Calorie Burn

So you hit the gym, sweat your ass off and burned a shit ton of calories.
Now what?

Well, I can tell you what you shouldn't do. You should not head home and feel like you have a free pass to eat what you want. No you can't have 'just a little treat' because you kicked butt at the gym.
You can't out train a bad diet.  Are you sick of hearing this?? haha.

Now, everyone is different when it comes to calories. I use a Polar FT4 to track my burn, I like it because it's reliable and easy to use. They have more expensive watches out there, but most with features I would not use.
On average I burn about a 100 calories every 10 minutes at the gym.

Some day's I kick more ass than others. I'm thinking I shouldn't have scrubbed the glitter out of my floors, I may have overexerted myself, my heart rate was sky high yesterday at the gym.
I'm sure it had nothing to do with my singing.....out loud.
'You can go hard or you can go home'

Usually I eat back half of what I sweat out at the gym, about 500 calories, I try to eat these in the form of protein and usually within 30 minutes of working out. This is important!
Eating before fuels your body to get through a workout, eating after helps to rebuild your muscles.
We all want some nice sexy muscles, right??
In fact, I'm teased because I'm ALWAYS the one eating during class :)
I love protein bars {little/no sugar!}, hard boiled eggs, greek yogurt, apple and PB.
I also really love Chia Seeds, I've seen them around and decided to give them a go.

They are high is fiber, protein, and Omega-3 and they expand in your tummy to help keep you full.
I sprinkle them on my oatmeal and my apple dip, looooooove. You can get them at most health food stores.

Dip= PB, Greek Yogurt, Honey, Cinnamon, Chia Seeds
What works for me may not for you, some people do better eating back ALL their burn.
It's like breastfeeding, some people get all skinny.
I didn't. I may have gotten fatter.
BUT, please don't starve yourself. Not fueling correctly will only hurt you in the long run.

I broke in some new running shoes last night with a few miles on the damn dreadmill.
I found my Saucony Guide 5's online super cheap at Walk to Run Shoes.
Free shipping and they I had them in 3 days, SOLD.

Happy Friday!
Just to leave you with a little blogger humor....


  1. Great tips! I love your new shoes. :) Megan

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  2. I'm your newest followest and loving your posts, past and present! So glad you support weight lifting!! I had lost my motivation for fitness and healthy eating, but damn girl you're lighting my metaphorical fitness fire! Thank you!!!

  3. I am your newest follower and loving your posts, past and present. So glad to see you support weight lifting, so refreshing!! I had lost my motivation for fitness, but damn girl you are lighting my metaphorical fitness fire!! Thank you!!

  4. Every single tip is true true true. You've worked hard and it shows. You showed my favorite shoe brand. I used to wear Nike's all the time but I needed more support and Saucony fits my foot really well plus has great support.

  5. Great tips! I have been wondering about the "earned calories" on MFP. And thanks for the advice on good snacks! You look amazing!

  6. i def need to try to eat after a workout.. i tend to just drink water!

  7. You are such an inspiration! I follow you and mamalaughlin like your my freaking gods! I run and lost 49 lbs and am working on toning up now with my newly acquired gym membership! I loooove that you post your ideas on food and workouts! And I ♥ your hair, lol! Now I sound insane, anyway, you rock!

  8. When I grow up I want to be like you! You are a rockstar! I wish I had a gym buddy or even a gym with classes...the one we have locally does nothing, and I hate the owners so I'd never give them a dime.

    I've been repeating, "You can not out run a bad diet" over and over and I think it just may be working!

  9. I have always been confused about the whole working out and calorie thing. According to the calorie counting sites, i should eat a minimum of 1200 calories. But when i workout it adds 300 more calories to my daily allowance. Does that mean that I should eat that many because I am exercising? Or that I should try to stay in the 1200 range?

  10. great post! i need a reminder of this a lot.

  11. You burn some serious calories. I need to pump it up a bit. I love chia seeds. I like to mix them with hot tea and drink them down. Happy Friday!

  12. As always, thanks so much for all the tips on eating to fuel. So awesome that you care so much to take the time to post all the helpful, supportive info that you do. My daughter is 21 and she is hooked on you now too. Lol

  13. seriously LOVE that ecard...it's so true!

  14. I just got an FT4 for Christmas, excited to try it out at Spin!

  15. Awesome calorie burn! Thanks for the info, I need to research and change some of the things I have been doing.

    Do you have to wear a HRM strap with your watch? Does it bother you while you workout?

    And I am going to go find some Chia Seeds this afternoon to try. Thanks!

  16. I need your energy! Great job on the calories burned!

    Thank you for the tips on food for the gym. I always feel like I am not fueled correctly.

    Now I am readly to go kick my own ass at the gym!

  17. Im going to try the choa seeds as well! I've heard good things. I love reading your blog and getting tips and tricks! I'm waiting (very impatiently) for my FT40 to get here. I can't wait to see how many calories I'm actually burning. Probably a lot less than I think...

  18. Ahhhh spewing dieting and weight loss genius all over the place! Thanks Megan! You are Amazinggggg!

  19. Word sista. Although after I work out I'm not even hungry I have to force something in my mouth. Whoa didn't mean to talk dirty to you. Anyways thanks for the info as always. Have a great weekend!

  20. OMG that ecard was fabulous and I will have to try those Chia Seeds. You rock mama - always.

  21. I love reading your posts!! You and Mama have encouraged me so much! I have about 70 pounds to lose and I know I can keep on track. I love your honesty and humor :o) Thank you!!

  22. That apple dip looks yummy, I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for all the info and the inspiration!

  23. Love that you are so rockin' the healthy lifestyle! Once again, you are SUCH an inspiration!

  24. Great info! I love my polar. it helps remind me not to eat up all the calories I burned and then some. Having an actual number is great for me.

  25. Love the post! Your motto "Can't out train a diet" I can not even begin to tell you how many times I have told myself that since I read it one of your posts. So cool you and Mama Laughlin get to work out together. Happy Friday!!!

  26. Love the post! Your motto "Can't out train a diet" I can not even begin to tell you how many times I have told myself that since I read it one of your posts. So cool you and Mama Laughlin get to work out together. Happy Friday!!!

  27. So true girl!! Your motto " Can't out train a bad diet". I can not even begin to tell you how many times I have repeated that to myself since I read it one of your posts. Love that you and Mama Laighlin get to workout together now . So cool!!! Happy Friday!!!

  28. I feel like I"m always trying to figure out what calorie level works for me. Usually, I'll figure it out for a few weeks and will then switch it up. Thanks for sharing!

  29. Love this!!!!! Maybe you need to be a PT or nutritionist!! Do PR at a gym!!

  30. I love chia seeds too :) Just discovered them myself a few months ago - I sprinkle them on everything, yogurt/salad/oatmeal you name it :) Do you do protein shakes?

  31. I am loving the little photo bomber in the shoe picture! haha!

    Not to be needy, but, what are the measurements on your apple dip? Or do you just eyeball it?

  32. I did my first "double feature" yesterday at the gym. Back to back spin classes and I have a KICKAZZ instructor! So, yes, I'm sure I burned a TON of calories!! (one girl in class burned 1550 doing a double feature) I get home and the hubs is starving... he says "whatdya want to eat"... blah blah blah... then says "how bout we just order pizza"... Me - "um, I just did back to back spin classes to burn calories, does it make much sense for me to have pizza?!"... In his defense, he's my biggest fan and supporter, he does NOT sabotage what I'm doing - he just doesn't struggle with his weight (he's army and in good shape). So he ate leftovers and I had chicken salad.

    Thank you for posting your polar! I've been considering getting one. I really want to know how many calories I'm burning! I've got to start keeping up with how many I'm consuming too. Marcy from The Mustache Diaries recommended trying My Fitness Pal too. I'm terrible at writing things down, maybe this year I will do better :)

    Chia seeds vs Flax seeds... Have any thoughts? I know people who use both and wonder if they're basically the same...

    I. Love. Your. Blog. The end.

  33. Hahaha I love you!!

    Come pack up my snacks for me everyday!

    But seriously I was ALWAYS a little treat person and never got the results I thought I should have. Since SOMEONE ahem!! has said this over and over my brain and body finally believe it too and since I am not a dog, I do not treat myself with food. :)

    Happy Friday lady!

  34. DUDE I wish you lived closer so you could be my personal trainer (aka kick my ass version of Jillian Michaels!) YOU ROCK! I love this post. I always have questions like this and you just answered some of them! Thanks, girlfriend!

  35. Can you give us an idea on ratios/measurements for the apple dip? Have you tried PB2?

  36. Thank you for always being so open on your blog. Lately it seems like everything you write is directed straight at me...how did you know I just wanted a little treat?:)

  37. Hi there! Thanks for all the great info. I had a question about the Polar FT4... Do you have to wear a chest strap or does it work solely just around your wrist? Thanks! :)

  38. Thanks for the helpful tips on calorie counting!! I just want to be a super hot workout queen like you!!! Some day.. :)

  39. Hey! I've been following your blog for a while and you're a huge inspiration. I ran for 6 months and didn't loose a pound or change my body that much. So, I've started ripped in 30 and body pump at the gym and already see a huge difference! I even did two classes in one day on two different days this week! Thanks for all the tips and motivation!

  40. Do you burn over 1k everyday, how o you find the time? I work out all the time and I am a 600 girl with an occasional 900-1k 2x per day! I also have questions about your dropped a jean size post!

  41. Megan! I want you to do a guest post for me about your weight loss story. I'm documenting my baby weight loss and also want inspiring stories for my 4 readers. Let me know.


  42. Seriously you crack me up! I've been following for awhile and never comment, but your IG posts, blog posts, etc. make my day! Miss M is the cutest! I heart your new nails BTW!

  43. You look amazing!! I follow you on insta, which led me to your blog!! I have 28 pounds to lose and about to start running again. Before I had babies, I was a big time runner. I have always ran in Nike's and Asics. I have never tried Saucony and wanted to give them a whirl, basically bc they are less that $50 bucks ;P so do you love them is my question?? I know you run long distances ;)

  44. Sorry! I am stalking older posts! You are inspiration to me! I have a quick question about the watch. Do you wear it only for workouts, or all day? Is it similar to the body bug?


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