Arm Workout Video {2}

Just a quick post to share my arm workout from today, I know y'all love to work those guns!

I make weird faces when I workout.
It's a little hard to hear me, but with each move you should be doing 8 slow and 8 fast.
I didn't go slow enough, should be a 2 count up and back. 
Slowwwww is goooood for the muscles!


  1. YAY for another arm workout video! Thanks Megan, I look forward to getting guns likes yours in the future!! Love the video with your lil one in the background and you yelling at your husband...keeping it real...too cute!

  2. Girl, you put me to shame. Have you ever thought about being an instructor?? In Georgia it's pretty easy.

  3. Hey fabulous lady! Great video! Poor Oliver! hahaha! Miss M's cameo was awesome! I love the way you rock out to the tunes while doing your moves. I'm the same way! It's hard to not move when the tunes are flowing!
    Happy Monday!!


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