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Hey Hey Hey.

Me and my boo, just hanging out in our Brady Bands. Growing her bangs out is ROUGH.
Y'all ready for some new eats? I've decided to branch out and try new things during this cleanse.
Like kale. 
Never had it, but I know it's like a super food.
Hope it's super good :) haha. I actually came up with 10 dinners and a grocery list. Thought I'd share in case y'all want to branch out too.

Here are the links.
Some were old favorites, I can't be cooking something new EVERY night. I'm not that awesome.
The dressing are not really Cleanse 'appropriate' because of the oil, but I'm gonna try it anyways :)

If you feeling super unmotivated here's my grocery list.

Obviously I was in a hurry at work and I didn't spell check, oh well.

For breakfast I plan on sticking with my oatmeal, honey, and banana or toast with avocado and hard boiled eggs.
Avocado IS natures butter, ha.
Lunches are up in the air, obviously I love salad, but even I get sick of it after 4 or 5 days in a row. 
Hoping someone links up some ideas for me. 
EASY ones. kthanks.

Link up your favorite recipes and ones you hope turn out decent.


  1. I just finished last week. I'm down three pounds, but just feel better overall. You are so much more hardcore than me... You are going to rock it. My little friend Melanie, lost 8 pounds!

  2. I usually eat leftovers from dinner for lunch... its filling and it beats eating a salad every day! :)

    So excited about this link up!!

  3. The Vegan doc I work with SWEARS that kale and a 100 calorie pack of Wholly Guacamole rocks her socks off. I haven't tried it yet, but that sounds like a very healthy yummy treat.

  4. I cannot wait to see all these recipes. I have to be prepared for this cleanse! I might spend a few hours at the grocery this weekend! Ha!

  5. Thanks for sharing all the great recipes! I just got an email that my cleanse has shipped! I am super excited and nervous all in one! The whole I can't have coffee or wine for 10 days, is scaring me!

  6. Everything looks really good. If you want help with meal planning, I recently discovered the Cozi app for my iphone. You can have a family calendar and share it with your husband, but the best part is that I set up a calendar for meal planning and enter the recipe and then copy and past the actual recipe right into the notes. You can then go through your recipes and add the ingredients to the shopping list right in Cozi. The best part is that if you need to add something to the shopping list while your husband is at the store or vice versa, you can add it or he can add it and it will update the list. I then take each meal and put it on repeat every other month, so that once I get the calendar filled up my meal planning is done. It has helped a TON!!! You can always change out the meals too if you get tired of them. There is even a recipe box in Cozi. I'm so excited about this app, I thought I would share!


  7. I love these recipes :) I will be giving many of them a try thanks for the party!

  8. for lunch, I love doing a baked potato with light sour cream, or cheese, or even ranch! It is quick, warm (I hate cold lunches in winter) and pretty healthy depending on your topping.

    Looking forward to hearing what you think about kale!! <3

  9. some delicious recipes here! Thanks for hosting this.


  10. Hi Megan! Quick question, I started the cleanse yesterday but wanted to see, if I have recipes but don't have a blog, how could I share them?

  11. Homemade kale chips are amazing!!! I never thought that I would love them but I had to fight my chip addiction some how!!! Also, brown rice + kale + chickpeas + salt free mrs. dash = YUM!!

  12. My favorite clean meals are fajitas, chicken tacos with fresh salsa And topped with lime juice, turkey meatballs with spaghetti squash, chicken parmesan, chicken Alfredo with spaghetti squash, taco soup, Asian lettuce wraps, Thai noodles (with zucchini noodles) fried rice( using cauliflower as the rice) chicken pizza ( you pound out a chicken beast and top it as you would a pizza) and BBQ chicken and roasted broccoli!

  13. I know the cleanse has a restriction on dairy but once you finish, try an overnight oats recipe. It was da bomb & I was so full I could barely eat lunch! Love the blog!

  14. I definitely organize my grocery list like this - haha!

    The Hartungs Blog

  15. You gals look so adorable! And those meals actually sound delicious :-)

  16. Quick question. Both you and Mama Laughlin mentioned no dairy but I don't see anything in the instructions about eliminating dairy. Is that just a personal preference or do we need to cut out for the cleanse?

  17. These are great! Thanks so much for doing this :)

  18. I would love to be added to the cleanse facebook page. I started mine today. Thanks!

  19. Meg--it super sucks that the Linky is closed! I am doing the cleanse april 1st and came back here to get a bunch of recipe ideas, but now there is no access to it. Is there a way you can open it back up, just so people can find new recipes? Thanks. :)


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