Strength Training {and FAQ}

I'm going to share an hour workout with y'all and how I incorporate strength training at the gym.
Now, most of the things I do DO NOT need special equipment, just some free weights.
At least a 5 pounder, but honestly for the way I roll you need to be using 8-10's for it to be effective.
The heavier the weight, the shorter the reps, the bigger the muscle.

OK, I ALWAYS start out with cardio. We all know the first 15 minutes before you start sweating are the hardest, so get some good tunes and power through!

I did the 'sprints' on the StairMaster. How do you even do that?? Bump that shit up super high. I kinda wanted to die, but it's fun to challenge yourself and see what you can do!

Next I work upper body so my legs aren't tired for my second round of cardio. 

The secret to good arms is to work ALL the muscles around it. Bicep, Triceps, Shoulders, and Upper Back. What I do is get the heaviest weight I can use {I'm using 15's on the bicep and just recently 12's on the Tri} I put my phone timer on and do reps for 40 seconds, then rest for 20. Repeat this for 4 minutes.

Y'all know I love me some push ups. Yes they are hard, get over it. Just drop down and push em out until they are not hard anymore! Again use the timed method, it really pushes you to do more.

If you are new my best advice is to YouTube some moves. I get bored so I get a lot of mine from classes, watching others, and online. I find a few new ones, jot them down, and try them out at the gym!
You can watch my arm videos here and here.
Just find about 4 moves for your upper body that you want to try that day, whatever you feel like doing!

Next I bust out a little action on the treadmill, running and some sprints.
15 minutes.

Next is my FAVORITE, squats!!

Again I used the timed method, it's just easier than counting reps! I start singing along to my music and then I've lost track of how many I did, so I don't want my sides to be uneven :) haha.

You need to get lowwwwww. Also your chest needs to be up more than mine is {it's not easy taking your own pic!}  and make sure your knees are behind your toes. You should really feel it in your thighs! 

Add weight to it. I love these curtsy lunges with a 10 pd.

Here's a short video with a move I always do because it always hurts the next day. {25 pd weight}

Here's one of a new move I saw in a magazine. I'm always on the hunt for something to shrink my hips!

Lunges are what work your booty, so I ALWAYS do them. I actually have a nice little routine for them I got from a body pump class, I will have to record it for y'all because it's a little hard to explain.

Again just find 4 or 5 lower body moves you like and do the timed method. 

I KNOW it can be intimidating to go to the 'weight' area at most gyms especially if there are men over there, they tend to take over. My advice is to write down and practice the moves you want to do so when you do go you feel confident in what you are doing. 
Besides, I'll be honest, no one even cares what you are doing. I've seen LOTS of women at the gym doing things wrong or ineffectively. I don't judge them for it I just know that it's a learning process {plus I hope they don't give up before they learn!}. Heck I've gone up to people and asked, "how do you do that?"

You will be a Workout Queen in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions:
1.  What is your routine as far as weights go? 
I don't have one really, I just do some upper body and lower body and make sure I get all my muscles in. Whatever i feel like working that day! I do get in abs at least 3x a week.

2. Will using weights make you bulk up?
No. I was already bulky and it helped slim me out. That's how I went down and pant size without losing pounds.

3. Shouldn't I do more cardio to lose weight?
Sorta. I'm doing a 60/40 plan right now with my 40 being my cardio. You may want to switch that if you have a lot of weight to lose. BUT don't skip strength training. You will lose it a lot faster if you have some muscle on your body.

Again, I'm not a expert. Just a girl who lost some weight.

And likes to look good in clothes :)

One of my great Canton finds!

Happy Tuesday!! 


  1. I looooove the new outfit at the bottom!! Definitely a great purchase but I cannot get over how in your squat pic it looks like you shat out that yoga ball!!!!! Hahahahahaha it's WAY too early for me to be reading and keeping focus!

  2. I love these posts. I'm (slowly) getting back into working out more. I need it. Last night at yoga, we switched rooms and were in front of full length mirrors. Talk about gross and a big wake up realization for me... I knew I was big, but to see me, trying to work out, and seeing all that I saw... well, just think of what you used to look like and I'm about there. So I'm using you as motivation, even mentioned you to my mom, and how I need to start some major cardio. I already eat decent (although I'd love to eat whatever I could and maybe that could be a post for you...what you eat)... but I need to exercise more. I'm reading your older posts about starting out simple. I found a plan on Pinterest too about how to start. I need some luck! BTW, you look amazing in that skirt!

  3. Thank for posting about weights! I've been getting bored with what my moves and need to look for some new stuff!

  4. I think I'm going to try to add some strength. I always get worried about gaining weight with it but you know what? I'm out to get back into my smaller clothes, if the number is a little higher on the scale but I'm wearing them, I'll know I still did something right! I never think to break up cardio. Doing 15 minutes and then arms and then another 15 or so would push me to go faster I think, which would be good. I workout at home so I just use the treadmill and hand weights. Looks like that's plenty to "do work". Thanks for the moves!

  5. P90X has a great arm work out for shoulder's, bi's, tri's (50 mins and there isn't a muscle that doesn't get a beating)....I love arm workouts too! Are you squeezing some yoga or pilates in as well? I was in my best shape when I ran, lifted, and pulled at least 1 day yoga and 1 day pilates...really strengthens core muscles and lengthens muscles; which I needed because I like to lift like a man! Our dumbbells were separated 3-12 lb on one rack and 15+ on the other. I had to hang with the meat heads at the big rack! LOL! Girls can be so intimidated by free weights. I found lifting not only made me look stronger, but it made me feel powerful!!! Nice post! Keep up the good work! Can't wait to get back to my workouts (after baby).

  6. I know that lunges are what will help my butt gets its shape back post baby, but OMG they kill me! I'm going to try out some of these moves tonight at the gym! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I know that lunges are what will work my booty & get it back to its pre baby shape - but OMG they kill me! I'm going to try some of these moves tonight, I'm intriqued by the curtsy move.

  8. Love this post....thanks for writing it!

  9. You might not be an expert, but you're a hell of an inspiration!

  10. Starting couch to 5K today! Thanks for motivating me daily!

  11. Thanks for all of the tips!!! That outfit is SUPER cute!!!

  12. Thanks for the tips! You look great and I need to get on that treadmill as soon as I pop this baby out (which is any day now)


  13. Hi Meg, You inspire and motivate me to keep going on my journey with weight loss and fitness. I am pear shaped as well and my biggest trouble zone are....drum roll here...my legs! My goal for this summer is to wear mint colored skinny jeans. Are you comfortable wearing colored skinny jeans now? Tell me this is possible. :)

    Diana B.

  14. I love how every morning you can see your little girls clothes on the floor behind you. That is what my living room looks like after my kids go to school because they seem to think they need to get dressed in there. LOL!

  15. I LOOOOOOVE your skirt!!!! So, so cute! Thanks for the words of wisdom and motivation to go to the "scary side" of he gymn!

  16. Thank you for posting this! It answered a lot of questions, but I'm still confused about choosing a heavier weight for my arms. I am new to working out. I have 30 lbs to lose yet. I'm doing cardio (C25K)and Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I want to incorporate weights... I want Jillian arms by Summer too! Lol! I have 2 lb weights, but wondering what to buy for my heavier weight. (8, 10, 12?) Can you help? Thanks! :)

  17. I love this! I am going to be writing all this down!! You are fab! You should be a instructor on the side!!

  18. Great post and great inspiration as always! Thank you!

  19. Great post and great inspiration as always - thank you!! I admire you so much - you really give me a lot of hope I can get to my goals!

  20. Thanks for all the great tips! I have been relying more on videos than creating my own workouts, but it is a great idea to keep things interesting and not get stuck in a routine. Never too late to learn something new, though!

  21. Extended Tabata timer routines- I like it! I may have to try your method this Friday morning! You look uber fab in that lace skirt. Seriously, I'm jel!

  22. Yay! Bless this post. I always do my cardio at the gym & then get my butt home for free weights. I tend to have to watch the videos to figure how to do the moves. (Visual learner big time, right here)

    I'm loving that skirt!!! I'm gonna need to get myself a trip to Texas just go to to Canton!

  23. Thank you for sharing this and videos! I will be implementing some of these tips!

  24. Thanks for this! As i mentioned to you earlier this week my problem is my legs but I get bored with the same, regular lunges or squats. I'll have to try the one in the video.

  25. Loving that lacy skirt! And those queen hats - haha!


  26. Question for you....I am an avid Body Pump/Body Attack fanatic. I do them 3x a week, with 1x of boot camp, and I've been adding in some C25K training--I'm working hard on my goal to lose a significant amount of weight. But, I have been having HORRIBLE knee pain under my knee cap since the running started, so I got new shoes, am focusing on stretching a lot, etc. Here is my question: Do you wear different shoes for running and weight training? I bought a pair of running shoes, but I know they aren't are supportive as cross training shoes? Thank you for all you do!

  27. I'm just curious at what point did you add in the weights? I've got a lot to lose and usually do mostly cardio and will do weights maybe once or twice a week (if that). Wondering if I should consider more weight training? Thanks for the inspiration!!

  28. One day I'll be taking great photos of myeself...one day.

    three days in the gym under my belt, it just sucks I'm alone!

  29. OK, so one thing I am confused about is working out one muscle group a day or whole body workouts daily (with maybe one day off a week). What are your thoughts on that? The internet is full of so much contradictory information, it's difficult to know what to follow, you know?!For instance, I tried the Jamie Eason 12 week weight training plan, but never really felt like it was enough. Anyhoo - my other question was, how often do you do BodyPump?

  30. Look out Madonna, there's new arms in town!

    WOW, Your shoulders look fab!! Totally jelly!

  31. Hi Megan, thanks for the great tips.
    Do you do full body workouts every day or so you put a rest day in between?

  32. Hi Megan! I'm also a Megan, I came across your blog through Mama L's and have been reading for quite some time. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your style! You've been such a great inspiration to me! So far on my weight loss journey I've lost 65 pounds and I've still got about 50 more to go to get to my goal weight. I have a question for you, I've been told that its not good to work the same muscles day to day, do you go by that philosophy? Example: if I'm doing my arms today at the gym I shouldn't do them again tomorrow.

    Thanks so much for being such an inspiration! You truly are AMAZING!

  33. I have huge hips and Im wanting to narrow them so I will give this move a try looks like it is targeting them.
    Thanks for all these tips I look forward to always learning when I come to your blog

  34. Love your workout tips! I've been using your arm workouts you posted previously

  35. what is this Canton that you speak of? You Americans always have the greatest places to shop! Love your blog, having fun reading old posts and getting ideas...you have some great followers too, already got a great idea from comments to bake sweet potatoes in the crockpot! Thanks for sharing....

  36. What is this Canton that you speak of? You Americans have the greatest places to shop! Been enjoying your blog, getting some great ideas....thanks!

  37. Do you do upper and lower body weights everyday or do you rest muscles for a day? Ive read that both are ok, but I was curious what you do (because you have great results!) Thanks

  38. Just gotta say I love it all... food ideas, workout ideas, workout clothes. I even once didn't want to workout but you had posted your blog with your cute twinkly eyes eating a banana saying you didn't want to workout but did it anyway...and so I went and did mine too. Keep doing what you do!


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