Questions Answered {part 1}

I'm going to break the questions up into two parts so this post doesn't get all long and wordy.
So don't be sad if you don't see yours today :)

1. What did you start to eat when you were in the 200's and starting losing weight?
I'm always hungry!

I will say that eating was BY FAR the hardest part of my weight loss journey.  When I first started I used Weight Watchers to get me going and after that I just branched out and tried to make healthy choices on my own.
I did some calorie counting, but honestly that crap is HARD to keep up. I would give up after spending a good 15 minutes each night just trying to figure out dinner portions.
I ate out too much, I didn't eat near enough veggies, I ate way too much pasta.
I thought because I was running a lot that I could continue eating more and only make minor adjustments to my diet. Like changing white rice\bread for wheat or eating light brand items {yogurt\sour cream\butter} 
I also ate too much frozen foods, prepackaged and easy. {Smart Ones}

If you are finding yourself always hungry there are some ways to combat that:
1. Eat a large bowl of oatmeal every morning.
2. bring LOTS of healthy snacks.
my snacks for today.

3. Eat on a schedule. This works!!! This is make eating right SO MUCH EASIER.

That being said when I was 200 pounds I was probably eating 1800 calories a day with way too many cheat meals snuck in.
Now I eat about 1500 and I am eating 'clean'. Less processed crap.

2. I'd love to know how to get started with running.   Do you find you ran faster the more weight you lost? Do you plan on running a full marathon?

I started running after joining a bootcamp and being forced to run around the parking lot of a high school. I hated it.
Then one night the awesome girl {who is now my friend! Love ya Heidi!} dropped back and encouraged me to keep going, she told me to drop my shoulders, focus on my breathing, and pick up the speed.
After that I really wanted to be someone who enjoyed running. I wanted to join that 'runner's club'.
I just went out and did it, I didn't follow a plan or think about it too much. 
One day it just didn't suck.
One day I started to love it.
Now I can't live without it.
That day will come you just have to keep running.

My first long run, Dec. 15th, 2010

I started off running a 14 minute mile, now I average a 9:30.
It's hard to say if I run faster because I'm lighter or because I'm stronger.
My goal was never to be fast, but just to be able to do. I don't do speed work, I just go out and run the way I feel!

I do plan to run one full marathon in my lifetime.
I'm setting that as my goal after baby numero dos.
Maybe I can talk someone into training and running it with me so it will be more fun :)

3.  My question is how on earth did you get past the mental aspect of losing weight?

For me losing weight was a journey, it's an ongoing process no matter what stage you are in. In the beginning I just wanted to feel better and I focused on living healthier for my daughter.

Not every day or even every week was good.
Shit, I've had summers that were a complete flop {diet wise!}.
It took me over 2 years to lose the weight, but in all that time did I NEVER say eff it.
I NEVER wanted to go back to the way I was.
Things take time to become a way of life, I didn't give up sugar and never crave it again.
It's taken time to come to the point where I can pass up cake and not sweat it.
It's taken time to be OK with eating salad everyday for lunch.
I will admit that I STILL feel like a fat girl. 
I'm a little vain {Instagram really feeds that addiction} I post a lot of pictures of myself, but honestly I still look at those pictures and think 'wow, do I really look like that?'
Maybe one day my insides will match my outsides, time will tell.

LOVE this hot pink top! Forever 21

Sit down and write out your goals, why is this important to you?
Think about how you feel when you reach a goal.
Post fat pictures on the fridge.
Find your motivation.
Don't give up!

Happy Hump Day!
If you have a question please feel free to email at supermeg1718{at}yahoo{dot}com



  1. AWesome! Thank you! I'm glad i'm not the only girlfran who is hungry- not as hungry as I was 30 lbs ago though!

  2. Such great advice! You look freaking fabulous hot Momma!!

  3. Your story is very encouraging to others! I would like to run a full marathon someday too.... but I need to get a few 5Ks, 10Ks, and perhaps a half under my belt first.
    Keep being you! You ROCK!

  4. awesome tips girlfriend. you've done a great job! This is certainly a process, one that I don't know that I will ever "complete" I still have a long way to go but I have come a lot way also. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

  5. I think you should change your blog to super meg!!!!

  6. Love reading all of your answers and learning more about your journey to awesomeness :) You rock!

  7. This is great. Love getting to know more about you. I am so stuck in a rut! After losing 25 lbs. my motivation is gone. I would like to lose 11ish more pounds, maybe even 15! But I am having a really hard time getting back to the place I was 4 months ago.

  8. I love that you never gave up! Your story is definitely inspiring.

  9. Thanks for answering some questions. I have tried to get into running for years now. I still can't get past hating and I stop. You give me encouragement to keep going. You are looking fabulous. Thanks for the motivation.

  10. Man, I love this! :)
    ANd you.

  11. I love posts like this!!!!
    Very encouraging that's for sure.
    You look great girl, always pretty :)

  12. You are such a inspiration to me! I found your blog through Mama L and have been following you ever since. I just had my first child last month and in the 200 range. I so SICK of being over wieght. I hope I can look at good as you one day! I started my wieght loss journey this week. I hope I look as good as you do one day:)

  13. Love this!!! It is freaking hard!!! And those last pounds are the hardest!!! Thanks for sharing this!!! I really hope I can have a healthy pregnancy one day with that cute basketball belly.

  14. Girl...you look fabulous! Great job on all your hard work!

  15. I am jumping on the question train a little late but...will you do a post on how to shop at Khols? I get so overwhelmed in that store!

  16. I am so glad I found your blog you are such an inspiration to me. I actually ran for like 18 mins last night, my longest time was 10!!!! Thank you for posting and being YOU! :)

  17. That's okay, I look at your Instagram pictures & think, "Man she looks awesome!" You accomplished a lot & you should be proud of it! :-)

  18. Thank you....thank you....THANK YOU!!!! Your advice is humbling....we all struggle!!! Need to print me off some fat pics for my fridge...STAT!!! You are a rockstar & have accomplished so much....I WANT THAT TOO!!!

  19. great post! you truly are a huge inspiration! and oh so cute on top of it! go girl!

  20. You are truly an amazing woman. You look incredible and your blog I follow religiously but have never commented until now. You give me so much inspiration. Keep up the good work!

  21. Love this post! I am so sick of being the fatty! I keep telling myself that my kids and hubby deserve better than what I currently am! I am going to lose this weight....

  22. Thank you for this! I really needed it. Im at a point where Im super frustrated with myself and my progress.

  23. I'm grateful I chose to read this post first. I'm curious to read older posts about your journey. You look great - happy (not just thinner). Thank You!


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