How much should you exercise?

How much should you work out?
This is the big question, almost as daunting as how many calories should you eat.
I get a LOT of comments on the fact that I workout 2 hours a night, this may seem excessive to some of you, but I'm here to tell you my story.

When I first started exercising I joined a bootcamp and went 3x a week for an hour. I never ever missed, those 3 hours were the highlight of my weeks. After a few months I started to take up running, so I would go 30 minutes early to bootcamp and run a mile or two before class. Well, run/walk/crawl.

My fasted mile to date! That crap was HARD.

Slowly I became stronger {and thinner} so I decided I should run a half marathon. That's when I started running on the 2 days I didn't go to bootcamp. 
Then bootcamp ended and I just ran and did my own workouts at home 5x a week. I couldn't go to the gym because Miss M was a crazy nut who screamed the entire time she was in there.
Then one day she grew up and loved playing with other kids int he nursery. So, I started taking classes at the gym 5x a week. I loved them, one thing lead to another and I started doing 1 cardio type class and 1 weight lifting type class a night.

Miss M was stretching me out.

I did a post before on Cardio Abusers, I will say this was totally me. I am not doing 2 hours of cardio a night, I've learned that weights is where the magic happens.Aerobic exercise burns calories, whether you opt for running, spinning, zumba, whatever gets your heart rate up.
 Strength training, like weight lifting, increases muscle mass and strength and tones your body.

You should start off with 60 minutes of exercise 2x a week and as you get stronger you should
increase your intensity.

Strength training should be your main focus with cardio being the last, but both are important.
The American College of Sport Medicine actually supports 60-90 minutes of exercise most days of the week.
You have to decided what's right for you, what you can fit into your life.
The most import thing is not how long, but how effective they are.
If you are short on time the best route is to do circuits, short bursts of cardio in between strength training.
No, two hours a night is not necessary, but what else am I going to do? Watch TV??
I'd rather be sweating!
I'm sure my workouts will change once I start working again, I'm ready for it though. I'm already formulating a plan to deal with it because if it's important to you, you will find a way to achieve it!

Exercise alone will not result in weight loss. 
Diet without exercise leads to loss of weight, but also muscle mass.  This means you will burn less calories through out the day, muscles eat calories!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. you are amazing!!! sub 8 minute mile!!!! great post, as always! :)

  2. Yeah, working and trying to have a normal work out routine can be hard. I work out during my lunch break, 2 days a week for 60 minutes is my minimal goal. I do cardio classes, and strength training classes with weights. I really did notice a difference once I started my strength training classes with weights - lots of toning that wasn't happening with just cardio.

    My goal is to start running in the Spring, or yes - become a runner! You and many others are inspirations I can do it!

    Also, I'm a new reader but, I wanted to let you know I used clomid to get pregnant with my daughter :)

    Always love reading your blog, I'm a local Texas- fort worth, so it's always nice to read from someone in the area!

    - Bethany

  3. Loved this post.. getting ready to start a new routine and get my workout and eating good mojo back in 2013!! You are so inspiring !!

  4. You, sweet lady, are SO MOTIVATING!!! All I can say is thank you Megan!!!! I look forward to your keeks, pics, and stories every day! You keep me going. :)

  5. "Muscles eat calories." Boom. :)

  6. Love this post - you get it girl. Love that pic of Miss M and you. CUTE.

  7. Such great stuff! Strength is definitely where it is at. I used to be a cardio junkie now I can't get enough weights and have seen SO much more progress!

  8. LOVE IT!!! I love your blog!!!

  9. I have always been a cardio junkie. I never sweat as much from lifting weights as I do from a good cardio session. I judge how wet my sports bra as an indicator of how hard I worked out. It really is all in my head. I began lifting weights after my son was born(2 years ago) and can tell a HUMONGO difference!! Couldn't agree more with this post!

  10. Thanks for the motivation. I have put off lifting weights while losing 90 pounds, I'm not sure why, but your post today inspired me. Headed to do some kettle bell now!
    @ sillygirlsmomma.blogspot.com

  11. You are one bad ass Momma! I wish we could work out together! LOVE your tips!

  12. I totally think you need to be a trainer on the biggest loser! Your energy is awesome.


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