Running Swap

Whew, today is going to be a loooong day.
It started at 4 am with coffee and making note cards for 2 speeches I have today.

It was tempting to lay in my warm bed with these two, except the small one kicks the crap out of you.

I totally rocked those 2 presentations, now if I can continue that trend for my exam if will have been an awesome day!

I signed up for a running swap through Southern Girl Gets Fit and I was lucky enough to be paired with the sweet southern gal who runs the blog, Kassie.

As soon as the box came in Miss M was all over it like it had Kit Kat's inside.

Always trying to steal my shit, that one.

Obviously Kassie doesn't know me at all, cupcakes for my tree??
Heck yeah!

She also was sweet enough to send Miss M some lip gloss, which she promptly rubbed all over the bottom half of my face.
Future makeup artist? Probably not considering her finger in my eyeball.

She also made me the CUTEST running holder for my bibs and medals!

Isn't it darling?? Plus some chevron, yes please!

I happened to make a video of us opening it for y'all love my videos :)

Madison may be just a little confused on who Jesus is....

Happy Hump Day!


  1. AGH!!!!!!!!! I love it... How awesome.

  2. I am so glad you loved everything! When I saw the cupcakes I knew I had to get them for you! And of course, something had to be chevron.

    Sorry if the kitchen towel doesn't match your kitchen, I couldn't remember what color it was. I think the letters on the towel were green? Christmasy none the less. I am doing a post on all the awesome stuff you sent me later on today:)

    Hope to do another swap next year..Thanks so much for participating! I am currently jamming to your booty music mix lol

  3. And I had to say..the video of M cracked me up as usual! She has the best little personality ever.

  4. I cant wait to get back in school. I start in January for my bachelors. Already have an associates degree. I live for school stuff aand learning ;-)
    I love the bib holder. I'm getting a membership to my cities track club for Christmas and that includes free entry to at least one race a month!! Can't wait!!!

  5. Hahahaha nice to meet you Jesus!!!

  6. happy birthday Jesus! omg, what a cutie pie! seriously she's too cute for words :)

  7. I love the running holder!! So dang cute good job Kassie!! And Im in love with your coffee mug! Where did you get it?

  8. LOL! That video was hysterical, I needed that laugh this morning!!

  9. Happy Birthday Jesus! Love it! Miss M is adorable, and perhaps a handful too. You got some cool gifts today. Woo hoo!

  10. Omg that video was hilar. Say bye! Happy birthday Jesus! Hahahahahaha too darn cute!

  11. Hilarious!!! I laughed so hard. Happy birthday, Jesus!

  12. Hilarious! I laughed so hard. Happy birthday, Jesus!

  13. omg sooooo cute!!!! I think I'm going to watch this video any time I ever get sad!

  14. Oh my goodness, that video made my night!!! Madison is hilarious, and so dang cute!!

  15. The video is adorable!! Laughing laughing laughing!

  16. You got the best partner!! And I hope your day got better. I was thinking of you this afternoon and how you must be feeling stretched pretty thin. :(

  17. Happy Birthday Jesus!! ... too funny!! She is so cute... I bet she is a blast on Christmas opening all her presents =) ... My 2 boys are so not entertaining, its open look and start stacking in a pile - no jumping up down and screaming ... so boring! ha ha! Fun video =)

  18. Thanks for posting about the swap idea!! So COOL!

  19. Oh that is beyond cute! I get just as excited over cupcakes and ice cream. Love the chevrons! Now at every subsequent birthday party you attend, Miss M will yell, "Happy Birthday, Jesus!" LOL!!!!

  20. OMG...i'm up at 4:30 AM checking your blog not writing my paper thats due at 2 PM and I JUST DIED!!! your child is absolutely hilarious...i'm gonna have to get in on a swap next time bc that video was too fun :)

    my favorite moment: can you say chervon??

    Gah, so jazzed i found your blog :)))

  21. OMG I just want to come hang out with you and your daughter. This was a sweet video opening your swap gift!

  22. BEST VIEDO EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I loved it!


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