Brady Bands Giveaway!

Having bangs is good for covering wrinkles, but less good for sweating.
That's why I ALWAYS wear a headband and the trick is to find ones that don't slip!!!


In pretty much every sweaty picture I am wearing one :)

My favorite is the new chevron ones!

The skinny ones hold just as well, I wore this on all through Turbo Kick and it didn't BUDGE.

I even wear them to work on my two day hair :)


You have a chance to pick one for yourself!

I'm digging these two!

Make sure to hop on over to their website and check out all the fun ones she has in stock!

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  1. Did it! @samm_anamarie and Samantha Marie! Thanks for the opportunity girl! you rock!

  2. Did it! Thanks for the opportunity to win! you Rock! xoxo (@samm_anamarie and Samantha Marie)

  3. I must admit I must have mama on the brain cause on IG I always thought you were saying Brandy Bands. I liked them on FB and I'm off to check out all the cute bands!

  4. You are so pretty!!! You take great pictures. These brady bands are so bright and cheery. Would love to have one....especially if they make me as pretty as you! ha!

  5. Love this give away!! I need a band so bad! My bangs are super annoying!

  6. Done, Done, & Done! I gotta have that chevron one!

  7. Awesome giveaway! I've yet to find a brand of bands that won't slip and slide. Maybe this is it!


  8. I'm excited to try these out even if I don't win one! I always thought my head was mis-shaped because most of them slide off (who knows, maybe it is!) - if these actually stay put - I'm sold for life! :)

  9. Thank you for this chance, Megan. I just received my first order yesterday after your recommendation and I love the large band. I ordered the thick and thin to see what I liked best and now I can't wait to order more. It's so nice that these Brady Bands are more affordable!

  10. Can you please do a blog on sports bras you would recommend. Not sure if you are still sized larger now that you lost a lot of your weight, but I would love brand recommendations that really support. What kind are you wearing in your picture with Mama?

  11. I just ordered 3! I know it's a giveaway, but I just couldn't wait. I love these :)

  12. Love your page layout and design! and your blog!

  13. So...this has nothing to do with Brady Bands (sorry), but if you only type missmadisonscharmedlife.com it takes you to a website to find random sex partners. Found that one out the hard way! haha

  14. Just found your amazing blog and I have a random question: How tall are you?

  15. Hi! I have just stumbled upon your blog from Mama Laughlin, who I found off Pinterest...and I have to tell you I'm obsessed! You two are inspiring, amazing, brave and wonderful for sharing your journey with the world. I am so impressed with your work and the post about all the negative comments about parenting broke my heart for you. I have struggled for years to lose weight and get fit and now after my second child's birth it is much more important. I do not want my daughter to struggle the way I have...so thank you. Thank you for being brave for all of us:)

  16. I'm with Lauren. I went to their site and saw how great the prices were and went ahead and ordered some! haha! Still hope I win though so I can get MORE! Thanks skinnymeg!

    And I love that your blog isn't all about weight loss. It has other just as entertaining aspects (aka your decor!) look forward to reading you every day!


  17. I love them all! So hard to choose.

  18. https://pinterest.com/pin/171277592050305422/repin/ - Heres where I pinned this. Thanks for the awesome give a way

  19. Love these! They are perfect :)

    xo, Megan
    indie flower

    Come check out my giveaway!


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