Muffin Top Workout and Day 10

Day 10! Let’s all rejoice and eat a freaking hamburger.
With fries.
 No?? haha I kid, I kid. While I do miss some of my foods I’m not ready to give up all my hard work just yet.

I gotta tell you I'm feeling pretttty damn good about myself. Hard choices pay off.
This amazingly cute dress is jersey fabric WHICH I ADORE and it's from Charly and Company.

So, what’s next?
I’ve decided to continue on the with 24 Day Challenge, which means I’ll be taking the 2 week supply of supplements in the MNS Max 3. I choose the Max 3 because it’s geared toward weight control.
Each strip pack includes probiotics, appetite control, energy, core nutrition, omega 3’s, and more. MNS Max 3 maximizes the results of a healthy nutrition and fitness regimen.
It’s not the same as the 10 day because the eating restrictions have been lifted for the most part, but don’t pick up that cupcake just yet!  Just continue with your clean eating while taking the supplements.
If you would like more info email me at skinnymeg@ymail.com
Tomorrow I will update with my thoughts and stats.

Have I told y’all that I’m having a big birthday party and you are all invited?

Saturday night after Blissdom we were planning a blogger meet up, but then Becca from Kiki La Rue found out it was my birthday and her and Mama are throwing me a bash!
It might be my best bday ever. Just sayin.
That is if anyone shows up, haha. Otherwise I’m going to look super lame.

Workout Summary for the day.

5am spin with Mere.

Dude. I look crazy when I workout, haha.
At least I realized my boob was hanging out before we started.

Then we did some weights and stuff.

Reverse Lunge with overhead raise.

Side walking lunges. Lunge like this then bring your straight leg in as you move. Then do some mountain climbers and go back the other way.

70 minute workout
Calorie burn: 550

I had a request for some moves to banish the muffin top so here’s short video demoing the moves.
You know the drill 40 seconds on 20 off 4 times.

Happy Hump Day!



  1. Your a machine and I love ya... I can't wait to hear all about the b-day party - WOOT!

  2. Love that dress, so cute! You look great!

  3. Very pretty dress! The boob hangout cracked me up...I'm always having to make sure those things are tamed when I'm at the gym :)

  4. When is your Birfday?? Mine is the 30th! If I was going to blissdom, I would come to your party fo sho! And Id drink enough for the both of us, since you know, you cant on your cleanse!

  5. super cute dress!!!! Thanks so much for the muffin top tutorial video. I'm going to work on that. :)

  6. Thanks for demonstrating!! Gonna try this after my run this morning:) Happy Wednesday!

  7. Love your dress!! Super cute!

  8. Thank you for sharing the Muffin top exercises. My waist is my trouble spot. Ugh!!!

  9. Thanks for the great muffin top video!
    Me Gusta!

  10. You and Mama L are killing me by not telling how much weight y'all lost! LOL! Good job though and you are a beast at the gym :)

  11. DAAAYUM girl, you look awesome!

    Omg making us all jealous of that bday par-tay! I request a live stream haha! i'll have a martini in honor of you ;)

  12. Okay Meg... you look ROCKIN' in that dress!
    What a hottie!
    I can't wait to look that great!

  13. I am hoping to come to your party at Blissdom!! I'm excited to meet you!

  14. So sad I can't come to the birthday party! I'm sure it will be a great time, filled with fun ass women. DAMN.

  15. Love! Love! Love! That dress!!!


  16. LOL, that boob pic is hilarious! And I love that dress - you look so skinny! Good luck on moving on with the 24 day challenge. :)

  17. I wish I could work out with you! You rock!

  18. Super cute dress and I wish I could come down to Dallas for your birthday. I have a feeling it will be an epic party!

  19. Boob hanging out! ha! you're so funny! Love that you laugh about those things instead of going oh-poor-me about them (or worse, hide the whole stuff and pretend to be perfect). Puts things into perspective for us reading too. Thanks!

  20. Megan!
    You look amazing in that dress! I also love your hair!

    Awesome work lady!!!

    Also can you please tell me where you take your pictures every morning? Is that your bathroom? To me it looks like a mini dressing room! I was just curious, I don't mean to be all stalker-ish but it looks like a dressing room!

    PS~Your legs look so strong in your video! Whoo hoo!!

  21. I LOVE THAT DRESS!!! and those muffin top moves look a weeee bit intense for me haha do you ever use the ab benches or do you feel like they're doing all the work for you and it won't do any good?

  22. you are the cutest thing ever! love the viedo!!!!

  23. Great video! I just did it & I was burning but feeling good! Thanks!!

  24. Well, I would love to go to your bday bash, but since I have that stupid half the next morning-partying might not be the best idea :) Looking awesome as always and don't be surprised if you see me in a similar dress!

  25. I can't see the video :( Always love the workout moves you and Mama give. I have to say the crazy crunch has me so sore but hey bye bye back fat! lol!

  26. Can you tell me more about how your eating restrictions have been lifted during days 11-24? If I can have dairy and cheese again I am all for it!!

  27. Omg I love that dress!! Can't wait to read about your results! I failed miserably! I think I was trying to take on to much in my life! I'd like to give it another try!
    Brooklyn- browneyedgem.com

  28. you should feel super proud, you look gorgeous! and love the face when you realized the boob, lol.

  29. You look amazing in that dress! Soooo skinny!

  30. LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress and you look super!! Your legs are smokin' in that pic to. Great job now I need to get my fat-ass to the gym so I can get "it" back =)

  31. LOVE that dress and color on you!!!

  32. That chevron dress is so cute!
    Happy Birthday!

  33. Love reading your blog Meg. You crack me up, literally make me laugh out loud! Love that dress on u, you go girl!!!

  34. Love reading your blog Meg. You crackme up, literally make me laugh out loud! You look great in that dress, u go girl!!!!

  35. Hey Meg! I've been watching the leeks posted from yourself, mama laughlin, & Mel. They're great & I just ordered my cleanse.

    The last move you demonstrated, will that also work out the bra strap/back fat area?

  36. Great job with the cleanse! I would love info on how to get started... but do you happen to know if it is safe to do while breastfeeding? I've been doing a pretty good job of dropping the pounds without affecting my milk supply so I wouldn't want to ruin things now.... thanks!


  37. I just want you to know that I found your blog maybe a month ago and you inspire me. I have used some of your moves from your videos in my fitness classes that I teach:). Keep up the hard work!

  38. Super cute dress! Have you checed out giddy up glamour? They have really cute things, too! :) If I wasn't so freakin' far away (like South Carolina!!!) I would be bustin' up in the par-tay, fo' sho!! Have a great one, and you and Mama Laughlin gotta keek alot, during the party!!!! lol

  39. Can I just say you look awesome and SOOOO tiny in that dress!!!!! I found you through Mama Laughlin and I love being able to follow both of you! Your inspiring me to eat cleaner and she's inspiring me to run my first half marathon :-)


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