Vlog, Chalk Paint, and Canton

Good Morning. 4:30 came really fast this morning, my big and little kid are both a little sick, which meant lots of whining and groaning going on last night.  Can't they just take care of each other and let me sleep?? 

I had a great weekend, it started off Friday evening with Brandi and I making part 1 of our vlog.

Me and that girl always have a good time.

Saturday started with a road trip about an hour east of Dallas for some flea market shopping at Canton.
My Mom talked me into taking Miss M, the last time she went {about 1 and a half years ago} she cried screamed the entire time.

I think she may be turning into my little shopping buddy!

She even pulled the cart like a pro, I mean she WAS almost born here {this is where i went into labor} so she should feel right at home :)

Found her the cutest bows, one for Easter and the other had chevron, duh. All that fresh air made her hungry, she chowed down on a blueberry muffin AND a corn dog. {I don't blame her those corn dogs are GOOD.}

Sometimes when you go and are looking for specific things your find nothin'
Other times you are going with nothin' in mind and you find EVERYTHING,
this was one of those trips!  It didn't help that all the cute clothes where half off or more!

Plus I got suckered into more angel wings, this are metal and just happen to look perfect over my bed :)

I also found the cutest chair for my bedroom, cheap chairs are HARD to find. We actually found these as a pair, but my Mom insisted the other one needed to go home with her.

I painted her with a little French Linen Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan.
The pillow is from Laurie Anna's in Canton.

I love it in my little corner nook.

I had some questions about chalk paint, it's not the same a chalkboard paint, it's designed to stick to any surface with out priming and to sand off easily to give you a nice distressed look.

You can even make your own chalk paint, I did a post here about it. If you want to buy it you have to search for a vendor near you.

Sunday was spent painting ANOTHER room in my house, y'all lets just assume I will never be able to watch TV again.

I kinda feel like this about it.
Then again, if I want my space to be happy I need to work on it when I can and something had to go.
I'll show you that room this week sometime!

Happy Monday!


  1. Just want to know where exactly in Canton do you go? Is there a name of the fleaMarket you prefer best? We are military overseas and im visiting a friend soon in Texas and would love to check it out! :) Oh And BTW LOVE your blog!!! Started reading it about a month ago! Thinking im even going to paint my washer dryer set chevron just because I can ;) hehe

  2. Alread mentioned it on IG but I love those wings. My great grandma had those exact same chairs so if I saw them, I'd probably have t have them too. I love how you toned it down a bit with the chalk paint. I love how that lace skirt looks on you today. Very pretty! Thanks for the vlog! Lots of helpful info.

  3. Ah! I love all your Canton finds!!

  4. You two are a hoot! Great chemistry. Aww. Anywho lov'n the wings! I think I may have to make some or something. I wish we had a fun place like that up here. Have a great day girl! Keep up gym beast status so I can be inspired:)

  5. "Sometimes when you go and are looking for specific things your find nothin'Other times you are going with nothin' in mind and you find EVERYTHING,"

    This is SOOO true about Canton! Love the chair...the paint makes it perfect!

  6. that chair is AMAZING. i am slightly jealous. :)

  7. I LOVE the chair- looks so great with the paint! That pink bow for Miss M is way to adorable. I want one for me!

  8. Love all your finds, especially the bows and the chair! Too cute! I have been wanting to go to Canton to shop for forever, but it is like 5 hours away and I never knew if it would be worth it. I will have to go sometime.

  9. Love the vlog! haha and all those adorable new clothes! you've got me dying for a trip to the dallas area in the nearest future! :)

  10. Hi I just love your blog! I have only been following for about a month but it is so fun and makes me happy! I am a military wife overseas and am planning to go see a friend soon in Texas and would love to check out canton. What is your favorite place to go when there?

  11. I feel the same way with the TV. Since I have started doing P90X my house has gone down hill :( Oh well. I still get most of things done that I need to during the week, but the weekend is when I have to catch up on all the other things I didn't get done during the week. But like you, I did find time to get my wall painted this weekend and I used Chalkboard paint. I need to put my 2nd coat on tonight, I am pretty EXCITED about it!! The TV will always be there when you find that extra 15-30 minutes!! Have a good week!

  12. You ladies are hilarious! And, the next time you go to Canton to shop with you! You can teach my how to buy cute clothes and find good deals.

  13. Ah! I LOVE your house! I would totally pay you to come decorate mine! LOL

    Quick question! Who designed your blog. I am a photographer and need to pretty-fy my blog!

  14. Just kidddddinggggg! If I opened my eyes I would see it! HAH! Thank you! Your the bomb.com don't let any crazy negative people bring you down hot stuff! You have inspired SO MANY WOMEN!

  15. Love this video! Glad to read that Madison enjoyed Canton much more this time, after all, it is practically her homeland :)

  16. I wish I was a DIY!! I just need to start trying and maybe be half as successful at it as you are! Super cute! Love the vlog!!

  17. I am sitting here cracking up and found myself "nodding' along with ya'll like we're having a convo! So fun! I freaking love Canton...my fav part is the "old" stuff where you can dig for the "good" things! Love your blog and follow you on Instagram...you and Brandi are so inspirational! :) I'm a Dallas blogger...just sayin... ;)


  18. Good times. Loved the Vlog! ```

  19. You are so creative! I would love for you to decorate my house. Any chance you will be in Iowa anytime soon. ;)

  20. I love the idea of wings hanging somewhere and over the bed seems perfect!


  21. Loved the VLOG....keep them coming!

  22. That video is wonderful! I love all the laughter..and the kids playing in the background. Can't wait for part 2!


  23. I love the paint on that chair!! You two are hilarious!!

  24. Loved the vlog! Watched it during dreadmill time. Kept my attention for 15 minutes on that rather than what I was doing. Maybe I should start downloading more videos like that and/or movies or something to keep my attention so I don't get bored!

    And I love that chalk paint!!! Maybe I should paint that for my shelves! I'm getting so many DIY projects from you!

  25. Those crazy weekends are sometimes the best! Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  26. This may be one of those "off the wall questions" that you and Mama were talking about in your vlog...but seeing as I'm also painting a rather large space in my house, I was wondering if you have a favorite brand of wall paint to use?

  27. I am fairly new to your blog and instagram and keek (that does not make me sound stalkerish at ALL), but you crack me up and your kid? Holy crap on a stick, she cracks me UP. Her little face is so hilarious. She looks rotten ornery - I mean that in a great way because my kid is the SAME WAY and it's always entertaining.

  28. Geez I'm finally getting to watch your Volga and LOOOVVEE it! You two are. Awesome!!!

  29. Ugh, I wish we had something like the big sale in Canton around here. I have been to Canton once but I was too young to appreciate it, lol. And I'm so glad you posted the link to the chalk paint info. I need to paint my daughter's furniture a new color and this is going to be perfect. No priming! Aint nobody got time for dat!


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