Ramdom Awesomeness

Ohhhh I'm glad it's Monday! Back to my normal programming, ahhhhh.
I did the normal Thanksgiving stuff.

I ran.

The Dallas Turkey Trot is a train wreck.
Hey, 40,000 people? Lets just all go at the same time, no organization at all.
I had good company, so I had a good time, and ran the 8 miles is 1:18 which is good considering the first 3 miles were an obstacle course of strollers, walkers, and dogs on leashes.
I may have even jumped a fence or two. No joke.

I shopped.

I don't like to stay up late, I'm more of a 4am kinda girl.
We hit the mall, found some awesome deals, and didn't have to stand in any lines.
My kind of shopping!

I got my hair did.

I went super blonde, cut my bangs heavier, and put some short layers in.
LOVE, my favorite cut yet I think.
I'm sooooo on this bang train!

I decorated for Christmas.

Miss M and I busted out our knit caps to get in the spirit. I'll be doing a post on my decor once the entire house is done, which is hopefully by Thursday because my 2nd Annual Christmas Cookie Exchange Party is on Saturday, eek. I still have a room to paint, decor is get up, clean, and find Bambina a christmas outfit! Plus I have a shit ton on homework this week.

We started Elf on the Shelf.

I know she's not supposed to touch him, but no one told me and I took him out before we read the book.
She finds Linus every morning and then 'puts him to bed' so he has energy to go see Santa.
I tried to explain the 'magic' to her, but she's not really understanding what it means. She uses the word like a noun, I'm pretty sure she thinks magic is a person.

She also hung out in a box.

You know, just because.

Stop by tomorrow to see my box from Kassie for the running swap she hosted!


  1. Looking forward to seeing your holiday decor! Love that pic of Madison conked out in the box... Why are cardboard boxes so magical??

  2. I luv the knit cap pic! And can't wait to see your house all decked out!

  3. You two are adorable in your knit caps!

    Very much looking forward to your holiday decor posts. Those of us in the remedial homemaker class could use some guidance! :)

  4. Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving break :) Back to the grind!

  5. I can't WAIT to see all your decor and that box pic had me rolling this weekend. I love it.

  6. Sounds like you had a blast over the holiday. Congrats on your race and I just love the photo of your little one in that box. :)

  7. Sounds like you had a blast over the holiday. Congrats on your race and I just love the photo of your little one in that box. :)

  8. love all the decorations i see so far and love the hiar! i am thinking of joining the bang train- what do you think? keeping my hair longer though.

  9. and she hung out in a box....cause that's normal. I love kids and how creative and fun they are!

    Great job on your race...and wearing those spandex shorts...one day, I swear I am going to wear those in public and not with a uber ginormous shirt. :)


  10. I ADORE your knit hat with the bow! OMG! Where did you get it??? Looks like you had an amazing holiay, and that picture of M in the box is so cute. I have pictures of me and my younger brothers like that when we were little. Boxes are amazing :) Xo!

  11. LOVE your hair cut! It's probably a good thing she doesn't understand the magic. One of our friend's kids had a meltdown of epic propotions when someone touched his elf on accident. It was terrible. Love the decor and Happy Monday!

  12. Great job on the run!! Your hair is SO CUTE!!! and that picture of her sleeping in the box is awesome!! Happy Holidays!

  13. Um hello skinny! You look great and I love your new hair. Also love the picture of you and Madison. She looks so sweet and serious and her box looks super comfy! lol

  14. Ok you don't have to say anything because I'm trying not to jinx myself...but...I purchased my first pair of running shoes this weekend at Run ON. I'm just hoping I don't die! But I'm very excited and cant wait to try to run my first 2 minutes...ugh.. knocking on wood!

  15. I am completely jealous of your bangs! I want to get some also, but my hair styling skills are nonexistant, and I'm worried I'll get sick of them and then not know what to do with them.

    Also, love the knit cap!

  16. Glad you didn't get trampled in the Turkey Trot! Lawdy! Love the hair! No worries about touching Elf, if you sprinkle cinnamon on him he will be good to go. LOL! I think I am more into the Elf than my kids. LOL!

  17. I am loving the platinum blonde and bangs!! Hot MAMA!!!

  18. Awesome run!!!! :)

    You look amazing!!!! :)

  19. Where did you get the knit hat?! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! I find myself looking at your blog several times a day... Today I reviewed all the DIY painting you've done in your house... for like the eighty-nintieth time! So fun :)


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