Partying and Cleansing

It's Birthday Party Season.
Just about every single friend I have is a teacher, so now is when most of them have their babies and we are solid booked on parties until the end of April!

These girls have been friends since they were babies, I hope they stay friends for a very long time. 
The first party was Chuck E Cheese and I MAY have gotten up and done the Shuffle with them, I'm telling you I can't NOT dance when that song comes on!

I also got to meet a reader which is always fun, makes my day when they come up and say Hi!
Unless I'm shoving my face full of pizza :)
Don't worry I tracked that on My Fitness Pal {skinnymeg32}, come track along with me!

Sunday's have always been the hardest day for me to motivate myself to get a workout in, lately some of us have been meeting up at the gym and I'm totes LOVING it. 
I am so so so sore today!

Nothing fancy just wrote down some moves and we busted that shit out Skinny Meg style :)

I have talked on here before about my love of Advocare, I've done the cleanse 3x and I've done the 24 Day Challenge before and I highly recommend it.
I recently talked Mama Laughlin in to giving it a try, she's been struggling with food and I think this is a great solution to cleaning up your eating and getting your body back in fighting condition.
Of course, like anything new people are uninformed about what it is and how it works, so lets take a minute to say what it's NOT.

 It's not a FAD or CRASH Diet! 
You don't replace meals with drinks or pills. You don't cut back your calories. 
Plus all the other junk like processed food or fried food.

The Cleanse is 10 days and it includes a fiber drink and some herbal pills. 
I LOVE the fiber drink because it's gentle on my tummy, not like those nasty Fiber One bars, it doesn't taste the best, but I drink mine through a straw and I have no problems at all getting it down.
The pills help clean you out, no you will not be shitting yourself at work. Promise.
If you want all the technical info you can read all about it here.

The plan:
Brandi and I are starting it on  Monday March 4th and we would LOVE for y'all to join in and do it with us! We are going to host a link party on February 27th {our first!} for people who want to do a post on clean recipes they've tried and liked or other clean food options.
The hardest part is being prepared with clean food everyday, so we are hoping by putting together a link party it will give everyone a chance to find some new recipes and put together a shopping list for the weekend.

If you need to order the Cleanse, it's 32 bucks and you can buy it through Kristen. We got ours in like 2 days, so shipping is super fast.

Your welcome.

If you have questions I'm more than happy to help, but PLEASE leave your email address so I can reply.

Happy Monday!


  1. I can't have caffeine! Oy... I can't do that !! I would like to try it out though! Thanks!

  2. i just started my fitness pal and i love it! and guess what i did today after not running for a year.... i got on that treadmill and busted out 3.5 miles! it was a 10 minute pace, so not the fastest, but now i feel beter and more excited about the 5k's i am planning to do! :)

  3. I just bought the cleanse, I have never done a cleanse before but since you can still eat for this one, I am game! So excited to do it with you... I am trying to eat clean now anyway, so I will hopefully be used to the food part by the time its time to start the cleanse!! :)

  4. Hey Meg, I just started a Eat Clean, No Cheat 30 Day Challenge. I'm on a journey to lose the baby weight and then some. I love you Blog & you have been a great inspiration to me. I might just do this cleanse with you ya'll. I would love your support. Come on over to browneyedgem.com & cheer me on! Brooklyn-

  5. Thanks for the info girl. Oh and if you like the fiber one bars try the 90 calorie ones. They don't give you a bad tummy ache like the other ones do. Just from what I've tried. You rock girl. Working on my JM arms for summer as well:) oh and live miss Madison's face in the picture. Lol so cute

  6. Just what i need. I bought the cleanse over a month ago and its just sitting in my kitchen. Mainlybc i don't know what to eat with it.. So I'll for sure be joining in on the link party!!! Thanks for this!!

  7. I love this link up idea! Can't wait! I read a few other bloggers doing the cleanse to, I am really going to have to look in to this. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I am totally interested! I will contact your friend to purchase the cleanse.

  9. I am so curious about the advocare cleanse. What results did you have? Can you work out on the cleanse? I'm going to have to give that a try after this half! Hope you have a great week pretty lady!

  10. I really want to try the cleanse but my inner self is telling me hell to the NO! I hate pooping!!!!! There I said it.

  11. Love your blog. You inspire me. Def going to order the cleanse. Since Jan, I went no sugar, no flour/bread/gluten, no dairy, no alcohol and no soda. Can't wait to try w the cleanse! Thanks!

  12. Hi Meg,
    I love your blog. You are such an inspiration. I count my carbs 5 days a week and was wondering if you could let me know how many carbs are in the cleanse drink before I buy it.

  13. Hi there. I just recently started using my fitness pal. I'm having a hard time figuring out the calories on some stuff. How do you know you aren't cheating yourself (either way, too little or too many) on calories if you can't find the exact information on the food?
    Thank you
    charity l hughes at gmail dot com

  14. My first job was Chuck E. Cheese's; I was the Birthday Coordinator so seeing you up there doing the shuffle brings back so many crazy memories!

  15. Since you have done this 3x which flavor would you recommend, citrus or peaches and cream?


  16. Since you have done this cleanse before which flavor would you recommend, citrus or peaches and cream?


  17. Could not find you on My Fitness Pal! Help!!

  18. Can I still do the cleanse and not workout? I am having surgery next and can't do any cardio for six weeks...cringe! I want to do the advocare with you.

  19. My husband and I have been talking about starting the Whole 30 plan and was wondering if you thought it would be okay to do this cleanse while starting the 30 days. I need to cut out my food devotion and reset if you will. :)

  20. Love the advocare cleanse/24 day challenge!

  21. Megan,

    I found this link really help for deciding whether or not to do the cleanse. It gives you very specific instructions. (its for the 24 -day cleanse but also tells you about the 10 day) I think it will be hard but I can handle it!


  22. Hopefully I'm getting emails to everyone that's been ordering the cleanse with instructions, but just in case... here's a site detailing the 10 Day Cleanse! :)

    To answer questions that have been asked above:
    * YES, you can DEFINITELY work out during the cleanse
    * YES, you can still do the cleanse even if you can't work out
    * If you think you can't handle giving up coffee, try SPARK - it's amazing!
    * The citrus flavor is... "mulchier" while the peach flavor is "foamier" :)
    * If you're interested in a 24-day cookbook, email me at kdesjardins@gmail.com and I can send you the one that's been created with some delicious recipes
    * I highly recommend adding OmegaPlex and SPARK during your cleanse, although these are optional'

    If you have ANY questions about AdvoCare, please email me so I can help you out! kdesjardins@gmail.com

  23. I have a few questions! Can you email me at nikki.woods2@gmail.com? Thanks!

  24. Okay, so my hubby, my daughter, my dear friend Robin and myself have all placed a group order and are going to do this challenge!! GULP ZOIKS! I'm a tad nervous about it but anxious to do something healthy for my body!! Thanks to SkinnyMeg and Mama for this challenge!!
    Jodi {bowglass@gmail.com}

  25. I have been having trouble figuring out moves to do at the gym when not in class. Would you email a list of the moves you do so maybe that will help me figure out what I want to do?

  26. I just ordered my cleanse! I've been wanting to do one, but I am scared to NOT enjoy food for any length of time. We have been eating clean and trying to make better choices. We're Paleo with dairy! I'll really buckle down and do this. Excited to do it with you and mama laughlin! :)


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