Christmas Decor 2012 {Glitter and Pink}

I may be a genius.
You know, down reallly deep.
 Remember how I used the letters FALL in my mantle?
Yeah, so I bought an extra A and turned in to this...

I know, smart right?!  ha. Well, cost effective anyways :)
My glitter village is by far my favorite Christmas decor.

Then there was my tree.

Sorry I only had a dark picture of the before.
Yeah, BEFORE I saw Aly's cute tree.

Off to Michaels for some 60% off picks.
10 bucks later I have this awesome topper.

It just balances out the whole tree and is so glittery and fabulous I can't take it.
Pretty things make me happy.

Then there is my dining room.

A touch of pink garland for my hutch and Bambina.
A glittered Martha Stewart banner on the windows.
A pink deer who is taking residence in the corner.

My neighbor made me a gorgeous wreath and topiary.
I'm good at a lot of things, working with mesh is NOT one of them.

Now for something super awesome.
My Mom made this advent calender for Miss M.

We saw one at a craft show and it was soooooo expensive so she made one on her own.

If you want to do one you can go here to buy it.
One tip she mentioned though was that when buying the stickers for the numbers she didn't want to spend a fortune on buying multiple packs to get all the number 1's she would need so she cut up the letters.

Hope you enjoyed!

Happy Day Before My Graduation!


  1. OH Megan, each and every detail is sooo you! Love the pink and I love that it reflects your glowing personality.

  2. hi. newest follower. i love your christmas decor and your style. we have lots in common!

  3. i love how everything came out! I am jealous cause i am not putting anything up this year! :(

  4. Looks great! I love your tree topper! We have a hideous Santa that R just loves.... ugh, men.


  5. I love it! You are such a good decorator! Happy Graduation Eve!

  6. Love everything and HAPPY DAY - I can't believe it. AGH!!!!!!!!! You have worked so hard. Congrats.

  7. Congrats on graduation!!!!! Live it up. And I live seeing the inside of your house. I get so many ideas!!

  8. I think your mom needs to adopt me. I love all the crafts you both do. Congrats on graduation early because I'll prob forget tomorrow! Yeah for you and now random dance party to celebrate!

  9. I love your house and all your decorating!

  10. ooooohhh Graduation day tomorrow! How exciting! Can't wait to see you're blinged out cap. Congratulations! We have a legit deer head my hunter husband insisted on mounting so I think I'll make him festive too!

  11. Oh my goodness. The wreath on your front door is so cute. Love all the decorations! This is the best time of the year : )


  12. that advent calendar is amazing!!!! and your home is so cheerful!

  13. I have a silver and gold glitter tree with Glitter Safari ornaments! lol :) Fun to find you from Jack n Sally (Holly) :)

  14. Love all your decorations! What a fun house for your little one to grow up in!

  15. I love all the pink and sass in your decorations!! :)

  16. So I SWEAR this is my last comment on your previous posts. ;) LOL. I'm totally creeping on you right now!

    I love, love, LOVE your Christmas decor! The best I've seen yet! Seriously... LOVE.

  17. LOVE your white Christmas tree! All your decor is so cheery and happy!


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