How I ended up repainting my Kitchen Nook for a 4th time.

So, here's what happened.
When putting up my FALA above the mantle I thought it would be a good time to fill in any holes from previous decor nails and touch it up with paint.
Sounds good right?
Maybe before you patch up all the holes you should make sure the paint still matches.
Otherwise you will have to repaint the ENTIRE wall. Oy.
My husband begged me to repaint the kitchen nook while I was at it. He hated the color, with a passion.


I enjoyed the shimmer paint from Martha, even though I almost wanted to shoot myself while painting with it because you can see EVERY brush stroke.

After I painted my kitchen I didn't love the colors together so I agreed to repaint.
Lucky for me I found a fun color of oops paint at Home Depot for 7 bucks!

I got up at 6am the day before my Cookie Party and repainted the living room wall and the entire nook.


The color is 'Rainwater' by Behr.

I also added something fun in the giant space above my cabinets.

I actually got these letters at Hobby Lobby! I had to go 5 different days so I could use a 40% off coupon on all of them, but it was worth it.

Alright, I'm off to get ready to GRADUATE.
What to wear? What to wear??

Happy Friday!


  1. LOL....I love that you went 5 different days so you could use your coupons on all the letters!! That's awesome, I should try that. :D

    Just wanted to say I LOVE your blog, and love all the tips you give on losing weight. You are such an inspiration for me!

  2. CONGRAATS!!!! I am sure you are breathing a huge sigh of relief and saying "FINALLY:)". Best of wishes in your new start.

  3. I love the color and the letters. Happy Graduation!


    Enjoy your day! You worked hard for this!

  5. Master decorator over "hur". You rock.

  6. LOVE the new color!! And I really love your new color in your kitchen! so bold and BEAUTIFUL!

  7. congrats on graduating!!! make sure you wear cute shoes cause thats all people really see as you walk across stage in your cap and gown! =)

  8. I go to hobby lobby and give my kids money and coupons to pay with too! haha #addicition

  9. Beautiful! I love your colors and decor, you have a gorgeous home. Congratulations for graduating! Woo hoo!

  10. I know I've told you this a thousand times but your house is too cute!! Congrats and I hope you have a great day!!

  11. Congrats GRAD!!!!! Cherish the day, it is such an accomplishment! LOVE everything you do- as always :) AND I've done the 40% off coupon 5 different days at Hob Lob too. Holla for a Dolla!

  12. i love the new look- the curtains soften it a bit and i like that!

  13. I love the colors, but I love your kitchen nook table and chairs too! Please move to KY and decorate my house :)

  14. Congratulations on your graduation. I know how hard it is to go to school when you have children. But it's such a proud moment when you walk across the stage to get your diploma.

    Yanira in Orlando

  15. Congraaaaats on graduating!!!! I saw pics on instagram. SO EXCITED for you!!! <3

  16. Happy Graduation!

    Love your decor as always!!! :)

  17. Love the color! I I love the SUGAR letters on the wall! That gives my a great idea for my kitchen:)

  18. Looks awesome!!! & I'm loving all of your health food/exercise posts!

  19. LOVE. I am totally LOL'ing at you going 5 different days because that's SO something I would do!

    Xoxoxoxo. :)

  20. Your living room has gone through several colors, but it never ceased to look attractive. I must say that you did a good decision to repaint it for the last time because the previous color didn’t go well with your kitchen that is very dominant with blue.

    Dean Ford


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