The most AMAZEBALLS weekend. EVER.

This has been 10 years in the making.

I finally graduated from college.
When you go part time, on and off, it really seems as though the end will never come.
I'm proud and relieved at the same time, now I just to find a j.o.b.
I got my BS in Business Administration so I'm going to focus on jobs in the HR, Benefits, Office Management, or Recruiting area.
If anyone knows of something in Dallas, send it my way please :)

On Sunday I ran my 3rd Half Marathon. I am going to have to say that it was the best one yet and not because of my time {it was the EXACT same as my 2nd one!}, but because of the people.

My husband came to watch my very first Half, but he's not keen on getting up at 5am on a Sunday to hang out alone for 3 hours. Which is fine, he's not a runner, he doesn't 'get' it. It was a little sad to know I didn't have anyone waiting for me to finish my second half, but I still had a good time.

Now, Mama Laughlin is amazing. First, she works full time, has 2 kids and has a ton of stuff going on and she STILL got up at 5 am and went to cheer me on. Second, she's recovering from an injury and couldn't run herself, so I know it's hard to see everyone else running and not be able to. She made the experience 10x better for me, just by being there to support me! 


Knowing she was at the finish waiting for me really kept me going because it was so dang hot and humid there were times I wanted to walk, even before mile 3!

Plus, she got a decent picture of me finishing, the ones they take always look CRAZY.

2:03 Finish time 
9:27 pace
top 15% of all female runners, not too shabby.
I really really really want to get one under 2 hours, I think next time I need to carry my own water because those crowded water stations really slow you down. I had to stop at all of them, it was so humid that I sweat through my shirt the first mile, so I knew I needed all the liquid I could get so I wouldn't cramp up.

All the texts, Instagram, and Facebook love was amazing! I checked my phone and even Keeked during the race. 

Another friend was also there cheering me and some of her other friends on, Ali.

She's doing her first link up today, so head over and show her some love by linking up.


Oh and you KNOW I couldn't let the day go by with out getting in our planks! 

All in the name of flat abs!

Happy Monday!


  1. and a big fat congrats on all of it!!!

  2. Thanks for linking up with me!!! You inspire me girl and you are an invaluable resource in this crazy weight loss/fitness/running game!!! Thank you for being so hella awesome!!!!

  3. You did awesome and I am so proud of you.. AGH!!!!! You rock girl and your time was FABULOUS...

  4. Awwwww I grinned like a fool throughout this whole post! You are so amazing and inspirational. Congrats on graduating- truly truly and amazing accomplishment, and Congrats on the rocking time! I'm glad you had such an awesome cheerleading section- LOVE the finishing pic!

  5. You did have an awesome weekend! Congratulations on graduating, I'm sure that is such a huge relief to be finally done. Also, congrats on your half! I think it is fantastic that ML came out to cheer you on and you looked fabulous doing it. :)

  6. That is an awesome weekend! Congrats to you!!!!

  7. You are so amazing & inspire me more & more every day!!! Congratulations on graduating & starting a new chapter in your life!! I'm so happy for you & all you've accomplished & I strive to be like you & have your commitment & motivation!!

  8. CONGRATS GIRL!!!! You're amazing! So happy for you on graduation and finishing your half! YOU ROCK!

  9. Congratulations Megan. You are an inspiration.

  10. This weekend proved you've got brains, beauty, and brawn! Well done!

  11. You're amazing and it was MY PLEASURE!
    Can't wait to start training for the full!!! :)

  12. I'm so proud of you! I would be there cheering you on if I lived there!!

  13. What in the world? This thing hates me! I tried leaving a note & it didn't work the first time around ... I'm new to leaving notes, usually I read and go to the next one but you are AWESOME! Such an inspiration and I want that 13.1 some day, too :) SOME DAY .... Awesome job, lady!!

  14. Wow good job on both accomplishments this weekend! Thats so awesome and your giving your daughter such a good role model! Good job mama!

  15. We are hiring a trust assistant in my office! But it's in Fort Worth :( So proud of you!!!!

  16. Hey Hun,
    So I found your blog through the wonderful Mama Laughlin and I am so incredibly glad that I did!
    You are amazing!! I am totally reading all your previous post (in a not to crazy stalker way I promise)
    Love it!
    :) xx Gi

  17. Congrats on graduating and the half! You rock girl :)

    I am doing the Cowtown in February and I'm so excited. Thanks for being an inspiration!

  18. Awesome job! You bloggers are so motivating! I've lost 20 lbs since being introduced (Thankyou Pinterest) to MamaLaughlin, whom I've found you through, etc , etc. signing up for my first half this spring, can't wait! Thank you and congrats on your graduation :-)

  19. Congrats on both the graduation and the marathon! Good luck finding a job! :)

  20. Congrats girl!!! It's always more fun when someone is waiting to watch you finish.... Start the ugly cry over here, I always get teary at the end. So proud of you. You work hard and pays off. Good for you girl!

  21. You are my hero! You are a freakin rockstar! So proud of you!

  22. Congratulations on both!! You have inspired me!

  23. Sooooooooooo here I am... After months of following you on Instagram... FINALLY checking out your ADORABLE blog. ;)

    Congrats, congrats my dear! I just gotta say - when you work out, you look HOT and dangerous!

    Proud of you for graduating as well! Oh, happy day! You go girlfriend!


  24. Wow! That is pretty amazing how well you finished on your half marathon:) Someday, I want to do the same...it's definitely on my bucket list!! Congrats on graduating also. What a great weekend it was:)

  25. Very proud of you! You are such a motivation and love following you!


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