I thought it might be fun for my husband to blog a little today!

This is my better other half.

His name is Oliver and he's pretty lucky his name has come back in fashion :)

He's one great Daddy, Miss Madison is totally a Daddy's girl.

He's very patient with her which is great because I'm the less patient one {yet I'm also the one she's most like personality wise}.

Y'all left me some questions you wanted answered, so here ya go!

1. What do you miss about the  'old' Megan? What do you like about the new one?
I can't say without being crass/ she's more outgoing now.

2. Do you support me working out so much?
I suppose so.

3. What do you do for a living?
Network geek.

4. How do you feel about the healthy dinners I make you eat?
First, you don't make me do anything....second, it's a good thing because I'm a foodie.

5. How do you feel about Madison still sleeping with us?
Doesn't bother me that much when she's ready she'll let us know.

6. What's your favorite thing about being a parent?
When I come home from work and see that huge smile on her face followed by DADDDDDYYY!

7. If we raced who would win?
Anything under a mile, I would destroy her, anything above, yeah she'll beat me.

8. What the one thing they should know about me but don't?
She's a closet slob, you take your clothes off the same way our daughter does!

9. How do you feel about the house decor?
Some of it makes me nauseous like that ridiculous deer, but some I can handle things like the chevrons. It's not a battle I think is worth fighting.

10. Do you like me working full time?

11. Does the fact that I have loose skin bother you?
Uh, wtf kind of a question is that, she's the mother of my child!

12. What first attracted you to Megan?
She had big boobs and blonde hair.

13. Do you workout? Does Megan's weight loss motivate you?
Yeah, i work out, start to look good, then go on vacation and fall off the wagon so far, the wagon is a dot to me... oh and does she motivate me, not really.

14. What does he love most about you?
Megan is making me answer this....everything...

Fun Facts about us:

We met in a bar, I was the bartender, he liked blonde's with boobs. {yeah I wrote this BEFORE he answered the above question!}
We dated for 7 years before we got married.
He's an only child who married into a family with four kids. It's took some adjustment!
Our first date was to go see 'Bedazzled'. Ewww. Good thing he drove a nice car :)
He loves to fish. I do not.
We both love to vacation on a beach drinking adult beverages.
I'm totes jealous of his tan, it's the Indian in him. I have to pay for mine.


Overall I'd say he could care less if I was skinny! haha!
Good thing I got skinny for me, but he has taken better care of himself since I started to do the same.
I don't force him to eat healthy, he just eats what I cook because its good and he doesn't want to cook! He can fall pretty hard off the diet wagon and I have to reel him in just a bit, generally he knows its for his own good.

He's always been supportive of me whether it's been with going back to school, losing weight, or running races. 
He does NOT want me to be a stay at home Mom, he prefers two incomes. {As do I} BUT he supported our family for 4 years while I went back to school.

I'm one lucky gal!


  1. I love this! Oliver is not bad on the eyes either-- ow ow!

    And I LOVE that he didn't sugar coat anything. You lucked out, Meg. :)

    1. Oh my god. This was me logged in under Chris. Hahahaha

  2. Love it! Ya'll are sweet!!!

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  4. I am trying to decide what answer I love better... #11 or #12! Ha! Sounds like you've got a good one! Congrats on your happy marriage and beautiful daughter!

  5. I love how honest he was! And I so wish my husband could take some notes on these answers. Especially number 5 (about your daughter sleeping with you). And his answer to number 11 is just perfect.

  6. You guys seem like a good fit. It's good to have a husband who supports you with everything- mines the same :)


  7. You guys seem like a good fit. It's good to have a husband who supports you with everything- mines the same :)


  8. Completely hilarious! It's so nice that he's supportive of you. My hubs still makes funny faces at all the healthy food I make.

  9. This is really sweet, Oliver did a good job. You are very lucky. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I like that he said he can handle "the chevrons," that cracks me up!

  11. YAY! Thanks for being a good sport Oliver! :)

  12. This was a great idea! I loved reading Oliver's answers. Why the heck were you awake at 2:30am??

  13. Love this post!

    And love that picture of him drinking from the coconut!

  14. I loved this post! So genuine and real- as always! Hope you're having an awesome week pretty lady!

  15. Madison looks so much like him! I love that you both said "big boobs, and blonde hair" Love this post! :)

  16. I'm LMAO at that shirt! Although I haven't seen you in forever (Oliver)that totally sounds like something you would say! Nice blog!

  17. I seriously think this is the cutest post ever!!! I lov reading your blog..keep it up!!

  18. I seriously live this post!! Cute idea. You motivate me, I love your blog. Keep it up girly!!

  19. His answers cracked me up but my favorite was his answer to you having loose skin. I think we as women tend to beat ourselves about things like that when it's really not necessary because our husbands (if they are the guy for us) will love us for who we are!

  20. I have been following your blog for a while now, but this will be my first comment. I loved this post! You guys are adorable and it's so great to see that you have such a great support system!! Keep up the good work! I wish I was half as awesome as you are when it comes to working out!

  21. Great post. Loved it. Thanks for sharing.

  22. I love this post!! It's evident that your hubby loves you very much and is super supportive. Thank you for sharing! :)

  23. Aww! I hope I find one like your hubby! And I'm jealous of his tan as well :/ I guess I'll buy one as well.

  24. You are one lucky lady!! It's awesome to have the support of our hubby's!!!

  25. Mine and my husband's anni is 8/5/06. :)

  26. I seriously love this post!! Brilliant to hear from the hubs. You are so motivating. I LOVE your blog, keep up the good work!

  27. This question & answer is AWESOME! What a great husband/dad/MAN!!
    11. Does the fact that I have loose skin bother you?
    Uh, wtf kind of a question is that, she's the mother of my child!

  28. That part about the deer cracked me up in class today! love it! and it is not ridiculous!

  29. You guys got it going on and make an awesome fun loving couple! As always thanks for sharing :)

  30. Random but I read your blog and never comment. You crack me up though, and we have the same wedding anniversary!

  31. I love love love this post. So cute!

  32. Love!! And I just discovered y'all got married about a month after the hubs and I. I too am jealous of his tan- he's mexican and I'm white...no really, I AM WHIIIIIITE!

  33. Loved the post! Totally love the closet slob! I am soo the same way and my love can not even be in the same room when I am getting ready! lol Its nice to have the support of your other half!!

  34. Ahhh - such a sweet hubby! This is great to read. Skinny Meg, you did good :)

  35. 11. Does the fact that I have loose skin bother you?Uh, wtf kind of a question is that, she's the mother of my child!

    Perfect answer. Yall are lucky to have each other and your wedding pic is beautiful! !!!!


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