The Usual, Running and Awesomeness.

I caught myself a nasty little cold, probably from running around outside in my ongoing effort to be a bad-ass.

We ran 10.6 miles and obviously it was too much for our brains, we couldn't even get the 1 and 0 right. Half that was UPHILL, my booty was feeling that. I also fell for the first time ever, tripped over some uneven concrete and rolled. I'm SO THANKFUL I did not break anything!

I also have another friend who signed up for her first 5k so I'm getting together with her every Sunday to make her a super runner. Or at least one who can run a decent 5k :)

Working out is so fun with other people, while I enjoy running I enjoy company more.

I also hit up Old Navy for workout clothes, they have some GREAT DEALS right now!
You know they have my favorite workout leggings.

Saturday we headed out to the Chinese Lantern Festival in Dallas, apparently so did EVERY. SINGLE. OTHER. PERSON. {thanks for that Groupon!}

I will never ever ever go to Fair Park again with a Groupon, the traffic was so bad I almost lost my mind.

Sunday was Funday for Brandi and I.

She told me about this new nail treatment, NexGen.  I've never even done the Gel so I can't compare, but I can say I LOVE this. 
My nails are so weak and always chip or peel, this makes them look pretty.

Miss Madison has found herself a new boyfriend in Big T, she cried so hard when he had to go home!
Dramatic much?

Can't say I blame her, he is a cutie and one of the most well behaved little boys I've ever met.
Hopefully some of that will rub off on Miss M and her sassy pants!

I'm almost to 1,000 followers and I think that should call for something special!
A giveaway, maybe something chevron or pink. It might have glitter.
If anyone is interested in helping me out with this shoot me an email at supermeg1718{at}yahoo{dot}com

Alright, I'm off to pop more Zicam and look for a real job.
I can't believe I can't get paid for just being awesome.

Happy Monday!


  1. Love that color!! Mine is almost the same, just a little less pink.

  2. im pretty sure drunk megan on keek is my new favorite show! Good luck on the job hunt lol

  3. Haha, you crack me up. You shoul dget paid for just being awesome :) We all should!! Feel better!!

  4. Big T and Miss M are too cute together.

  5. Feel better girl - nails look magnificient... Loved seeing you girls having fun yesterday - girls days are the best... I am still sending tons of prayers your way on the jobby job front. I wish we ALL could get paid for being awesome. I wish.

  6. Umm... this summer, I want to come to Dallas and be awesome with you! Margaritas, wine, and nail salons are right up my alley... however, if you're going to be my BLF, we need to work on your tolerance. :) Happy Monday!!!

  7. I super duper like crazy NEED one of those running bib holders or a medal hanger. You could do a give away for one of those again?? And if not- can I buy one from you, LOL:)

  8. Look at you running rockstar. I'm so jealous you got to have a sunday funday with Brandi! Lovin the cute kiddos. Miss M and Big T Sittin in a tree...

  9. You freakin rock girl!! That's so awesome you are getting your friends to run! Such an inspiration, love it! And I cannot even believe you busted your ass and thank goodness you didn't hurt yourself!!!! Congrats on all the blog love and I'll be looking forward to that giveaway :)

  10. I'm a newby to your site but ill have to say you are the bees knees!

  11. Love all the photos! You are awesome!! Totally motivated me to bust my ass some more!

  12. You are so amazing!! You have inspired me to get my ass in gear and get in shape! Also I love all the house crafts you do such a fantastic job!!!

  13. Yay for good runs! I'll have to go check out Old Navy. I didn't even think about them when I was shopping for workout clothes the other day!

  14. You need this!


  15. Thats awesome!! Congrats on the 100+ followers!! woo hoo!

  16. Look at you miss running queen. I shouldn't be surprised since you workout like a feind. Glad you got some downtime to hang out with friends. I'm jealous. I want to hang out with you and the mama. Good luck with the cold and the job hunt. :)

  17. wish you were here to kick my butt, starting C25K here! pretty nails!

  18. Miss M and Big T are so cute together! You and ML are cracking me up on Instagram too. I'm going to have to come visit Dallas so I can hang out with you crazy girls.


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