Bad Day = Motivation

I bet some of you think I'm pretty damn close to perfect when it comes to diet and exercise.
I am here to ruin that picture for you and tell you alllll about my Sunday.

I went out Saturday for a friends birthday, Dirty 30 and all :)

I ate this.

It is a turkey burger, but those fries are, well, FRIED. No good spin on that.
BUT you know one cheat meal a week if FINE. I worked out that morning and ate healthy the early part of the day because I knew I was going out.

Then Sunday came.
Madison was with my parents so it was just Oliver and I. 
While she was gone I thought I should fill out some more job applications because those things freaking take FOREVER.
One thing led to another and I decided not to go run like I usually do on Sunday.
Big mistake. My entire day is crap if I don't get a sweat on.
 Plus, GASP, I took 2 days off from the gym.....I know...shocking.

Remember how the kids made cookies? Yeah, I ate them at like 9am.
I just COULD NOT stop thinking about them.
Cupcakes got involved around 11.

I swear it was like I had NO CONTROL over my actions, maybe the job search was stressing me?
I even checked my calendar to see if my period was about to start.
After that we went to get Miss M and have Christmas Dinner with my In-laws.
I ate too much.
Plus 2 servings of brownie truffle.

At this point I though my stomach was going to explode.
I came home and I swear when I walked past a mirror I was sure I looked like this....

Think that would stop me??
No, I FUCKING ate cookie after cookie until I finally fell asleep in a sugar coma.

I woke up today and did the unthinkable.
I weighed myself.
Why??? Just to torture myself I guess.

I weighed the exact same.
All I can say is THANK GOD I have more self control other days.
My good choices help me over come my bad ones more easily.

PS. No you can't go 'work it off' at the gym either.

Today, I feel fine. I'm back to my normal self. I don't even feel like eating a damn cookie.
We all struggle, but it's how you get back on that damn horse that counts!
I had a bad day, a REAL bad day. I just know the way I felt after eating all that crap is not the way I want to feel every day. Maybe it's was just a reminder of why I choose to sacrifice and make time for working out and eating clean.

If you struggle with your healthy lifestyle you have to think about how you want to feel at the end of the day. Do you want to feel proud? Do you want to feel good about your choices? Then you HAVE to put in the work. Take the shit food out of your house. Meal plan. Learn to eat things that are not as yummy because they are better for your body.

I get a lot of emails asking me different aspects of how I lost all my weight.
I am here to tell you that I sacrificed. I MADE time to workout, even when my husband had to work late or I had no babysitter for Madison.
I don't buy crap food and keep it in the house because I know I have very little willpower.
I put in the WORK.
I'm 5 episodes behind in almost every show I enjoy watching.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I love this post. I can especially relate to falling off the wagon at times, that its actually nice to hear that even the people who are in beast mode most of the time have a bad day every now and then too. That I am pretty normal, :)

  2. Remember when every day was like that?!? I had an off weekend too. I always forget how stressful the holidays are for me. I was on track yesterday and went to the gym. Tracking today and trying a boxing class tonight! We have to get on with it and not dwell on the off days. I'm proud of us!

  3. I love all the advice and the honesty. I feel the same way when i eat bad one day, i also feel like crap after. But i do have a question, what would you recommand or how to start eating clean? I want to start when i get back from vacation to start the new year to change my eating habits.

    any advice thanks :)

  4. Thank you for being honest & real...

  5. Thanks for this motivating post Megan! I felt sooooo incredibly guilty yesterday after eating four cookies from my coworkers Christmas baking plus drank a Coke plus ate McDonald's for lunch... Thanks for the reminder that it's okay to slip up once in a while if you get back up and eat healthy the rest of the time.

  6. Thanks for the kick in the pants Meg! Gaaa! Nice to know that even you workout goddess has "bad" days. Thank you again for your refreshing honesty. And with that I'm off to eat a cupcake. Just kidding.

  7. hi! New follower here!

    I follow you on Instagram and am finally getting a chance to follow your blog.

    I'm attempting to lose weight and get in shape for my wedding in June. You're been a huge inspiration and motivator for me!
    thank you!!

  8. Girl you and I did the exact same thing this weekend. I didn't gain either- so shocking. As long as those weekends are few and far between and we continue to work hard after falling off the horse it's gonna be a ok. I don't even want to list all the crap I ate Sunday. Ffff but oh well moving on. Thanks for reminding me it's OK to fall off for a day or two. You are an inspiration!!! Happy Tuesday gf!

  9. Nobody can be good 100% of the time, life wouldn't be any fun then! I think you are awesome and real and I totally want to drive down to Dallas just so we can hang out. :)

  10. I needed this today! Thanks! Keep being awesome!

  11. I needed this today! Thank you!
    Keep being awesome. :)

  12. I started reading your blog about a month ago, and I am in love. You give me so much motivation. And I love knowing that I am not the only one that struggles with food!

  13. Excellent post!! I had a horrible day yesterday.Ordered pizza for dinner...I ate 4 pieces!!!! Because, I was hungry? Nope, not hungry for it at all...it was just there. I swear once I start eating, I don't stop. Felt horrible afterwards. I am winded just going up the steps at night....ugh. So tired of it!

  14. SO true. thanks for sharing this. a lot of people thinks us "bloggers" have it all together. so not true. we have the same temptations and mess ups. its not about the mess ups its how you recover from them. great post!

  15. Amazing! You have lost 100 pounds!!! I had lost 30 just before I met my husband and gained 50 over the course of the last 4 years together. I just can't eat like he does. So, I cook 2 meals at night and I am proud to say that clean eating has me down almost 10 lbs in 2 weeks! I love reading inspiring words, it gives me the strength to keep at it!

  16. You rock and you remind us that you are human! I think we are all there, especially during that time of the month. I am sick of using t.o.t.m. as an excuse to eat like shit though because I know hormones play a small role but 90% of it is my brain saying "its okay its hormones eat that entire cake!!!" thanks for the post and for saying "I FUCKING ate cookie after cookie" you crack me up :)

  17. Sorry to hear about your off day, but your description of it made me giggle! I absolutely love the holidays, but it is sooo hard to stay on track. Especially with all the cookies our family keeps sending us! Pete is pretty helpful in that he'll horde them in random hiding places, but I can't help it if my nose is like a divining rod for cookies! :)

  18. I love this post. Alot of my readers praise me for "being real" because I talk about the bad days, the french fries I occasionally shove down my face hole and the one too many cookies I may have accidentally fell onto, face first.

    No, it's not okay to do this all the time, but it happens. We are human. This is why I am glad you posted this. It's awesome that you do well 95% of the time but even more awesome that you don't let the other 5% turn into a downward spiral of calories and cheesecake. This is why I love you! (Well, one of the 234895 reasons anyway)

  19. i just wanted to drop a note saying i hope you have a wonderful holiday. i'm an avid reader and love your instagram posts - like, i check them every day while i have recess duty (i promise, my students are safe:] )

    you have been an incredible inspiration! i decided to finally commit to losing weight in october and i'm almost 20 pounds down. thanks for being honest and sharing your story with the world.

  20. This was me yesterday! It was like I couldn't stop eating! Two bags of chips later, I have come to the conclusion I can't have them in the house! Not even " for the kids". Thanks for staying open & honest!

  21. Great post! I definitely need to tweak some elements of my life to get fit and healthier in 2013. Hard, but a must!

  22. Love this! I am bloated and feeling so so gross right now. The holidays are throwing a wrench in my routine and I am not making good choices.Going to bed is torture with a full stomach! How did I do this every night? Getting back to it tomorrow! It is work but it's worth it! Thanks lady!!

  23. Thanks for this post. The bit of encouragement I am desperate for these days. In a valley and trying to get myself out....

  24. Amen! Don't give up. It's definitely just a reminder of how despot you will feel if you eat like theat.


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