Work Out Plan {Circuits!}

I've had a LOT of requests for explaining my workouts.
My workouts have changed over the last few years. I've gone from not even running a mile to hitting the gym 2 hours a night.
I would say the BEST thing I've done is to switch my workouts up. I did go through a period where all I did was run, every single day. 
Honestly, I love to run, but not everyday. I get so burned out on my music that I lose motivation.
That's why I joined a gym.

I'm going to give you a routine I followed for a long time, I would go to the gym 3x a week and do this and then run the other 2 days.

Another preface! Not an expert. Just saying what worked for me. This would be a lot easier if I had a personal paparazzi to take my photo. Self portraits at the gym are a LITTLE awkward, the things I do for y'all.

I hated the dreadmill, so I used to have a hard time getting in my cardio at the gym.
I fixed that by breaking my workout into 15 minute do-able circuits.

Dreadmill/ Elliptical/ Stairmaster 
15 minutes

Everyone has a different level, but don't spend 5 minutes warming up, get on to sweating. The faster you start sweating like a dude the better you are going to feel, I promise. Up your speed/difficulty every 5 minutes.

 If you are new to using weights before you hit the gym write down at least 5 different exercises to repeat 3x.
Or get you a nice heavyish bar....

Do some overhead presses {chin and up} until your arms are shaking.

Bicep curls! You wants those big guns right? Heavier with less reps will build that muscle!

15 minutes.
Step it up, go a little faster, a little harder. It's only 15 minutes.

Don't skip your back, you want a nice sleek toned rear view right?

I LOVE this move, it's good for your back but also the backs of your legs. I do these all the time and  like to see how heavy I can go :)

Start with a nice heavy heavy weight.

You are going to bed all the way over KEEPING YOUR LEGS STRAIGHT and then SLOWLY rise up.
Repeat until you are shaking, then do 4 more :)

So good for the legs. I kinda want to go do some right now, is that weird?

Also love me a Superman, Rear Lateral Raise, Bent Over Row.

Pick 5 exercises to repeat 3x

Back to your Cardio- 15 minutes

Don't like compression shorts, pulling them out of my butt the entire time I run!

my favorite!!

Squats, lunges, calf raises.

They are all more effective if you add some weight, the heavier the better!

I've used machines in the past, but I like free weights better.
 If you're not comfortable doing this yet watch this video on how to use the Smith Bar.

I usually spend quite a while working my legs, my problem area.


This time get on and put it up to the highest speed your are comfortable with, run 30 seconds, off for 30.
Repeat for 10 minutes.

Finish with some abs, more videos here.

Don't be scared of the weight area, honestly no one cares what you are doing, this is for YOU. Try new things, what's the worst that can happen, right Noel?

Go get your sweat on!


  1. UGh everytime I'm at the gym I want to do weights but it is soooo intimidating to go over there where a bunch of macho dudes are! Because of this I rarely use the free weights :(

  2. I realize its a type but it made me giggle - I love naps in the middle of my workout.. ;-)

    "You are going to bed all the way over KEEPING YOUR LEGS STRAIGHT and then SLOWLY rise up."

  3. Selfie photo whore. ;)

    I love breaking up my workout. I get WAY too bored if I run a long time, then hit the weights. Small chunks at a time makes the time go much faster.

    Love the picture of Miss M!!

    Happy Wednesday. dear!!

  4. Great ideas! I don't have a gym membership, but these are totally exercises that can be done at home so its a win for me. :)

  5. I am totally going to start doing your workouts. I have back and in full force. I zumba'd, ran, and did weights today. You rock girl! Thanks forbthe motivation!!

  6. Great workout ideas! I'm looking for a change up once I am done training for my full marathon. In the meantime, I am running four days a week and trying to do weights for my cross training on the other two.

  7. Absolutely love this post! I have to admit I've been kinda nervous about doing circuits at the gym because I'm self conscious and I get annoyed wiping the dreadmill down after every 15 min interval, lol. I'm going to have to get over it though. My diet and cardio have taken me down a little but I'm gonna need weights to tone and get to where I want to be. Thanks for another great post!

  8. I love the HIIT you put together! LOVE your take on a dead lift. I'll try asap! There's some super fun stuff you can throw in there wth a Bose ball. Like crazy fitness lady stuff you would love. I feel the same way about the dreadmill. HATE IT. oh and Imagine my surprise when I got to the end of this post!! Thanks so much for the shout out sweet lady! Hope you are having a fabo day!

  9. Great workouts! How do you still look hot while working out? I'm all like look at me I'm dying and you're all like lets go grab some drinks! LOL Love your cuteness!

  10. I agree with he warming up... Just get to sweating!!

  11. Awesome information! Thank you! Again!

    So when you were doing the strength training 3x a week, running 2x a week, how long were you at the gym? Did you do two hours then, too?

    Also, will you be my big sister? :)

  12. You are so inspiring! I wish I had as much motivation as you :)

  13. I'm a new fan sent from http://mother227.blogspot.com/

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! I'm new to the weight loss journey and you are such an inspiration!

  14. Lovin' your new material girlie!!! I wish I felt more confident at the gym. I don't even go to a busy gym. Haha!! Next week I'm going to challenge myself to write down a workout and do it!!!


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