12. I apologize if this suggestion is redundant. My son had chronic ear infections until we figured out he was allergic to dairy. Once we cut out all dairy (including whey and casein which are hidden in everything!) he has not had a single ear infection.

  13. Ok. Love reading your blog. Seriously. Making my snow day better when I got to read it.

    Question...are you really wearing TWO sports bras? I'm wondering because I have big girls myself and have often thought about doing that but never have.

    Thanks for making my day! :-)

  14. Had to share that Brady Bands have changed my life. I was a total sceptic but they are amazing!


  15. LOL at the "battle" picture! Glad to know my husband isn't the only one who never lets me win at those things.

    I hate that M has to get tubes, but hoping it will be a life changer for her.

  16. Girl, you always look so cute at the gym! I don't know how you do it.

  17. I am trying to get back into running but I have to run on the treadmill. Sucks I know but I have to woke out around my husbands schedule ad it's either really late at night or extremely early in the morning and I don't feel comfortably running by myself in the dark. Keep up the good work. Your so motivating.

  18. Seguo con piacere il tuo bellissimo blog, i tuoi cambiamenti e la tua vita... è tutto meraviglioso!

  19. Cute shirt! Mama Laughlin says you guys are both mediums. But do you know if she ordered mediums in the men's or women's style? The pink comes in both versions?! :P



  20. I absolutely love that photo of you and Madison! You must be so excited that she wants to go running with you...such a good example! Not sitting on the couch being grumpy...out running and smiling! Way to be, SkinnyMeg!

  21. I absolutely love that photo of you and Madison! You must be so excited that she wants to go running with you...such a good example! Not sitting on the couch being grumpy...out running and smiling! Way to be, SkinnyMeg!

  22. Now you know I have to comment about you running outside in 40 degrees and WIND...so all I have to say is this...I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!! WAY TO GO!!!!

  23. Love the shirt. I saw Mama's post on Instagram and thought my politically (and gym) obsessed husband would love one of these. I promptly bought him one (a guy's version). He is stoked!


  24. My son was due for tubes, he suffered from ear infections for about 4 years. His doctor decided to put him on flonase and zyrtec daily to see if that would help before going through with surgery. It cleared up whatever remaining fluid he had in his ears and he hasnt had another ear infection since! Good luck!

  25. You and your daughter are so sticking cute! She's a doll! Running 12 miles is awesome! I'm hoping to get to 12 miles by the end of the year :)

  26. So my daughter has also had many ear infections. I had a friend recommend garlic drops. You can buy them at most health food stores (at least here in Utah). Just a couple drops in her ears before bed and a little cotton swab. Seemed to make a difference with her, maybe that could help! Ditto on the diary allergy.

  27. So my daughter has also had problems with multiple ear infections. My friend recommend using garlic drops. You can buy them at most health food stores (at least here in Utah). Just a few drops in the ear before bed and a little cotton swab. Seemed to help her! Good luck! Ditto on the diary allergy!


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