A Fashion Post with Laura.

Good Morning! I've got a little somethin' somethin' special for y'all today. Laura writes over at Walking in Memphis in High Heels and always looks so damn cute.
I've definitely had my style change once I lost some weight, fitting into smaller clothes is nice, but I also became more confident.
I wanted to branch out and try new things.
 I'm a tiny bit obsessed with leggings {Kohls, Vera Wang} and the Maddie top from Kiki La Rue.

Mint is the color of my year. Just sayin'. {Kiki La Rue has a ton of cute ones!}

Pencil skirts were never my friend because I'm pear shaped, but it pays to venture out and try new things, this is one of my new favorite skirts! {Talbots} Sweater is {Target}

 I don't just adore this color I also love these flocked leggings {Kohls}
Top is Kiki La Rue I love that store because she carries everything from smalls to plus size. Lots of her items can transition while you lose weight which is important because buying a whole new wardrobe is crazy expensive!

Laura is going to talk to you more about some fashion risks you can take , I'll be honest, I haven't tried color blocking yet.
But now I really feel the need to go copy the second outfit she's going to show you :)

Hey hey, I'm Laura and I blog over at Walking in Memphis in High Heels.  I'll tell you a few things about myself, and I'll try to keep it short and sweet (though I'll warn you it's probably impossible!)  You're only looking at the pictures anyways though, right?  = )  I've been blogging exactly 3 months today, and I still have no clue what I'm doing, but hopefully I've fooled a few people into thinking I do.  = )  

Fashion is what I blog about first and foremost, but I also blog about my other loves including food and working out (it's a viscous never ending cylce.)  So now that Skinny Meg has whipped us all into shape and is keeping us motivated with her and Mama Laughlin's IG pics, I thought I would show you a few ways you can ease into one of my favorite fashion trends this year.  Disclaimer:  I do NOT claim to be an expert by any means; I just have fun trying things out and seeing what works.  I've learned through a little trial and a lot through error.  A trend that was really big last year and definitely won't be going away anytime soon is color blocking.  I love color blocking, but at first it can seem downright crazy.  

For outfit details see here.
Now tell me again why I would pair red and pink together?  They don't match.  They technically don't, but they definitely compliment each other very nicely!  Many companies are now making clutches that are both red and pink, and I've seen tons of cute red and pink chevron print dresses and scarves lately.  If we can wear the colors together when they're combined on 1 piece of clothing, why can't we wear separates with those same colors?  Well we can.  I will admit I thought I looked crazy the first time I did it (and a few people who passed me on the street probably though so too), but once you try it and get more comfortable with it, I think you'll love it!  

Color blocking is essentially just wearing different solid colors next to each other.  If you're nervous about trying it, either start out wearing two colors that are fairly similar (but not so much so that they just look like you tried to match them but then didn't) or try wearing one of the colors so that it functions more like a neutral (blue pants, a yellow blouse, an orange blazer.)  You don't have to try neon yellow and magenta your first time.  Some of my favorite color blocking combinations are cobalt blue and yellow.  This combination is very easy to pull off because both pieces essentially work like neutrals.  Blue pants are very similar to (neutral) denim and a yellow blouse is similar in color to a tan (neutral.)  Orange and burgundy look great together, and they're in the same color family too so you won't feel like you got dressed in the dark.  Turquoise and green has the same effect - they're in the same color family so the whole outfit transitions well.  

If you're wanting something even less severe for your first time color blocking, try one of my favorites - mint and forest green.  This look is a little more monochromatic but is the perfect color scheme to ease you into color blocking.  Your outfit will look really pulled together, and you can never go wrong with mint!  Fashion is really all about having fun and feeling good.  Do what you think looks best! 

Parker Silk Blouse.  Sold out, but similar one here for $198.
J. Crew No. 2 Wool Pencil Skirt.  On sale for $59.99.
Theory Infinity Scarf.  Old, but similar one here for $26.
J. Crew Gold Bow Necklace.  Old, but plenty on eBay here.
Michael Kors Ritz Two-Tone Watch.  $250.
BCBG Nude Pump.  Old, but similar ones here for $66.99.

Another tip is to pair your color blocked pieces with some neutrals your first time like the nude colored scarf and heels I'm wearing today with my turquoise and green.  Is it just me or did my style inspiration come from a Dasani water bottle today?  I swear I didn't plan that...sort of.  Thanks for reading, and I hope you'll come visit me at Walking in Memphis in High Heels.  I have 4 giveaways going on right now too, so stop on by and enter if you get the chance.  = ) 

Thank you so much Laura for guest posting and I hope to see everyone be adventurous and try this, I know I will!
Probably all over Instagram {@skinnymeg31}.

Happy Day Before Happy Hour Friday.


  1. I love all your outfits. Mint is my jam and that magenta top?! Love it!! I'm all about wearing bright colors year round!! Thanks for letting me guest post. : )

  2. Thanks for all your style inspiration and for spotlighting Laura! I love that your pieces are from affordable stores....that Talbots skirt is hott with 2 t's! !!! Keep rocking it skinnymeg :)

  3. Great post, Laura! I love your blog and your fashion :)

    SO glad I found this blog and I am excited to catch up and whip my butt into shape!!


  4. Megan you look so amazing! You truly motivate me, not only in losing weight, but in being a mama! You should try color blocking! I think you would look great!
    Also, thanks to Laura for the awesome advice and pics!

  5. Laura is the freakin bomb dot come.
    Ummm, can we talk about her fabulous hair for a sec??! Tots jealous!

  6. I love all of these looks. Thanks for the ideas...now I just need to go shopping...and a million dollars!

  7. I think you and mama need to host an in home Kiki larue party!!! I like trying on clothes and would love to meet some of your other stalkers. :)

  8. I'm not normally a fan of the KKLR Pikos and Maddies because they're so slouchy, but you look freaking amazing in yours! Also a mint fanatic here. I love the color blocking on Laura, but I am too chicken to try it myself. Maybe I'll work up the nerve one day.

    Crafty Healthy Mommy

  9. Megan - you always look fantastic! And I love Laura's blog!!

    The Hartungs Blog

  10. Super cute outfits! In lurve with the mint green tops!

  11. I'm kinda torn right now. I love the messages in your post and your uplifting motivation for your readers but I have to say the bad language is getting to me. Referring to your daughter's toys as s*** I felt was very deragatory and the f-bombs are most definitely not necessary. Call me old-fashioned, and I am only 27 but I don't see the need for a lady to use such foul language. I feel a lot of the most powerful language in human history didn't need swear words to say it and touch lives and we don't need to either. I know it's just your personality but I think a site that is trying to be positive and send a good message should be family-friendly. Well, that's just my two cents.


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