Cookie Party {2012}

The 2nd Annual Cookie Party was a blast!
We {and by we I mean my Mom} stepped it up a notch by offering a Christmas Craft Class before the actual party started.

This is what everyone made, well a version of it.

Some crafted and others drank....

The Poinsettia Mimosas were freaking gooooooood.

They all turned out really cute, glitter makes everyone happy!

The Reindeer Game didn't quite go as well as last year.

These girls were stealing balloons and all out calling others cheaters.
Pretty sure it was because the Christmas Margarita Punch was reallllly strong.

The game is to break into teams and see who can stuff the most balloons into pantyhose in 3 minutes.

The result is cute though.

We also set up a little photo booth, obviously we had to have chevron!

My Mom made the props.

This is my wonderfully crafty Mother :)

The best part is was all the yummy cookies!

Not gonna lie, I've been indulging and they are delish!

Besides leaving with cookies everyone got a cute tree ornament made by Martha Mom.

There may have been a reindeer fight again this year.

That damn tequila.

Tomorrow I will be sharing my Christmas decor, my tree got a fun little makeover that was cheap and fabulous {the best kind!}.

Also, I joined in on the December Plank Challenge over at Fat Chick 2 Fit Chick.

I did pretty good the first day, hoping to get up to 5 minutes by the end of the month!

Come on and join the fun!
Find me on Instagram {@prettymeg31}

Happy Monday!


  1. First off, your party looked SO fun! I wish I could have attended and stuffed cookies in my mouth while crafting and drinking. That sounds like the best kind of party to me!

    And holy crap on the plank. I only made it to 45 minutes. You are a freakin rockstar!

  2. AGH!!!!!! I love the cookie party - so much fun... The props, the chevron, love it. Happy Planksmas mama...

  3. Looks like such a fun party!! Love the balloon game! and I have to get in on merryplanksmas! I've been doing plankaday anyway - so this is perfect! It also goes well with the dietbet i'm hosting... the pot for that is $3100!! I lose weight better when money is involved. LOL

  4. Love the reindeer games! I'm going to plank it up with you. Thanks for all the fun.

  5. that looks like so much fun and the craft is awesome!!! cookies and crafts- two of the best things!

  6. Oh.my.gosh. That looks like so much fun!!

  7. Thanks for joining in on all the planking fun and sharing my link!

  8. The party looks like a BLAST! Love the photo booth props and the spool ornies :)

  9. Your party looked like a blast. I love those little trees that your mom made. I'm going to have to try out that reindeer game at some point. Looks like a lot of fun.


  10. This looks like such a blast!!! Your mom is incredible I wish my Mom lived down here in Texas with me! Enjoy those cookies because I know you earned them!

  11. Ohmigosh! The party looked like it was so much fun. Your mom is awesome. Can she come plan all my parties also? Lols.

  12. you can totally see your tricep muscles in the reindeer fight photo:)


  13. Mmm cookies!!! Love the photo booth!

  14. Looks like this was tons of fun!

    I saw your pantyhose/balloons pic on instagram and showed it to my fiance and that same night we went to our town's Christmas parade one of the kids in the parade had pantyhouse and balloons on their head!lol Totally made me crack up!


  15. I freaking love you! How did you make the fun props...we are thinking of doing this for our Christmas Card this year.

    You should post some of those amazing looking cookie recipes :)

  16. How freaking fun! LOVE the reindeer fight! So many great ideas for Christmas parties!


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