Things I wish I had known 50 pounds ago.

Hindsight is always 20\20 and we all have things in life we would of done differently.
I thought I'd share some things I wish I had known, 50 pounds ago.
Maybe it will help someone not make the same choices I did.
I could of reached my goals a lot faster if I had just done a few things differently!

1. Cleaned up my Eating!

I balked at the mention of clean eating, like no way could I do it successfully.
I thought it was too hard and too much of a hassle.
I was SO WRONG. I won't sit here and say I do it 100% BUT it has gotten me to a whole new level as far as making better choices goes.

Most of my pics from this period were chest up.

I wish I had:
cut out chips, even 'light' ones
switched my calorie packed flavored yogurt for steel cut
Switched my flavored yogurts to Greek
Ate less pasta at night
Cut out 'empty' calories; 100 calorie packs,  granola bars
Ditched the 'Smart Ones' at lunch
Ate more salad 
Ate on a schedule!!

2. Run Less, Lifted More

Running is my first love and I hate to cheat on her, but weights is where you will change your body.

This is me at 150.

This is me close to the same weight, 146. Muscle tone is much better.
Pretty sure those dead fish are giving me a nice curve on the sides of my belly :)



I've always done some type of weights, lunges, squats, etc.
But after I hit my YEAR EFFING LONG PLATEAU I decided if I couldn't lose the lbs I would build the muscle.
I wish I had started that from the beginning and done more. I thought I needed cardio, cardio, cardio.
The more muscle you have the more calories you burn just sitting on your ass,
so I burn more calories when I'm watching TV :) 

3. The Dreaded Plateau

I found this picture from last December.

I jumped from 148-150 for a year.
I wish I could go back and tell myself not to stress about it.
I just needed to learn to eat better and exercise more effectively.

Everyone has to learn things their own way, but maybe after reading these something will 'click' for you.

Like after I read, "This is Why you are Fat" it clicked that eating should be for fuel, I should eat things even if I don't like them, and I should eat clean like it's my job during the week.
Also about the evils of sugar, I won't say I never eat it but I am MUCH more aware of how much sugar is in food and what it does to your body.
That knowledge is what makes me able to turn down ice cream and cake at night.

Old pic, shirt from Ruffles with Love on Etsy.

I was a work in progress then and I still am now.

Maybe I'll never be 'done'.
I don't know, but I know I enjoy working towards 'it' :)


  1. I love how honest you are in your posts. It's so refreshing to read, especially when you read all the crap in magazine about how so and so lost all of their baby weight in 4 days and is rocking a bikini 2 weeks after having their 47 pound baby. You look amazing! Please tell me that you'll be enjoying some cookies on Saturday!

  2. Well said! Thanks for the tidbits of great info. You have renewed my outlook!! I am still considering myself a beginner and I want to love running but so far no luck - maybe when I am lighter and my quads are stronger which will help protect my knees. I do love weights and feel strong when I make time to use them. I need to take a serious look at my eating and clean it up as suggested. Thank you for helping me look inward and the choices I make and how to make them better! You are an inspiration.

  3. Thank you for this!! I really need some help on the eating clean front. I prepped my salads for the week and snacks {greek yogurt and boiled eggs}. I also tried steel cut oats for the first time the other day!! Dinner is what is really hard for me...

  4. Great post Meg! I have tried more strength over cardio and my body seems to react better to the cardio. I here you on the plateau I was stuck forever or maybe it was just a year but once I started running the weight started coming off. Thanks for sharing your tips. You are such an inspiration. One day I hope to be at my goal weight. But I know the journey is what will keep me at my goal weight.

  5. Is there some kind of program you follow for lifting weights? I'd like to start slow - with my arms - but don't know what type of exercise/weight to lift...

    Any suggestions?

    Nitty Gritty Momma

  6. So glad you posted this, as I'm at the beginning of the journey and often struggle with what to do sometimes. Thank you! And I am so inspired by your journey, Megan! Thank you for sharing your life with us. :)

  7. Thanks so much for posting this today! I have been on this weight loss journey since January! It has been frustrating because all summer I hit a plateau! I started going to the gym & lifting weights & that has made a difference! I just need to work on my diet!;) I got a little off track because of the holidays!!

  8. Awesome motivation! I am not good about doing weights. I know I should, but I'm just not good about doing them. Sometimes after a long run I'm too "tired" to go life. I need to switch it up and lift first. Tonight I'll work on that. Thanks, girl!!!

  9. love this! and I totally needed it...I can't wait til these 50 lbs are left in the dust! :)

  10. Amen Sista!!! I did a whole bunch of squats and presses this am and I totally thought of you. Welcome to the gun show!!

  11. I so needed this!!

  12. Um, wow! What a difference that makes! Do you have a post about what and how you lift? Or would that be to do the videos you have posted recently? I know that I need to start lifting and that is how I will get my body where I want it. Just need a little direction :)

    P.S. You rock!

  13. All of this is soooooo true... I can't agree with you more. I am doing WAY more strength training right now and WOWZA it goes to show. You are MY inspiration Meggy Meg and I love it.

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  15. You are awesome. Thanks for the advice. I have been trying the clean eating thingy since June, I have been having a love hate relationship. I am so going to lift more weights. Less cardio wahoo!! Love the before and after pics. Thanks for keeping me motivated.

  16. I LOVE this post & I love your whole blog!! I just spent way too much time reading through all your posts, our weight loss (and gain) stories are so similar. I gained 90pounds while pregnant and was 275 after I gave birth 2 years ago, I'm now back down to 200, and pushing forward! LOVE YOUR STORY! Definately a new follower here!


  17. You are such an inspiration! I too am stuck at 153-155 range and I want to be 145. I'm buying the book you mention and will in the gym Wednesday night pumping some iron. What did you find most helpful for toning up your legs? That's my trouble spot that I can't seem to slim as much as I'd like.

  18. Great post! I'm currently running to lose weight but i'm interested in what routine you do for weight lifting?

  19. I loved this. I want to eat clean but it sounds hard!! I don't know anything and reading stuff online doesn't seem to help. I need someone to go grocery shopping with me and explain everything. You look great and should be so proud! i hope i can do it one day.

  20. great post, maybe it will inspire me to get back on track.

  21. I can't tell you enough how awesome you are. Srsly. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

  22. Megan! Thank you so much for this! You look amazing! I am officially going to care about weight training as much as I care about running starting right now.

  23. Hey! I am a recent follower of your blog! & I just wanted to let you know that you are truly and inspiration! I've probably ready almost every post. I too struggle with my weight and you are giving me the inspiration to do something about it.
    & your decorating is TOO CUTE!
    I have been looking around my house for things I can repurpose.
    I am inspired to paint my kitchen table turquoise! Let's hope my husband doesn't kill me, tehe!
    Do you have an tips for painting my table?

    Seriously you ROCK!
    xoxo Kayla

  24. You motivate me to start building muscle and incorporating more weight lifting. I am not really seeing the change on the scale anymore, and I am starting to think that I just need to tone now. Today I will cut my cardio to 30 minutes and then do weight training! :)

  25. Thank you for this great post! I've just started focusing more on weight training and it's hard...physically...but also because I feel goofy. Like everyone is staring at me.

    What's are dead fish?

  26. Hi there, I am a new reader and blogger.....and I wanted to say I LOVE this! Weight training really does help tone the body - I hate to do it, but it burns so good!

    Thanks for reminding me about "This is why you're fat". That's one of those books that has been on my mental "to-read" list for a while now. I'm going to go reserve it from the library right now!

    have a great week!

  27. Oh my goodness you have such an inspiring story! I love reading your blog and can't believe the difference muscle tone makes in your body! I'm at my goal weight but definitely on track to start toning up! I love your workout ideas and videos. keep it up!

  28. Love this blog post!

    Hindsight sure IS 20/20 - thanks for giving someone like me, who's still in the midst of all of this, a little insight as to what we SHOULD be doing along the way.

    Thank you for sharing your story! :)

  29. Love this! I switched to greek yogurt last week! Baby steps!

  30. Awesome! Thanks for the insight!

  31. Awesome! Thanks for the insight!

  32. Can I just say that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post. I am a huge fitness fanatic and everything you said is right on target!! I do hope something clicks for your readers and I get excited just reading about peoples' progress.



  33. Wow, awesome awesome post! I am getting out my weights when I get home. I've heard it a million times but seeing before and afters really hit it home. You are doing an awesome job, keep it up! You are inspiring your readers! :)

  34. Great insight! Thanks for sharing this. I need to take that advise myself! I was doing great losing baby weight after my daughter was born (shes 3 now) and I suddenly started going the other way after my mother passed away in April. I feel like I am stuck and having to start all over again! It is SO great to read this real life "wish you had" known thoughts.

  35. All right, that is it, I am going to start hitting the weights hard. I love running and cardio just comes so easily but I do enjou weights to and now I have to incorporate them into my routine cause you look amazing. Thanks!

  36. Great post. Definitely good adice :)

  37. Wow. This is such an inspirational post. I love how you shared things you wish you'd known.

    I think when I go to the store I'll look at greek yogurts. I do love me some greek yogurt, but I wish I found them in smaller sizes to take to work?

    I also think I do ok as far as not snacking on random things. I usually just eat breakfast, a snack (crackers or grapes) and then a sandwich for lunch. Plenty of water. And then dinner..

    I also agree lifting weights is important. It's important to build that muscle and then incorporate cardio to burn off the fat.


  38. Thanks for sharing these! I couldn't agree more! Especially about the lifting part. I have seen more change in my body in the last 6 months I've been lifting than I did for 2 years of running!

  39. Love this! So true, and much of these things I need to keep in mind :)

  40. Your posts never cease to amaze me. It's funny because you always seem to post exactly what I need to hear on that particular day. Thank you for being so inspiring but still real. Love it and <3 you!

  41. Great post!! I was one of the ones that needed to read this.. I have the book - This Is Why Your Fat and I have been wanting to re-read and follow what she says. I always go back and forth because you hear some people say - I ate whatever I wanted, just smaller portions and I lost weight - then I start thinking well maybe I don't have to eat clean. After reading this I realize that it is something I really need to do - not just for the weight loss but because it is the best thing for my health. Thank you for the info and the great post =)

  42. Amen! I was just thinking about this today while running. I spent a year eating better and running, but no weights. Now I am at a plateau and have flappy skin...ugh!

  43. Thank you for this! You really are an inspiration. I def needed to read this... right now i am doing alot of cardio but i def think i need to hit the weight again to start losing and building more.

    Thanks again!


  44. You rock.
    You look fabulous.
    & I love you!
    Enough said :)

  45. How did you get started on your clean eating? I need to just pull up my big girl panties and make a move.... in the right direction. You inspire me so much!!!

  46. You look amazing! What was your weight lifting routine in the beginning?

  47. This is actually very helpful, well written and encouraging. Good advice! Thanks!

  48. I am going to try to eat clean for 11 days starting on Sunday. Any tips? Anything that made it easier for you? Any tips for clean eating on the go?

  49. Good grief... I can only hope my belly looks as awesome as yours does when I'm done. I've just lost 30 pounds, 20 in the last 6 weeks by spinning. Pregnancy was anything but kind to my body... I was swelled so bad that after giving birth to my son, I couldn't even walk in my shoes because they wouldn't stay on. That's why my belly and hip area is as ugly as it is. And I've been terrified that I'm doing all this hard work to still have an ugly tummy... The weight lifting thing is interesting, and awesome! I need to start. Do you use 5 to 10 pound weights, or heavier stuff? The hubby has a weight bench in the basement. I guess I just don't know where to start. You look fabulous!!! I thought you looked great months ago when I started following you, but can see a huge change since then. Thanks for the motivation momma!

  50. I am beyond excited that I discovered your blog!!! This is really motivating for me as I transform my life and change my habits. Thanks for being here. I really appreciate it!

    I'd love it if you would follow my blog and let me know what you think!



  51. I really enjoyed reading the things you learned, or wish you had learned sooner. I am just starting my journey and I'm having a hard time with the clean eating, and i also focus on cardio a lot and not so much weights but maybe I will try out the weights some and see when happens! :)

  52. Absolutely love this. This is a very positive way to look at weight loss.


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