First Interview

I did my very first interview with Heather from Half Size Me, I will admit I was nervous.
I'm not a great public speaker, there tend to be a lot of ummms and nervous laughter.
Plus I was worried I would say something inappropriate, I never realized how many wrong things come out of my mouth until I had a toddler.

"Come on people, move it!"
"Well, shit."
"Hey Keekers, soooooo"
"You are getting all my nerves" {directed to the husband not the kid}

Those kids repeat EVERYTHING.
Anyways I think my podcast interview went really well, probably because Heather is a great interviewer, and if you would like to listen click here.

I also wanted to introduce you to someone awesome, this is Courtney from Journey of a Dreamer.

First I will tell you it takes some freaking GUTS to post before pics of yourself, trust me. Second she is a runner, but is now a BELIEVER of lifting HEAVY. She's CrossFitting her way to her goals and I'm loving it {plus I'm a little jealous I totes want to CrossFit} She has the most adorable family and I was so inspired reading her blog so make sure you hop on over and be sure to enter her Sparkly Soul Headband Giveaway!

I also have a few spot left for April Sponsors, if you are interested email me at skinnymeg@ymail.com
Don't forget to enter the giveaway for Rodan & Fields, it's almost over!


  1. You did great Megan! I like to be reminded that it took you a couple years to get all the weight off because when you are on the outside looking in, it seems like it barely took you any time.

  2. I am DYING to do crossfit too!!!

  3. Loved your interview and you made me cry at work!

  4. Omg you are going to make me cry in this interview....I BIG HEART you!!!!


  5. Skinny Meg~
    First I wanted to say that I love your blog. I stumbled across your blog and Mama Laughlin’s blog not to lone ago and since I have started reading both your blog’s and realize I need to get up off my couch and MOVE.. if I want to lose weight. So a HUGE thank you for being such a great inspiration. YOU are awesome!!
    With that being said. I have done a couple cross fit classes and I think that you would love them!!

  6. Thanks for sharing my story!! Can't wait to listen to your interview! You're a rockstar!

  7. Great podcast! You have such a cute voice!

  8. Loved your interview! You truly are amazing!!!


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