3 for 3 and Vlog {Part 2}

I started off my Friday right, with a 6 mile run. I ran for an hour at 5am, so it was pitch black dark out.
True confession: I am SCARED of the dark. 
Not even joking, so for me to run without light is a big deal and apparently it makes me run faster because I ran those 6.2 miles faster than I ever have before at a 8:56 pace!
I'm less scared of the ax murder getting me than I am of a stray dog being out. I do have mace, but I'm pretty sure I would end up macing myself.

Saturday of course I hit the gym, it's my hardcore day! I go heavy for Body Pump,
50 pounds and around 60 reps just for squats. I'm determined to tighten up those thighs for summer!

Saturday I hosted a party and Brandi and I decided to make all skinny recipes.
By WE I mean SHE, I just bought the food she did the rest :)

They were all really good!

Sunday I mass texted my girls to meet me at the gym, I was unmotivated to run so I wanted some company in my sweat shesh.

I hooked 2 of 'em! I love my friends. These same 2 probably came because we were all hitting a gender reveal party at a Mexican restaurant later that day. At least we earned our lunch :)

My husband loves any excuse to drink beer on a Sunday afternoon.

This one pretty much refuses to take off her cape.
My Mom made her a superhero costume for school and she wants to wear it daily.

She ended up passing out at 7pm so I actually had a chance to watch not 1, but 2 shows on TV. 
Of course it was Biggest Loser :)

Here's the final part of the Vlog with Brandi.

Happy Monday!


  1. I wish I lived close enough to have you call me and get my butt to the gym! I went twice last week (once to yoga, once for running), and lifted weights after school for a few minutes to get us started. I do have a question for ya... what type of shoes do you wear? My new(ish, bought about a year ago but haven't worn much) shoes make my feet hurt and feel as if the arch is all wrong. They're good shoes and I remember paying lots for them but I hate them. I went yesterday to check out new shoes and almost bought some Nike's (not sure what style) and looked at a few more but I refuse to may almost $200 for some of the Nike's I saw. What do yo wear?

  2. Im the same way about running in the dark even when I am just taking my dog out in the morning to pee! Lol I will have to try those recipes! And thank you for being such an inspiration!! What time do you go to the gym on Saturdays?

  3. Y'all both have the most contagious laughs! Love it!! :)

  4. Great job girl. Dark running is hard I seem to run slower because I've been accosted by too many tree branches that I couldn't see. Ahhh. Lol so I'm super cautious. Lov'n miss Madison's cape. I think you and you're mom should team up and start an etsy site. You gals are always making the cutest things:)

  5. I wish I had some blogger friends to meet up with and have skinny parties. None of my friends workout or eat healthy. They are too skinny to be worried about it. At least I got two of them and my boyfriend to sign up for a race with me.

  6. Haha Love that little Madison! My son may be a keek stalker of her!!

  7. Your husbands seem so not thrilled by this whole thing. I imagine my husband would have a very similar reaction. LOLOL

  8. Your family is just too cute for words! I loved your keek and the secret you told Madison, it makes me want to have a little girl! Glad you had a great weekend! Can people order from your party or is it closed now?

  9. Love listening to your real conversations and reading about all your ups & downs and frustrations w dieting and exercise. Thanks so much for sharing! Loved the vlog!

  10. I loved Vlog part 2. Both of your husband's are frickin' hilarious! My hubs would say the same things. I'm working on my weight loss journey. You and Brandi are helping. I started at 186lbs and I'm down into the high 170s. I've got a long ways to go, but I'm getting there. I also follow both of you on keek and am loving the videos with the work-outs in them. I'm encorporating them into my daily routines. You both are inspiration for me. Thanks! You look amazing!

  11. Love the Vlog. I am dying over y'all checkin out your teeth....hilarious. And I am a gummy bear lover too. Well, gummy anything really. Gummy bears, worms, gummy lifesavers. Sweet and chewy. My favorite!

  12. Your daughter is just too adorable. And that taco dip looks amazing!

    The Hartungs Blog

  13. 8:56 pace, awesome!!! I finished my 6.2 miles in 1 hour 16 seconds.

  14. I enjoy your blogs in general, but the cape wins. No contest. My daughter (3.5) does the same with a cheapo Cinderella dress, ballet slippers or sparkly shoes, and a crown. Seems wrong to deny them. :)

  15. You both are so awesome and inspirational!!! Keep it up!! Don't let anyone get you down, because they're truly just jealous of the strength and perseverance you ladies have. I look forward to reading your posts each day, and I follow you on instagram because it truly brightens my day. :)

  16. Can't wait to see the "Pimp Mama Laughlin's House" post! Love the wine-sippin vlogs... keep 'em coming!

  17. Thank you so much for all you do. You are amazing and so inspirational! Love the vlog!

  18. I have recently started reading blogs (I found yours off of Mama Laughlin's) and am in love with both of them! You guys are so funny and motivational! I also started blogging and have found it motivating and therapeutic.
    Keep it up!


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