Eating and Working Out....Shocker

Day 1 of my cleanse went well thanks to proper planning.

I took a variety of food to work including my big ass salad.
{Lettuce, Rotisserie Chicken, corn, black beans, grape tomatos, onions, red bell peppers}
I used Walden Farms Chipotle Ranch Dressing, I really liked it and it contains no calories, sugar, or carbs. I've tried the regular ranch by them and didn't like it, but this one was not bad!

I also took raw, salt free nuts.
Grapes and strawberries, a banana, and 2 cuties.
All Natural Sweet Potato Chips {Sprouts}

I will say I kinda felt like throwing up after snacking on fruit all day. Tomorrow I need to get some hummus because I'm pretty sure I can't do fruit all day again.

Dinner was something new, Clean Eating Chili Mac.

I used Brown Rice Pasta and it was pretty tasty, probably more so if I had added the cheese.
Super EASY which means I'll be making it a LOT.

I didn't hit the gym yesterday, Monday's are my rest days, but I'm not planning on skipping or cutting back during the cleanse. I've been asked that a few times and I'm not sure WHY you would cut back??
I'm still eating enough and have plenty of energy. 
Yes I am still drinking coffee, I have no intention of ever giving it up, I love my  caffeine :)

My awesome Advocare girl Kristen started a Facebook page for us cleansers, if you want an invite leave your email and I'll get it to her. It's great for connecting and sharing ideas and recipes!

I made an arm and leg video for y'all.
I suggest 15 minutes of cardio followed by the leg workout, then 15 minutes cardio followed by the arms.
That will give you a nice hour workout!

Each move should be done for 40 seconds then rest for 20 repeated for 4 minutes.

Sorry it's a little out of focus, that's what happens when I'm all by my lonesome at the gym.
Which is rare. I like company.

I've also put together a media kit for sponsors, I've had some emails asking if I was planning on taking sponsors, so I guess the answer is yes :)

If you'd like to sponsor this little ole blog then send me an email at skinnymeg@ymail.com

I've also got the headers working at the top, thanks to my awesome web guy, so if you're looking for answers you can probably find them there.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Would love to be added to the Facebook page. Heather Myers Marlow.

  2. Look how skinny your legs are getting. You sure have TONS of motivation. I am going to start posting my pictures soon. Not comfortable enough yet to let people see my true fat self underneath my clothes. lol

  3. Morning! I would like to join the advocare FB group. kristin.twistofdazzle@gmail.com

  4. Morning! I would love to join the Advocare FB group with Kristen. kristin.twistofdazzle@gmail.com

  5. Keep up the good work! My email to be added to the facebook page is ashley.meyer3@yahoo.com

  6. I can't wait to try Clean Eating Chili Mac! My fiance LOVES hamburger helper and I refuse to make it, so this will be an awesome compromise :) Good job on your meal prep! I spend alll day sunday prepping! So annoying, yet, so helpful :)

  7. The chili mac looks yummy and thanks for the video!! love them and use them alot!

  8. I would love an invite jsangel_1@hotmail.com

    Thanks for doing the whole cleanse link up =)

  9. Brown Rice Pasta?! You have my attention! Looking good as awlays lady!

  10. Megs, you are awesome! Thank you for sharing the pictures of what you took the first day of the cleanse, please keep them coming! I thought I was going to gag when I did my cleanse yesterday morning, ugh! This morning I still gagged but it was a little more tolerable! I'm excited to see the end result :) Thanks for inviting us all to join you and Mama L!

    I would love to be added to the facebook page for ideas... I think it will be much easier to see what everyone else is doing, especially since this is my first attempt :) My email addy is: jst4melissa@gmail.com

    Thanks for sharing all your wisdom in what has and has not worked for you! It is a bigger blessing than you can imagine :)

  11. I would like to be added to the FB cleanse page!! :)

  12. I just wanted to say thank you. I appreciate all the work you put into your blog. I LOVE reading it and I love following you on IG. You and Mama Laughlin are so fun to follow, but at the same I am learning so much and have used a lot of the tools that you gals use. I love all the new recipes. SO THANK YOU!!! I know it takes A LOT of time to keep up with your blog, so I just want you to know that I appreciate it and I know so many others do too!! Have a good day!!

  13. I'd love to have access to Kristen's FB page for the cleanse.



  14. I would love to be added to the facebook group - angeljessie54@yahoo.com is the email connected to my facebook


  15. Love the post!! I am with you, I will NOT give up my coffee, I just drink it with almond milk, instead of fat free half & half, for the cleanse. I am not letting up on my workouts either. I am with you, why??? I feel great so I am gonna keep on trucking! :)

  16. Can you add me to the Facebook advocare cleanse page please? Email: carriereid24@yahoo.com

    How often do you recommend doing the arm workout? Could you do it after a run?

    Love your blog!

  17. I'd love an invite! Thanks for the opportunity! Kck182 at comcast dot net.

  18. Thanks for the opportunity! I'd love an invite 😃kck182 at comcast dot com

  19. Lunge, up, lift looks like a real cardio boost! I'll have to give that a try tomorrow morning. Thanks for sharing!

    I also did a post on the Advocare Fiber Drink from the cleanse..and why people should just suck it up and drink it! Check it out maybe? :) http://www.carpethesangria.com/2013/03/what-is-in-that-fiber-drink.html

  20. Hi there meg.. This is kind of off topic (I also asked mamalaughlin) but what are your thoughts on green smoothies? I'm new to this cleaner style of eating and I'm assuming these are a good place to start. Should they be used as a "meal replacement"? I've been doing the 30 day shred and using myfitnesspal but I haven't seen anything change. It's only been about a month but I had hoped to see something, read: anything!!. Any words or advice for a discouraged fatty? (hopefully soon to be former fatty). If you have a free moment (super mom/woman) please email me back at charitylhughes at gmail dot com.. Thanks for being you which also happens to be totally badass!

  21. You look SO strong and healthy! I LOVE IT! :)
    Keep up the great work! Love those BodyPump lunges too!

  22. During the cleanse, are you eating a snack before bed? What is it? I need to break up with peanut butter!

  23. yay!!!!!!!!!!! (a hundred million exclamation points) for a new video!!!! I love seeing what you do in the gym, it gives me new moves to try out and does a lot for my motivation! Thanks for being my fitness guru!!

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Ok maybe it works this time lol. Do you have your workout written down like how many reps and sets you do? I never know what to do at the gym and why I stick with body pump. Since Jeremy works out at work I always go alone, and pretty much have no clue what to do

  27. WOW you amaze me daily! Love the video! I'm on my journey...I've feel off the bandwagon before but I've hopped back on now!
    jyttrie@regellen.com (I'd like in on the facebook cleanse group)

  28. I can't hold my appetite. OMG!! Brown Rice Pasta .. I like that food very much.I would love an invitation.

    fashion search engine

  29. Love love your blog!
    I did those squats and leg kicks/the shoulder raises and tricep pushes at the gym and didn't even care I was around all those super buffed out men. I showed them what I had!

  30. This post was such a motivation to me! I have a super complicated work day, so this really helped me figure out the best way to plan my meals. I'm a hospital nurse who only works 3 days a week, but the catch is I am usually there about 13 hours a shift. Thanks again for the motivation! :)

  31. I know you've finished the cleanse but I think the group and the posts on there would help me as I plan to do it myself later this month... can you invite me? meagan2t@gmail.com

    Plus I have kinda noticed a lightening up of language on the site and I really appreciate it! Thanks!

  32. I would like to be included in the cleanse group page! Kelly Houtz kellyhoutz00@gmail.com

    THANKS :)


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