Bad Choices Weekend

It's official, I'm too old to drink.
haha. I keep thinking I'm 22 and can hang with the big kids, but I can't. 
I require food and sleep.

Saturday was Dallas' big St. Patricks Day Festival.
Basically people wear green and drink. A lot.
oh yeah, they have a 5k before the parade...

Our cute shirts are from Ruffle With Love.

It was a little chilly so I thought I'd wear long sleeves, bad bad idea. I was dying by half a mile!
I finished in 26:33
Not bad, but not a PR. 5k's are weird, I feel like I'm just getting in my groove by mile 3 and then it's over.

After that we stayed and waited for the parade to start. 
What we SHOULD of done is eat, but we didn't.

I really didn't drink that much, but it hit me hard.
Like I had to inhale a burger and fries after.
Then I pretty much felt like crap for the rest of day, that burger is never worth it.
I ended up skipping any dinner and just went to bed at 8:30.

Saturday me and the cutie slept in until 8:30, I'm pretty sure I can't remember the last time I laid in bed past 7 and even that is rare.

I was texting my husband from bed, but obviously he WAS NOT in the mood to cook for me.
He's too old to drink too.

So Miss M and I went out for girl time, she loves to cheers with our cups :)
I had a veggie omelet and she pretty much just ate turkey bacon. 
That kid loves bacon!

Talked Oliver out of the house to come watch me play soccer.
Miss M went to see Mimi and Papa, but she can't hang either.

She slept through Michaels, being put in and out of the car twice and dinner at Red Robin.
I had a turkey burger.

 I did NOT eat this.

Overall I'm feeling not great about my food choices this weekend and it showed at the gym.
I pretty much kicked my own butt this morning, but there's nothing to do but get back on it.
I'm looking forward to my spaghetti squash lunch!

Made sure to wear something I feel skinny in today, it helps me feel better!



  1. I made some bad food choices this weekend as well, but told myself it's a new day and week! Starting out fresh today. I did still see a slight smaller number on the scale today, which is way better than a gain! :) Have a great week! Love your outfit. Super cute.

  2. Love that outfit today and I agree - I CAN'T HANG even if I make myself. LOL

  3. Gah, I totally feel you. I'm going to try to kill it at the gym today! Nice pictures. Oh and I about died watching all your Keeks the other night

  4. I luv that you are so brutally honest and real... Glad you a great weekend over all...

  5. Great job on the 5k... and I feel the same way when I drink too. Damn 30's!

  6. I feel you on the too old to drink. I had the same experience with St. Pattys day. Feeling bad just is not worth it to me! Looking cute today lady!

  7. I ate badly this weekend also!! Also, your outfit is adorable!!

  8. I'm curious what your PR for a 5K is if you knocked this one out in 26:33? You're a kickass motivator...after seeing your time, it helped give me an extra push to run faster and harder.

    Miss M is so stinkin' cute - I remember the days when I was small enough to fit in the cart at the store...oh to be young again!

    I love your outfit of the day...something I'm afraid this body of mine could never pull off!

  9. Don't beat yourself up about the food choices. You & Mama L have been such an inspiration to me. For over a week now I've been working out between 80 & 90 minutes each day & have been doing WW for about a month. I have actually discoverd how much I love lifting weights!! Who would have thought the woman who HATED to exercise would like lifting weights so much! Thank you for your inspiration & for all the work you put into your blog!!

  10. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend lovey dovey!!!!!

    Have I told you lately that you're absolutely gorgeous?!

    Just wanna hug you..... :) xo!

  11. I also ran a 5K this weekend. My first!! Eeek! I think we should do another recipe link up. I need more options again.
    Brooklyn- browneyedgem.com

  12. I had a rough weekend as well. Went out with my inlaws drinking on Saturday and had to be up at the butt crack of dawn on Sunday.

    Getting old sucks!

  13. i LOVE your outfit today, you look super cute in it!!!

  14. Love that skirt! Where is it from?

  15. I love you!!!!! You are always so real & it's awesome!!! I died reading your text with your hubs!! Looks like a great time was had by all : )

  16. The skirt is super cute. You look great!

    I did not celebrate St.Patty's Day on purpose, but I managed to drink entirely too much Saturday evening anyhow. Definitely showed up on the scale this morning.

  17. I made bad choices this weekend too. It must've just been one of those weekends, ha!

  18. Way to go. My husband eating dessert in front of me would just be torture. I have very little self control when it comes to sweets.


  19. That outfit is completely fab! And you look amazing in it.

  20. I love that outfit! You look tiny!

  21. I think it was the weekend of bad choices all around! But like you said, back to it today and hitting it hard! Love that skirt!

  22. Hey Meg!

    I have actually been following your blog for over a year now as I had a blog of my own that I kept up with during my pregnancy and my son's first year of life. I have since retired that blog but haven't stopped blogging completely.

    I have teamed up with my fabulous sister to blog about our journey to find our inner fitness freaks (just like you and Brandi have done for so many).

    Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to keep us all motivated and entertained. I am determined to get some bad ass arms and legs like yours by the end of the summer!

    Keep on keepin' on girl...and best wishes to you, your husband, and Madison on adding to your family soon. I have been praying for you.

    -Bevin Lewis
    (come check us out sometime...we're just getting started but excited to see where we can go).

  23. I feel ya on not being able to par-tay like I used to. What the heck happened to us!? Lol.

  24. I'm right there with you. We partied like college kids this weekend and I ended up with a 1/2 lb cheeseburger sandwiched between two bacon grilled cheese. Mouth watering, but totally regrettable!

  25. That was great timing on the run! By the way, I love your outfit!


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