Questions Answered {part 2}

I thought I'd wrap up the questions today, if you missed part 1 you can read it here.

1. How many more children do you want? Would I ever adopt?

Easy, 1. When I was pregnant with Miss M I wanted 3, then I actually had to give birth and take care of a very big {cute} cry baby. 
Now, I just want 1 more. Barely.
I don't know if I would ever adopt, just because it sooooo expensive and such a long process.
Honestly, probably not. I can barely mother my own flesh and blood and I really don't see myself as qualified to help a child in need. 

2.  How often do you treat yourself? Is it hard to pass on sweets/munchies/etc? Are you a coffee person? What kind/how do you like it?

I treat myself about 2x a week, usually to a meal out. I eat salad everyday for lunch, but I let myself eat out with a friend or my Mom one of those days. I would say it's become easier and easier to pass on those sweets. {except for that time someone had an entire bag of Hersey Kisses here, oops} I would say I'm good at not buying the crap, I can resist it at the store which is the biggest battle. Come 8pm you probably won't drive to the store if you don't have any :)

I adore coffee, like for real. I never gave it up while I was pregnancy or nursing. I'm sorry, but I was already losing my damn mind I just couldn't do it!

{Real time photo, watch out it's 6am!}

haha, compete with that hotmess in the morning, lucky lucky Oliver!

I have a Keruig, I like regular coffee with sugar free vanilla creamer and 1 splenda.
From Starbucks I got a Soy Chai Tea Latte, that shit is gooooooood.

3. Do you have a ton of friends or more a handful of CLOSE friends?

Friends, this is a hard one. I've always been pretty outgoing and had a lot of different friends. I moved to Texas right before high school {from Ohio} and it was a hard transition.
I'm still friends with one girl from high school, but most of my BFF'S are a result of my changing life.
After I had Miss M I was totally lonely, there was nobody with kids around me. I joined a Mommy group, I met some weird and some wonderful people.
This is my BFF Amber. {With our New Years headbands I made!}

Her daughter Kaylee and Madison are like best friends, they are so damn cute together. I die. Plus Kaylee is a genius {like SO SMART!} so I always hope it's rubbing off on Miss M when they play together :)

Amber and I are like sisters separated at birth, so much in common.

This is Andrea. I met her online and we have the CRAZIEST connections to each other!
1. We gave birth a day apart, by the same doctor, at the same hospital. {We meet after the kids were born}
2. I actually went to high school with her husband {Whom she met on Match.com so don't give up Nancy Clue}
3. Apparently she's friends with one of my husbands ex-girlfriends and we totally saw her at a party and Oliver didn't even tell me until after we left. Not that I care, just curious who he dated before he found me, perfection :)
4. Through Facebook we have found many more connections, but I think we are all separated by 2 people on there. It's a little freaky.

Anyways, we have the best time when we get together and they are both so down to earth and I never feel that weird competition I sometimes feel with other women. 
I've actually meet a lot of people online whom I feel a kinship with now.

This was me yesterday having a mini Clomid breakdown at school.
{Yes I took a picture, I AM a blogger and I love me some Instagram}
I TOTALLY forgot about arranging to have Miss M picked up from preschool and I couldn't find anyone to do it and I couldn't leave school because I had a test.
The damn Clomid just makes me so unstable, i just could not stop crying! 
Anyways, my point is that so many people offered to help me out and were so sweet I think I started crying more.
I love y'all.

4. Are you more of a family person?Are you getting a full time job after you graduate next month? What will Madison do (daycare, preschool, etc)?

I would say I am a family person, my Mom is freaking awesome. My sister is pretty cool, even if she is only 24. My brothers are just ok, they don't come around much :) My Dad is the best Papa ever. Other than that most of my family lives in Indiana and Maryland.

I do plan on getting a full time job, I can't WAIT to go back to work. That may sound crazy to some of you, but honestly I DO NOT LIKE STAYING HOME AT ALL. I had my turn, it was fun while it lasted, but this lady is ready to have a career, make some money, and start the next chapter in my life. 
I don't know if you noticed, but I hate being bored. Rarely will you catch me sitting around doing nothing.

Miss M will continue to go to preschool 3x a week and the rest of the time my Mother In Law has offered to watch her.
For all you single ladies out there, here is the best tip I can give you.
My MIL is amazing, she helps us out so much with Madison and running errands for us. She even drives out of her way to bring Miss M to me at the gym because I don't have time to make it home from school in time.

I tried to find a good picture of her because it's FREAKY how much Miss M looks like her! 
Anyways, never would of made it through school with out her!

Ok, well I thought I was going to wrap them all up today, but this post is getting a little long and wordy. I'm more about pretty pictures and less words :) 

Happy Thursday!


  1. I don't think it's fair that it cost so much money to adopt. Children need homes and just because you can't afford adoption doesn't mean you can't afford children. I would love to adopt more special needs children.

    When I was growing up all my best friends moved away a few year after we met. So now I have a hard time with friends. I have plenty of 'friends' but my true best friend is my hubby. He's the only one that knows the real me.

  2. Hahaha - match.com FTW! And I will make sure to add "only child" to my dating screening. That is something that I never would have even thought about before... but it makes sense. Glad Little Miss didn't get left at school and I completely understand the panic of "I'm stuck here and have no one." It's scary. Keep kicking ass, ladyfriend!

  3. awww such a sweet post!! i have a weird question...do you add anything to the chai thing at starbucks or just drink it the way they make it?

  4. I loved reading more about you - so fun.

  5. You are so right about the only child thing, marry them UP!! haha :-) Did you find someone to pick her up? I forgot to catch up on that!

  6. Having helpful in laws is irreplaceable- even if you don't have kids! I love how you continue to keep it real. Friends do change as our lifestlye changes- sad but true. Le sigh. Hope you're having a better day today pretty lady!

  7. I love reading all of these answers :)

  8. I am an only child so I guess my husband is lucky:)

    But I definitely..alot of the time, wish I had married an only child as well, for several reasons lol...

    But thanks for doing the Q & A! Great answers. I think I might be doing one soon. You can get to know so much about the blogs you're reading. That's why I feel like you and I would be great friends, I already feel like I know you!

  9. That is so awesome that your MIL helps you out! Poor girl re: yesterday. I saw your pic and I wanted to drive down to Texas to help you out:( sad panda:(

  10. Love all the tidbits about you and your life. So sorry about the Clomid. I understand completely after needing it for pregnancy #1 and #2. Like right now you even feel like engaging in " ".... right? xoxo

  11. I know what you mean about babies. We wanted 4. And then had the first who ate every 2 hours the first year and didn't sleep through the night until he was at least 3. We had 1 more, who was a complete angel child. Thank goodness!! I love them more than life itself but they are something else.

    My In-Laws are WONDERFUL too. Such a blessing to have them to help! I'm so thankful I and my kiddos have such a great relationship with them.

    Love seeing the candid photos. Hang in there. It will get better!

  12. Oh em gee I am a coffee junkie, and chances are I won't be giving it up when it's prego time either, HAHA. I have coffee with a tablespoonish of vanilla caramel coffee mate, and at sb a skinny caramel macchiato with an extra shot :) Fun post!

  13. lol. I love the comment to marry an only child! ha! Mine would be to marry an orphan (My mil sucked!) Glad you have a great one!

  14. Just started reading today!! I saw that you are from Ohio...I live in Ohio. What part are you from? Madison is adorable !

  15. I love that I am not the only one who loved her kids like crazy and HATED being at home all day. I am a much better, happier person now that I am working full time :). Also I married a man from a family of four kids but... he is the only one who has stayed in the same town as his Mom and Dad. So it is like being an only child. I love my in-laws they are so helpful and awesome!

  16. Hey there, new to the blog... moma L sent me :)

    Noticed you're going through some fertility issues - so sorry! I had a luteal phase defect too and was on clomid for five horrific months. That stuff made me crazy!

    I finally decided to go the holistic route after a year and half of testing and drugs and still no baby. So I started seeing an acupuncturist AND started taking vitamine b6. 2.5 monts later, two lines on the pregnancy test.

    Just thought I'd pass along incase it might help.


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