Back Fat Blaster {Video}

I have a quick back workout for y'all, this will target that pesky bra area.
You big boobies girls know what I'm talkin' about :)

This is fast and can be done at home, all you need is a 5/8 pound weight and a step. If you workout at home I totes recommend getting a step, there are lots of exercises you can do with them!

The video demonstrates the moves.

It's nice and warmish here to today, so I have my guns out and blazing.

Floral top is Kiki La Rue Skinnies are Target.

And I'm having a slight freak out that this one is turning 4 next week.
Eek, I miss my little baby!

Hope you all have a fabulous Easter weekend, wish I was off today like everyone else! 
I KNEW I should have been a teacher.....except I really don't like kids. haha. 



More than being Skinny

Weight loss for me has been more than shedding pounds. I've shed fear and self doubt. It's been more than a journey on a scale, I've actually discovered myself. I feel like I'm who I should be now and not just because I fit into a size 6.

Weight gain for me has been mostly emotional. The first time I really remember feeling 'fat' was in high school, my parents had just uprooted me from a place I loved and all my friends to move from Ohio to Texas. I was pissed, I was scared, I was depressed. I didn't want to leave me friends and I sure in the hell didn't want to go to a new school. To make it even worse we moved from a tiny tiny town to a huge city, I had no place. I used to come home and drown my sorrows in a pan of brownies.
My teenage years were not fun.

Things got slightly better when I was in my mid twenties, I moved in with Oliver and we FINALLY got engaged and married. {That only took 8 years!} Then right around the time I got pregnant with Madison I lost my job. It was pretty devastating, I felt lost and very very unhappy. I didn't really have any close friends and the ones I did have at work I lost touch with, probably because I wanted to stay home and eat. I didn't have a college degree, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, and my days stretched out seeming empty and pointless. So I ate. 

I had to do SOMETHING after Madison was born, I could feel my depression overwhelming me. I can feel myself getting choked up now, I was not the happy new mom. So I went back to school, this was also the time I started working out and trying to lose weight. 

Running saved my sanity. I'll be honest, it's surprising to me that I became a runner, I usually hate being by myself. I'm happiest around other people, but running gave me purpose. I can't tell you how PROUD I felt of myself every time I pushed myself a little further. For those first few semesters of school I would run every morning before class, it gave me that feeling like I could accomplish anything.  The day I had to apply to UTD I was so nervous I went and ran 12 miles before going, my first time ever. 

The healthier I got the more I thought, I can freaking DO this. I can finish school. I can do these seemingly impossible classes. Hello, database anyone?? Ugh.  It wasn't feeling skinny that gave me confidence it was the sense of accomplishment I got from getting healthy. 

I haven't delt with any of my depression issues since I started this journey, yes I've had stresses and problems, but I KNOW that I have the strength to deal with them. That's why even though I'm frustrated with my infertility I don't get depressed about it. 

I know I post a lot of pictures of myself where I'm probably flexing and maybe that seems conceited to you, but I'm just happy. I'm happy with myself, I'm happy with my life, I'm happy with my body however imperfect those things may be. If you can't see the joy in most of my pictures than your completely missing the point. 

I'm grateful I found my way in life, there were times I didn't think I would. I'm grateful that somehow I found the courage to do things I was scared to do. I'm grateful that I continue to make healthy decisions because I want to stay being this Megan. It only took me 30ish years to find her.

It's my party and I'll wear chevron if I want to.



First Interview

I did my very first interview with Heather from Half Size Me, I will admit I was nervous.
I'm not a great public speaker, there tend to be a lot of ummms and nervous laughter.
Plus I was worried I would say something inappropriate, I never realized how many wrong things come out of my mouth until I had a toddler.

"Come on people, move it!"
"Well, shit."
"Hey Keekers, soooooo"
"You are getting all my nerves" {directed to the husband not the kid}

Those kids repeat EVERYTHING.
Anyways I think my podcast interview went really well, probably because Heather is a great interviewer, and if you would like to listen click here.

I also wanted to introduce you to someone awesome, this is Courtney from Journey of a Dreamer.

First I will tell you it takes some freaking GUTS to post before pics of yourself, trust me. Second she is a runner, but is now a BELIEVER of lifting HEAVY. She's CrossFitting her way to her goals and I'm loving it {plus I'm a little jealous I totes want to CrossFit} She has the most adorable family and I was so inspired reading her blog so make sure you hop on over and be sure to enter her Sparkly Soul Headband Giveaway!

I also have a few spot left for April Sponsors, if you are interested email me at skinnymeg@ymail.com
Don't forget to enter the giveaway for Rodan & Fields, it's almost over!


Best Birthday Ever.

2013 will go down in history as the best birthday ever.
I know it was hard to beat when I turned 9 and my Mom threw me a party in the back room of Pizza Hut, I thought that was pretty awesome.....at the time :)

Do you know the best part?

No, not the amazing skinny ritas although those were probably the best I've had.

No, not the amazing Kiki La Rue dress I wore....

It was meeting some of my awesome readers!

I got asked if it was weird to celebrate my birthday with people I've never met, honestly no! I don't know if y'all know this about me, but I'm pretty outgoing and I LOVE meeting new people. Plus I feel like I know y'all we talk more online than I do most days with my husband.

I'm sad I didn't have a picture with everyone who came on my phone, so if you have one of us together could you please send it to me?? 

I even had a push up contest with one of the husbands....you know I won that shit!

There may have been sit ups done in the elevator on the way back.

I'm always fitting in a workout :) haha.

Mama and I have started doing #flexbreaks we just stop whatever we are doing and flex.
Both dresses are Kiki La Rue
I have to say I have the most amazing friends.

It just nice when a group of women can hang out, relax, and have a great time with no drama.

The Glass Cactus is SO MUCH FUN, highly recommended if you live in the Dallas area!

I want to thank Becka, she is freaking amazing.
She's SUCH a hard worker and so generous to throw me an amazing bash!
Plus her husband is pretty freaking adorable :)

I put together a 1 minute montage of the day.
Your welcome.

I had so much fun meeting all of you I think we should do it again in May! I'm thinking somewhere quieter for a brunch? Does that sound like something y'all want to do? Or we could workout, I'm totes up for it, obvi.



BlissDom 2013

Why yes, this is how I introduced myself to people all weekend.
It's just a little awkward when they have no idea what I'm talking about.

It's going to be a rough Monday, the weekend was jam packed and I'm pretty sure I feel like I could sleep all day today.
But I can't, someone has to pay for my shopping habits, haha.

Friday started out early, Holly stayed at Casa SkinnyMeg and obviously we had to hit the gym....at 5am.

Your welcome Holly :)
Miss Madison had a freak out because she wanted to sleep with Holly in her bed, so I guess we now know how to get a toddler out of your bed....the Stanfields need to move to Dallas.

Thank you for the pretties Aunt Holly!

We headed over to BlissDom, which is a blogging conference that was being held at the Gaylord Texan.

This was my first blogging conference and probably my last. It didn't turn out to be what I thought, I imagined leaning new things about blogging and networking with other bloggers. While the speakers they had were great, I came away feeling like I didn't learn anything new. It was more a chance for bloggers to come stay at a nice hotel and hang out with each other, which is fine except for the $400 ticket.
I felt a lot of the women were cliquish and I felt out of place among them, the majority of them being 'Mommy' bloggers and I don't mean the kind that write about their kids.
We even had one group of ladies tell us how 'famous' they were, I'm not even joking. We looked them up and hopefully their 80 Facebook followers agree.
And no gathering of women would be complete without a group of "Mean Girls'.  I just don't understand why so many women have a hard time being supportive of each other, if they feel jealous or competitive then it turns into snark. I heard from someone I don't even know that another Dallas blogger was telling people not to 'talk' to us and I don't even KNOW her.
I've never interacted with her in any way, so that's weird.
Girls and their drama, no thank you.

That's not to say we didn't meet some awesome people.

I may have accosted her in the lobby to find out where she got this cute chevron bag!
Turns out she makes them, pretty sure I'm going to need one!

We also met Kate and yes her hair is just as awesome in person :)

I also got to meet Allison from House of Hepworths, I've followed her forever and she has one amazing DIY blog so if you don't know her hop on over and spend a few hours browsing all her amazing projects.

I also got to meet Stephanie from Food and Fitness 4 Real, she is a Dallas blogger who was super nice, super hot, and a rockstar who went and ran the Rock and Roll Half {in the freezing cold wind!}  Sunday.

The weekend wasn't a waste, hanging out with Mama, Holly, and Becka guarantees a good time.
I laughed so much I think I just mayyyyyy have a 6 pack forming.

Tomorrow I will fill you in on my amazing birthday party Saturday night, complete with video and pictures. You won't want to miss it!


Rodan and Fields Giveaway

I have a great giveaway for y'all today from Rodan and Fields

Rodan & Fields dermatology is a line of anti aging skin care products (prescription based) invented by the doctors who invented proactive. They have 4 main regimens to target certain problem areas 
4 Regimens are:
1. Redefine- for wrinkles, fine lines, dullness, loss of firmness, crows feet, wrinkles on forehead and around your mouth
2. Soothe- for sensitive, red, blotchy, eczema, psoriasis and dry skin 
3. Reverse- sun damage/sun spots, freckles, brown spots, sun damage on our chest
4. Unblemish- for adult acne and acne scars

Then they have a ton of other products for your lips, eyes, hand and all other "skin" problems in general. All products come with a 60 day empty bottle, money back guarantee.

I LOVE a guarantee, nothing worse than being stuck with something you are not happy with!

 You have a chance to win a regimen of choice (160$ value) 
Also, if you sign up on her website as a preferred customer in the month of March and April you will be in a drawing for the anti-age cloths and overnight eye cream, 2 of their top selling products!

 They have a brand new tool called the Macro Exfoliator, which I'm pretttty sure I need for my forehead.

Erin is also looking for people to join her team, if you are interested email me at skinnymeg@ymail.com and I will hook you up with her!


For All My Short Hair Girls

 I'm always getting bored with my hair and changing it. 
I like to grow it out just so I can cut it, I know that sounds weird, but I love it.

My hair is straight and limp so I don't like it long because it just lays flat and I like my hair big.
 I do live in Texas and these girls don't mess around with the volume.

I was over being SO blonde.

So I found a couple pics of things I liked and what I didn't like.

LOVE the dark on the underneath part.

Pretty much the most rockin' bang in the history of fringe.

I'm so confused Drew?? Ombre?? A mistake?? You fell in motor oil?
FYI. Ombre is not for short straight hair girls. You have to have curl to pull it off.

I WISH I had body like this!

I'm over this disconnected cut. I'm also over the drastic A-Line cuts.

So, what did I end up doing?

I added the dark underneath, which I'm freaking LOVING.

I did not want any Kelly Clarkson stripes on the top of my head.

I like it super stacked in the back.

This is as short as I will go until after I have another baby. I get super fat face the moment I pee on a stick so I need my hair at least to my chin.

FYI don't cut your hair while preggo, I felt ugly so I did a major cut and it was not good.
This was grown out towards the end of my pregnancy, love all the chins :) haha.

You know I'm sticking with my fringe for a while {still saving for botox}

The secret to good bangs is COMMITMENT!
You need to just go for it and cut them thick, mine start way back in the middle of my head.

Ok, I will leave with some chevron because y'all know I'm obsessed.

Dress is boutique and necklace is Kiki La Rue.



Weight Training FAQ

Are y’all sick of sweating all over every piece of cardio equipment at the gym and not getting any results on the scale?
Did you know that if you add in just 2 weight training sessions a week you can lose 3% body fat in less than 3 months???
Are you lifting those weights yet? Are you freaking sick of me talking about it??
Haha. I’m on a mission to rid y’all of your fear and get you lifting HEAVY!


  •          Each muscle burns on average 50 calories a day
  •          Fat burns 8.
  •          Cardio burns more in the moment, but lifting keeps the burn going for up to 36                hours later.
  •          Adding muscle WILL raise your metabolism.
  •          The heavier you go the more you burn later {even with less reps!!}
  •     Losing muscle instead of fat when you lose weight can cause you to plateau

1.   How heavy should you go?
 You should be able to complete 3 sets of 12 without compromising your form, yet the last set should be TOUGH.  Like you couldn’t do 13 if someone paid you to.

2.   How often should you lift?
3x a week. I do more, but I also add in different things to my workouts like classes and soccer. Even if I’m sore I power through and usually working out is 
the only way to combat soreness!

These padded grips are awesome! Totally recommend them if you are using weights!

3.   What if I’m still trying to drop a lot of weight?
 This is perfect for you. You are lucky enough to have someone who has been there and done that {me!} tell you that you don’t need to kill yourself running 30 miles a week or spending an hour a day on the boring treadmill. You will not only look better, but your body shape will improve. Carido only will help you drop pounds, but can also cause you to lose muscle which can in turn cause you to plateau with your weight loss.

4.   Do I still need cardio?
 Yes!! Just like a well balanced meal you need a balanced workout. How often depends on how hard you go. The higher the intensity the less you need, maybe 3 sessions a week. For less intensity you are going to have to do more 4 or 5 times a week. Your best bet is to alternate cardio with high bursts of intensity. 
Figure out your Target Heart Rate 206.9-(.67 x age)
Work between 55% of that number for the low end of your cardio and 75% of that for the high intensity bursts

We love to do our own spin class because your heart rate goes up and down several times, mine is at 150 on the low end and 170 on the high.

5.   Doesn’t weight training cause you to gain weight?
No, your muscles can retain some water like stuff in the beginning, but you won't gain weight, the scale may not show losses but your clothes will.
 Does muscle weigh more than fat? Yes and No, I think everyone knows that a pound is a pound no matter what the object is. So a pound of fat weighs the exact same as a pound of muscle, BUT if you grab a handful of fat and a handful of muscle, the muscle is going to weigh more.
It all depends on your perspective.
Muscles make your jeans fit better, that’s all I care about.

Say good bye to the pigtails, I'm chopping it off today! 



Bad Choices Weekend

It's official, I'm too old to drink.
haha. I keep thinking I'm 22 and can hang with the big kids, but I can't. 
I require food and sleep.

Saturday was Dallas' big St. Patricks Day Festival.
Basically people wear green and drink. A lot.
oh yeah, they have a 5k before the parade...

Our cute shirts are from Ruffle With Love.

It was a little chilly so I thought I'd wear long sleeves, bad bad idea. I was dying by half a mile!
I finished in 26:33
Not bad, but not a PR. 5k's are weird, I feel like I'm just getting in my groove by mile 3 and then it's over.

After that we stayed and waited for the parade to start. 
What we SHOULD of done is eat, but we didn't.

I really didn't drink that much, but it hit me hard.
Like I had to inhale a burger and fries after.
Then I pretty much felt like crap for the rest of day, that burger is never worth it.
I ended up skipping any dinner and just went to bed at 8:30.

Saturday me and the cutie slept in until 8:30, I'm pretty sure I can't remember the last time I laid in bed past 7 and even that is rare.

I was texting my husband from bed, but obviously he WAS NOT in the mood to cook for me.
He's too old to drink too.

So Miss M and I went out for girl time, she loves to cheers with our cups :)
I had a veggie omelet and she pretty much just ate turkey bacon. 
That kid loves bacon!

Talked Oliver out of the house to come watch me play soccer.
Miss M went to see Mimi and Papa, but she can't hang either.

She slept through Michaels, being put in and out of the car twice and dinner at Red Robin.
I had a turkey burger.

 I did NOT eat this.

Overall I'm feeling not great about my food choices this weekend and it showed at the gym.
I pretty much kicked my own butt this morning, but there's nothing to do but get back on it.
I'm looking forward to my spaghetti squash lunch!

Made sure to wear something I feel skinny in today, it helps me feel better!



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