We All Love Holly {Guest Post}

If you know her you love her.
And not just because she posts pictures like this on Instagram {@hollystanfield}

She's truly one of those people who everyone wants to be friends with just because she's so damn nice.
and funny.
and cute.
I couldn't be more excited that she's coming to Dallas next month for Blissdom.
She may feel differently when I raid her luggage for unapproved snacks.
Or after I give her a for real SkinnyMeg workout :)

She's training for her first half and I plan to get in AT LEAST 10 miles with her, maybe 11, actually we might as well do 12. Why not?
So if you don't know her now is your chance! You can thank me later.

For all the Baby Mama’s

Hi, I’m Holly. I blog over at Where We Can Live Like Jack and Sally. You might have seen me over on Mama Laughlin’s page… I am kind of the friend that doesn’t go away.  Meg, or as I refer to her as skinnymeg (all one word like it’s completely normal) asked me to guest post for her this morning. I figured that if I said yes that she wouldn’t make my work out so difficult next month when I see her. But since we all know skinnymeg, there is no such thing as an easy work out to the woman.
I’m here today to talk to all the new baby mama’s and the mom’s still pregnant who are worried about blistered nipples and how they are going to shake this weight after birth.
Not to get all raging liberal on ya… but there is hope. Not for the blistered nips… but for weight loss.

My son is turning four this weekend, which has me reminiscing about the time of hell that he was born and plopped on my lap. I say time of hell with a great amount of love because after having an allergic reaction to the epidural and tearing the inside of my asshole, this beautiful butterball of 9 pounds 9 ounces was given to me to keep forever.

This is what I looked like on that day… Ursela looks better than me.

I went into the hospital weighing 220 pounds. When you’re a vegetarian your whole life and you get a 9 month craving for Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches… Don’t eat one every day. And sure as hell don’t dip that shit into mayo and expect not to gain 80 pounds… ‘cause it will happen.
But I am here to bear good advice.
1. Bond with your baby. Those first 6-8 weeks of nursing/sleep deprivation purgatory go by fast. Enjoy the moment. Give your body time to relax.
2. Step up that water game. Flush out the old, girlfriend. No one tells you about the small baby that you deliver at home after birth. Constipation is a bish.
3. Then when you’re feeling good, hit up the gym. But don’t just go there and watch tv in peace like I did for four months. Get a good work out plan in place.
4. Only worry about the next five pounds. Every time I would lose five pounds, I would have a cheat meal. Then back up on the saddle I went.  It made the bigger picture of losing 40+ more doable to me.
Obviously, this is all common sense advice. But it’s really to drive home to point that there isn’t a magic drink, pill, or workout.  Just a good diet and old fashion exercise will get your head and yo mind right.
A month after losing all the baby weight from my son, I got pregnant with my daughter. With her, I only gained half the amount I weight I did with her gargantuan brother.  For me, getting back into that workout schedule, while working full time outside the home, and juggling two babies was difficult. There is a messy pie of guilt and tiredness (mmmm pie). But putting myself first (not to bed first like I wish) has really made me a better mom.
This is proof that any new mom… or new toddler mom who wants her old body back can do it.
Take a Before picture of yourself today. Jot down your weight and measurements. Stock the house with healthy food and make a plan. It’s only February. You can get that hot college bod back this summer.
Cheers to skinnymeg and being one day closer to Friday!


  1. Love love love Holly! She's one of my favorites. Both of you are the BEST :)

  2. I had my son just over 7 months ago. I'm 5 lbs under my pre-baby weight, but I wasn't happy with where I was weight-wise before I got pregnant. So I still have a ways to go. I just started exercising about a month ago (joined a gym and started doing strength and cardio classes) and since then I haven't lost a darn pound. Any tips/advice? I know that weight loss is a process, but it's so hard when the scale stands still for a while when you have a long way to go in the journey... Thanks!

    LOVE your blog. Thanks for sharing your story and positive outlook on life, weight loss, and mommy hood!!

  3. Love me some Holly!! And great advice first thing this morning!

  4. Love the guest post. Definitely don't look like Ursula, but I love reading about your story. You look awesome Hotty Holly.

  5. We do all love Holly! I can't believe I haven't been following you, skinnymeg (as Holly would say) yet. You're now on my blogroll as I've heard you're one hardcore workout chic and we all need sum of that! Glad I popped over!!

  6. I'm terrified to have a baby now- blistered nipples? However, you look phenomenal Holly, so getting the body back after baby is possible!!

  7. Thanks for the reminder Holls, I'm telling you - I CAN DO THIS when this baby is born, I will just need motivation from you and Skinnymeg! :)

  8. love your blog and love Holly! btw, you are both beautiful mothers. May God continue to bless yall! {hugs}

  9. You are so right! If we hit it hard now maybe I can wear shorts when its 100 degrees outside!!!!

  10. I LOVE HOLLY! I secretly stalk her since we live in the same town. Also- great advice on getting back body after baby. She's not only cute, but smart too!

  11. That Ursula pic cracked me up! You look great :)

  12. LOVED this post :)

    Made me laugh at times :)

  13. I needed reminding that it is only February and I shouldn't be destined for yet another summer in an ugly bathing suit.

    Great job, Holly!


  14. "Only worry about the next five pounds".... solid advice that keeps things in perspective :)

  15. That was beautiful Holly! Thank u!! Great advice for someone who will be a new mommy someday.

  16. Holly, you are so dern funny. I can't wait to hug your skinny self soon!

  17. Luuuuuv Holly! Glad to see her post!

  18. Holly...I'd never read your whole story but it's pretty inspiring! Whenever I even think about us having kids, I picture myself carrying around an infant plus a large toddler worth of baby weight and freak out, pushing all ideas of children out of my mind. Makes me grateful to hear stories like yours to know that being a mom doesn't mean you have to be stuck in mom jeans and oversized sweatshirts!

  19. Hahaha! YOU.CRACK.ME.UP! Lezbehonest- you are cute as sh*t! (Well cuter than sh*t) Mama L, Skinnymeg & you are the 3 blogs I follow. Sometimes I check out Hubby Jack cuz I figure if he's married to you he has to be cool. I had my daughter in Feb 2011- weighing in at 198 pounds (130 pre-prego) AND she was almost 6 weeks early. I couldn't really tell you how much I weigh now but it's between 140-150. I will know this weekend because I will be putting out my first blog post. I've had Little Miss Bootyful there for about a month but knew I had to dedicate when I was really ready--- So I will starting my journey from flabulous to fabulous with you hookers!!! Thanks Gals- imma do this!!!

  20. I love how Holly said she is like the friend who doesn't go away, because I feel like I am that person on her blog, bahaha. Great post and sooo true.. As much as we wish for a magical pill it's not there. Hard work and hard work! <3 <3 <3

  21. I love how Holly said she is like the friend who doesn't go away, because I feel like I am that person on her blog, bahaha. Great post and sooo true.. As much as we wish for a magical pill it's not there. Hard work and hard work! <3 <3 <3

  22. I love how Holly said she is like the friend who doesn't go away, because I feel like I am that person on her blog, bahaha. Great post and sooo true.. As much as we wish for a magical pill it's not there. Hard work and hard work! <3 <3 <3

  23. Love it Miss Holly!! I followed you over here and I'm so glad Meg invited you!! Thanks for giving me another blog to read while I'm in bed at night and should be sleeping! Ha! You all are such wonderful inspirations and I thank you!!

  24. Love it! I wish I had a "do over" so I wouldn't be so worried about being the perfect mom. I love the weigh loss inspiration stories! You gals are great!

  25. Love Holly's blog!

    Hope you had a great weekend!

    The Hartungs Blog


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