Living Room {Home Tour}

I think every room is my favorite room, haha.
I can't help it, I've spent years getting them the way I want them!

Welcome, to my living room.

Obviously the biggest wall in my house would have chevron. I double heart love it, tutorial for it here.
I promise it was not hard!
The entertainment center is from Ikea. 
The floors are vinyl, we spent an entire weekend installing them, talk about squat work!

Yes, I even spruced up my ceiling fan! I would love nothing better than to hang a big chandy in here, but it's Texas and you NEED ceiling fans. For reals.

Read about painting and glazing the buffet here. The picture frame was Hobby Lobby years ago, the top needs some pretty stuff, after Christmas things seem a little sparse, not sure why. 
Good thing I'm hitting Canton this weekend!

Frame is Ikea and lamp was Home Goods.

 Jeweled Vase was a Canton buy I just HAD to have :)

This corner ended up empty after I took my tree down, it's bugging me. I need to find something fab to put there!
The mirror was Hobby Lobby and the picture was painted by my talented Mother :)

Curtains are Target and the angel wings are from Decor Steals.

Rug is from RugsUsa.

Coffee Table I found in the trash on one of my runs, so I ran home got the truck, hauled it home, and finished my run :) Totally normal behavior.
Basket was HomeGoods.

Pillows are from Sam's Club {white}, the others were a gift {turquoise ones}, and the big ones are from Laurie Annes in Canton

Happy Thursday! I promise I'm working on emailing everyone back!


Running Tips

I get a lot of questions about becoming a runner, I know I've talked about it before but I thought I would hit the main points for the newbies plus tell you what kind of things worked for me.

I hated running my entire life until I decided I hated being fat more. I mean, you've seen my boobies, that crap was NOT fun to run with.
If you need a good bra, Moving Comfort- Juno.

See, holds them in place and it's decent cute.

I started off slow and the best advice someone gave me {Thanks Heidi!} was just to jog fast enough to make something jiggle. The jiggle jog :) I walked and jiggled and walked and jiggled. I did a mile for a long time before I decided to try for more.  {I was about 220 at this time}

I increased my mileage slowly, trying to go a little farther about once a week. At this point I was running about 4x a week. It sucked and I walked a LOT.
Even though I was slow it still gave me a real sense of accomplishment when I was done.

After a few months I thought I should set a goal to run White Rock Lake in Dallas. I did and it was the beginning of me becoming a runner.

Now I have three half marathons under my belt, or hanging in my room, whichever.
I've run lots of 5k's and 10k's and even a 15k. Races are a fun way to motivate yourself to go faster or further.

Here are a few tips on how to increase your mileage.

1. sign up for a race and tell EVERYONE about it. 

I had never even run a 5k when I signed up for my first half. I did it so I had a goal and something to work towards. I was SLOW. It was HARD. It was SCARY. Totes worth it. Get over your fear!

I have no clue who this chick is, but her talking to me stopped me from walking my way in :)

2. Map out a run that is a loop so you have no choice but to run the whole thing.
Given the option to quit when you are tired, most people will throw in the towel. That why for my first long run I opted for the lake. I had to run the entire 9.3 miles to get back to my car! Hey, it works.

3. It's OK to walk!
Don't beat yourself up for walking, that doesn't mean you are not a runner! I give you permission to be in the club anyways :)  I took walking breaks for a very very long time. 

4. Dude. You are going to need a kickass playlist. 
If you want mine email me at skinnymeg@ymail.com with MUSIC as the subject, I have it on a spreadsheet.

Here are my tips on running faster.

1. Sprints.
I do sprints two ways. Outside or on the dreadmill.
Now outside I would just sprint from one mailbox to the next, slow job, sprint, slow jog. {HIIT: high intensity interval training is so good for weight loss! FYI}
The dreadmill is a little different, some have programs you can set to run sprints.
I do it the old fashion BIGGEST LOSER way :)
Bump that shit up to a 9 {or whatever the fastest is you can run for 30 seconds!} sprint your ass off and jump on the sides for 30 seconds.

Don't be scared, try to see how fast you can go! It's fun and a GREAT workout!

2. Run with someone who is faster than you.
Not going to lie I hated running in groups, probably because everyone was faster than me and I felt like I was going to die keeping up with them.
I will also tell you another secret, I have NEVER said no to a workout just because I was scared. 

3. Fix your feet.
When I first started trying to run faster I was trying to lengthen my stride, wrong.
You need to make your feet move faster beneath you, it's a LOT more comfortable.

4. Spin
I heard spin was good for running, but I'm here to tell you now it's true. Beside strengthening my legs it helped me learn to move then faster. 

Paper towel sweat banded not necessary!

My best tip is to not give up! It's going to suck, it's going to hurt.

Everything that is awesome takes work. You think I wake up looking like a supermodel??

Nope, it takes a lot of work and your welcome for the beauty shot :) Hey, I put lots of pictures up where I look like crap, sometimes you just need a good one to remind people I can clean up decently.

Today is the last day to use the discount code GIRLTIME for the Pretty Muddy Run on June 1st. 
I really want y'all to come and run with us so get your booty over and sign up, we are going to have a blast!

Tomorrow is the last day to enter my Abundant Heart Giveaway, make sure you hop over and enter!


Skinny Meg

My first post  {June 2009} was a crazy random disaster about nothing. I was a bored stay at home Mom and it was something to pass the time between nursing sessions.

I posted randomly about losing weight, crafting, and dealing with my first child.

The thing that attracted me to blogging the most was 'meeting' new people. Yes, it was online but sometimes you really get to know people through blogging. I've even had the chance to meet some amazing people in real life.

Then I posted about my new found love of running and things seemed to change. I got a lot of  emails and comments about how inspired people were I had pushed myself to do that. I'm not going to lie, it felt good. I liked that I had inspired someone.

After that I really started posting more about my weight loss journey, not only did it help me to talk about it, but it helped me connect to other people who were going through the same thing.

Here's a post I did on being halfway there, never dreamed I would actually surpass my final goal of 185.
I now weigh 146, so how did I get there? Well, obviously I put in the work, I made healthy choices I pushed myself at the gym.

But it was also a lot of you. It's motivation for me to get texts from a friend who ran her first three miles.

It's motivation I get from emails every day asking how I did it. 

It's the support I get from a bad day on Instagram.

THAT'S why I get up at 5am to blog everyday. THAT'S why i spend my free time making workout videos. I love connecting with other women, I WANT to help someone achieve their goals, I PRAY they one day feel the way I do.

That being said, lately I've been getting a lot of negativity. It started off with a comment about not feeding my child healthy. Everything is fine in moderation, I believe in teaching your child bad things are OK just not everyday.

Then a joke that was made about some of the questions we get was blown out of proportion. Dude, I like to have fun and joke around, get on board.
I honestly try my best to answer every question no matter how many times I get asked.

Then yesterday someone called me a bad parent for not spending enough time with Miss M. Whoa. 
Then she asked me {someone who is struggling with infertility!} why I even wanted another child. Double whoa. 

I mean everyone has an opinion, but I JUST spent 4 FREAKING YEARS home with this kid.
If I spend a weekend away from her I'm pretty sure we will both be just fine.
In fact she was so upset to leave Mimi's house that she threw up on herself in the car.
The point is I don't have to defend my actions, I'm a good Mom. I deserve another baby if that's what I choose to do.

I'm not going to lie, I cried and my first thought was to not even blog anymore.
I'm not getting paid for this, I do it for fun. I understand I put myself out there, but I can't help that these comments really affect me.
I'm a REAL PERSON. I wonder if I was still 260 pounds, would people be criticizing me for going to the gym after work at night??? I highly doubt it.

I honestly was NOT going to say anything on here about it, but it's really affecting me and I need to clear the air. Going forward I will not respond to mean comments, in fact I may just delete them all together so they don't start drama for the people who are here to be inspired. THEY are my main focus! 
If you don't like it leave, click the tiny X on the right hand side.

I want this to be a positive place not just for me, but for y'all too.

WELCOME to my new page, SKINNYMEG!

Big shout out to Chris at Hubby Jack's for my new freaking amazing blog design!!! Did he 'get' me or what?? CHEVRON love!


Weekend Warrior

OK, being a weekend warrior is a new thing to me. Having to fit all the 'extras' in two days off ain't no small feat.

I may have had a small relapse and hit the gym for a bit Saturday morning, I was dying for a good sweat fest. DYING.
I immediately hit the shower, had an awesome phone call with Pretty Muddy {don't forget the promo code ends Thursday!!}, and went to get my girl Brandi to run and get our NexGen Nails redone.

I have to say I looooove these nails, they lasted 3 weeks and when they took them off there was absolutely NO damage to my real nails.
After that I ran to see Holly at HeadRush and get my hair fixed. Its been like 9 or 10 weeks, maybe longer, since I've had my hair done. My roots are pretty easy to hide so I don't go that often. I actually gave thought to growing my hair out, but honestly I just love it a little shorter so I can spend less time getting awesomer in the morning. She's an angel for fitting me in last minute.



Sorry it's so dark, I asked the waiter to turn the light up so my pics would look better :) haha. No for real, I did.
Then I had a girls night planned, so Skinny Margaritas were consumed.
They were good until I realized they were 15 bucks, EACH. There goes my botox money.

Sunday I was itching to run, so after sitting around and waiting for the sun to come up {I can no longer sleep past 5am} I ran out the door for a little therapy.

I really like my Flip Belt for holding my phone, etc.
8.75 miles later I realized why I haven't been able to run a sub 2 hour half, rest. Usually I rest 1 day before a race, but with the fact that I'm working out less my legs felt SOOOOO GOOD. I ran a 9:15 pace, which is crazy fast for me. I could have gone longer, but I was a good little infertile girl and stopped :)

Now I want to run another half, but I'm supposed to be cutting back. Ugh.

That afternoon Brandi and I spent with Becca, from Kiki La Rue.

Y'all she has got some superrrrrrr cute stuff coming for spring, I know I'm ready for brighter colors already. Shocker right?? Ha.
I'm totally digging this bird number, darling!
After that I ran home, got Miss M dolled up for V-day pictures with AmberJane Images, ran home and went and had dinner with the fam.

Finally around 7 I collapsed into bed and watched Parenthood, the first TV I've watched all week.
I foresee me being behind in like every show I watch.
Miss M had a hard weekend of playing with all her grandparents, so she passed out at like 7:45.
I think next weekend I may have to take some time to just relax, lesson learned.

Ugh, it's '2 cups of coffee' Monday. 


Abundant Heart Apparel {Giveaway}

Y'all are going to LOVE me.

I have the most amazing giveaway for you from Abundant Heart Apparel.

How freaking cute is this workout tank?


Yeah, I know the guns are good too :) I'm sure you know by now that I like to look cute when I sweat, what can I say it motivates me to go to the gym!
I'm all 'ohhhh YAY I get to wear a new shirt to the gym today!'

haha, I have no defense, I'm a undercover dork.

So my husband is not gonna be happy because I plan to order a LOT of these tanks, I can't help it they are ALL so cute!

 I contacted the awesome girl behind the shop, Jenna, and she agreed to do a giveaway for all my lovely fit fab girls!
The winner will win a tank of their choice, good luck choosing just one :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway is open until 1/31/13.

Visit Abundant Heart on Etsy here.


Working Woman hits the Gym. {No Excuses}

I know you are all dying to know how I'm fitting the gym in with my new job.

Which I LOVE by the way :)
Here's a few outfit peeks for you via Instagram.

The sweater was from a boutique over the summer, the pants are Apt 9 from Kohl's. I love the tiny mint belt, I really want to buy some more pieces that color. 

This cute top I got for a steal on clearance at Kohl's, like this week, so head over and find one because I love it!

I have to leave for work at 7 am everyday, the first thing I do when I get home is to unpack and repack my gym bag. You would think because it's like 8pm I would start dinner, but no I'm making sure I have my gear good to go for the next day.

My original plan was to do cardio at the gym or by running BEFORE I went to work and then do my weights in the evening.
Things kinda changed once I realized the fertility medicine I was on was not having even the tiniest effect on me, my gyno said there was nothing she could do for me and referred me to a infertility specialist.  Now, I've talked to her about my 2 hour a day workouts and she said that had nothing to do with my fertility problems, but I decided before spending thousands of dollars at a specialist I should cut back to an hour a day and see what happens.

So, this job came at a perfect time. I found it hard to cut back when I stayed home all day, it was the thing I looked forward to. Now I have new responsibilities that keep me busy and I'm grateful.

I will say I miss my 5pm gym girls :) I can't get there until 6, so I can't make all my favorite classes anymore.
Good thing I have amazing friends who will meet you there later than they have to!

We still go hard.
I'm doing 30 min of cardio and 30 min of weights.
Yeah, I don't get home until 745 every night and I don't eat dinner until 830.
So what, I got to the gym, I make sure to take care of what's important to me.
3 years ago I made the decision that my health was at the top of that list and I plan on keeping it there!

Do I see her less, of course. Do I feel guilty, not a bit.
I know that wherever she is she is having fun and being well taken care of, probably having more fun than if I was sitting home with her.
Why would I feel guilty about that? We have a new routine, we take a bubble bath together every night and talk about our day. She thinks it's the best thing since butter.
It's 'our' time. I know it won't last forever, but it's sure sweet now :)

Happy Thursday!


Dining Room {Home Tour}

The dining room is one of my favorite rooms, it was the first room I 'fixed' up.
We used to never go in there, now it's like a real part of the house!

The stencil on the wall is from Cutting Edge Stencils.

The hutch was a garage sale find that I fixed up, right now I just have randoms in there, but one day I hope to fill with pink and white randoms :)

The print is Katie Daisy in a homemade frame.

Everyone should have something in their house that makes them smile :)

The bench was ugly and then I recovered it in a fun fabric.
The pink pillow I made, the other is from Home Goods.

Random plates I collected.

My sweet girl when she was just a wee lass, metal crown from Canton.

Sign from Hobby Lobby and the light fixture is from Crate and Barrel I think.

Ahhhh my PINK dining room table!

Hope you enjoyed!


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